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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Video of the Day- CLINTON WIKILEAKS Project Blue Beam (FIRESIGN) Document HOAX?

Video of the Day- CLINTON WIKILEAKS Project Blue Beam (FIRESIGN) Document HOAX?
A document has been floating around the Internet, claiming to be private information by the Benenson Strategy Group, created by Joel Benenson, the man who has been thoroughly exposed by the recent Wikileaks. The document outlines a Salvage Program where they would create a fake alien invasion with weapons that can effect the cerebral cortex of many people in big regions in order to create a compliant population by giving them a "religious experience." We've known about project Blue Beam for many years, so why is this document making the rounds now, and is it even real?

If it wasn't made by someone in a basement, this document is either real, with changes made to look like a hoax, or it was pushed out deliberately by the global elite in an attempt to discredit the "alternative media"?