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"And I beheld, and heard the voice of one eagle flying through the midst of heaven,
saying with a loud voice: Woe, woe, woe to the inhabitants of the earth....
[Apocalypse (Revelation) 8:13]

Tuesday, October 25, 2016


After the Vatican Revolution erupted, many of our time honored traditions pretty much fell out of fashion. With modernists chipping away each passing day at our profound practices and even Traditional Catholic I.D. cards; the traditional clerical and religious vestments!

The traditional Catholic priestly garb including the black cassock and Biretta and nun's habit was two of the key components of the pre-Vatican II priest's and religious vocation. Anywhere where a pre-Vatican II priest traveled, whether upon his community parish grounds, a holy pilgrimage to Europe or just to take a walk along the neighborhood to provide neighbors with his spiritual blessings, he was quickly identified even amongst the most heathen practitioner or atheist!
Even they would stop before his presence and greet him cordially while remembering the importance of his priestly title & station. Sadly, the post-conciliarist mentality of dismissing the traditional practices of Catholicism slowly krept in by the late 1960's and reversed this most honorable practice in such a disturbing manner. Modernist priests and nuns would soon discard the traditional cassock and habit while embracing secular garb!
Today, it's almost a given that you will most likely come into contact with a "plain clothes" adorned pseudo modernist "religious" whose time is being utilized solely in engaging in "social justice activism" or assisting a self serving corrupt politician in pushing for social and political reform. This individual, if he is a novus ordo , does not want to project any form of seriousness especially when he is in the presence of one of his "faith community parishioners!"

He is trained to shame the Traditional Catholic office of the priesthood as well as its once respected title. Thereby insisting that he be referred to as "Fr. Bob" or "Fr. Joe." Millions of children who are unfortunately growing up in the post conciliarist church have no idea of what the Traditional office and title of the holy Priesthood truly entails. A character like Timothy Dolan makes a mockery of his priestly station and rank as well. Anytime when this clown is in the presence of the media or an avowed enemy of our Holy Church, he adorns himself in the modernist garb which includes the collar, black button down shirt and slacks. To top this post conciliarist outfit off, he adds the finishing touch; donning a baseball cap!
These post conciliarists just love blending in with their poorly catechized flock while engaging them in error! Rather than inspire them in reforming their reckless lives and detaching themselves away from the trappings of the fallen world, they play along and inject such unnecessary topics such as baseball while placing bets on which team is going to win the world series! I remember seeing old television and video clips of how Bishop Fulton Sheen was approached by either a television journalist or public figure. He would always be dressed immaculately, from top to bottom in his Traditional Catholic garb topped off with his magenta Biretta!
Never would any pre-Vatican II clerical underling, parishioner or public figure make an attempt to reach out and shake the hand of a Pope, Cardinal, Bishop or even local Priest! They would genuflect, before kissing his holy ring, while remembering that this holy Priest was in fact, a representative of CHRIST the "Alter Christus" on earth!
We Traditional Catholics are well aware of the importance of traditional Catholic religious vestments and habits and pray that they may retain their significance when our earth will once again, be graced with the presence of a truly holy Pope!

The Armor of God: the Roman Cassock & Brown Scapular