"And I beheld, and heard the voice of one eagle flying through the midst of heaven,
saying with a loud voice: Woe, woe, woe to the inhabitants of the earth....
[Apocalypse (Revelation) 8:13]

Monday, October 31, 2016

TradCatKnight Mail.....

TradCatKnight Mail.....
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Great job with Tim Spencer!  Thank you for being my voice!
Best wishes!
Susette M
Thank you for the hard work,dedication, and truth about catholicism.You've open my eyes to things I have felt about modern day catholicism since I was young and am very grateful. Which bible is the most accurate English translated version??? any info would be greatly appreciated..thanks God bless

sincerely yours
Justin S

Listen to this audio regarding what Assange will release on Tuesday. All of the the 33K emails that Clinton did not release. It confirms what I have heard from multiple sources, including privately, FBI people. Not only felonies, but even TREASON (possibly collusion among Clintons and the Obama Administration).  Confirms SWIFT transfers of $1.8 Billion to Qatar bank by Clintons. And a palace being built in Qatar for Obama or perhaps Clintons.

God help this country.

The basilica of St Benedict has been destroyed https://www.rt.com/news/364739-italy-earthquake-destruction-norcia/  The Monks of Norcia are in great need if you want to donate it can be done here: http://en.nursia.org/donations/  if you can't give to please pass it on to someone who will.

Archbishop Alexander K. Sample was preparing to celebrate Mass Oct. 26 with Benedictine monks in Norcia when the first of two powerful earthquakes struck. The Bishop had just completed the prayers seeking protection from the devil then the earthquake stuck (a sign?):

In Christ,
Mr. Michael C
3 prophetic citations from “Pope Francis: The Last Pope?”:
Are we to believe the Earth, and to an extent that the Moon, would both collapse? Perhaps this is a metaphor, or a description of some kind of new physical reality? The “days of universal madness” could refer to the imbalance of the planets, while the “crying Sun” could suggest an intense radioactive solar-rain that will lead to the overheating of the atmosphere, and would increase aridity upon Earth. The passage describing “… the ground of Rome shall move as the wave of the sea,” could refer to violent earthquakes that would be produced, and that could even sink the Eternal City, followed by, “And the sea will come to Rome …”
The outcome of this chain of catastrophic events predicted by the Apocalypse of Ephesus would be a complete reshaping of our planet, which perhaps will spin through a different orbit, or experience a pole shift where continents rise and fall. cit. p. 155.

Renzo Baschera, the “Prophecy Hunter” we encountered earlier, writes in reference to the prophecies of Saint John Bosco: “Rome, like Paris, will be destroyed. At this point, dozens of prophecies seem to agree. Destruction of the city of Rome, however, will not be so sudden and immediate. There will be certain ‘signs’ first. In fact, it is written: I will come to you four times. ‘The first’ sign will be given by an earthquake (but it will be a series of mini-earthquakes, which ‘will run rampant on the Roman hills, as runaway goats’).” p. 175.
Also bear in mind that within this context are the growing tensions at a geopolitical level, described clearly by Pope Francis since the summer of 2014, and suggesting that the Third World War has already begun, with the possible Islamization of the Vatican hierarchy. This all seems to fit in with the words of the New Testament from Matthew 24: “For many will come in my name, claiming, ‘I am the Messiah,’ and will deceive many. You will hear of wars and rumors of wars, but see to it that you are not alarmed. Such things must happen, but the end is still to come. Nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom. There will be famines and earthquakes in various places.” It is hard not to wake up every morning and see history repeating itself. After one hundred years since World War I, many nations seem to be on the brink of the biggest conflict in history, with the stakes higher than ever before. p. 212. 

Leo Zagami


Queen Offers to Restore British Rule Over United States

Mike K.


 My wife Laura talked to you yesterday about "Wolf in Sheeps Clothing" and was wondering if you've had the opportunity to watch it and if so, what did you think of it?
If so, could you e-mail her at boberpelding@aol.com and give us your views. Maybe you could put a link to it on your website.
                                                                                                 Bob Erpelding
Thank you for the link. There is an apocalyptic character to Maitreya (Buddha of the Future) within that Unholy Trinity of the Antichrist-Dhajjal-Maitreya prophecies of a post-human future, as suggested by Gnostics in the three major faiths, rather than redemption through moral conduct in this ephemeral life.

Mogao caves in Dunhuang on the Silk Road has large Maitreya figures, built in a time of instability in the Tang Dynasty, when insecurity due to the retreat of military presence led to the hysterical wistfulness for the "future", but this was finally resolved when the imperial military forces returned. Much brutality occurred in that climate of crisis. 
Yoichi S.
The White House at what cost?
by Dr. Earl Tilford
“The way to deter aggression … is to be willing and able to respond vigorously at places and with means of our own choosing.” On October 12, 1954, Secretary of State John Foster Dulles based Washington’s relationship with Moscow on our massive nuclear arsenal and the ability to nuke Russia until it glowed. That lasted until 1969 when the Soviet Union achieved nuclear parity. For the next 22 years, until the USSR fell in 1991, the threat of mutual assured destruction dominated the relationship between the world’s two superpowers. Today’s world is arguably far more perilous.
During the presidential election of 1960, Democratic candidate John F. Kennedy excoriated the Eisenhower administration for allowing a supposed “missile gap” favoring the Soviet Union. If Republican candidate Vice President Richard Nixon knew Kennedy was wrong, he remained silent. President Eisenhower, however, knew any strategic weapons gap favored the United States because the U.S. possessed overwhelming nuclear superiority. His certainty relied on highly classified satellite reconnaissance, its quality classified above Top Secret. Eisenhower and Nixon put national security above partisan politics. Nixon lost.
Not so in 2016. On October 14, in a television interview, Vice President Joe Biden stated, “We’re sending a message. We have the capacity to do it. It will be at the time of our choosing and under circumstances that will have the greatest impact.” He was referring to a supposedly forthcoming cyber-attack on Russia retaliating for Moscow’s hacking into the Democratic Party’s computers.
On October 19, during the third and last presidential debate, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, referring to launching the nuclear force, stated, “There’s about four minutes between the order being given and the people who launch the nuclear weapons to do so.”
I don’t know if that’s true. From 1971 until 1975, I was an intelligence officer in the Warning Center at Headquarters, Strategic Air Command. The particulars of our nuclear deterrent and how it operated were classified beyond Top Secret, especially information concerning command and control involved with launching the force. I can only assume that someone whose “vast experience in public service” includes eight years residing in the White House, serving as a U.S. senator, and then spending four years as secretary of state, might know how long it takes to launch a nuclear strike. One also should assume it is imperative that our enemies, especially Russia possessing nuclear capabilities approximating or exceeding ours, not know that.
Why? How long would it take for sea-launched ballistic missiles launched from just one Russian submarine lurking a couple hundred miles off the Atlantic coast to reach Washington and other cities from New York to Miami? How long would it take those missiles to reach air and naval bases from Bangor, Maine to Barksdale, Louisiana, installations integral to America’s nuclear deterrent? I have a good idea but I’m not sharing because I want to die of old age, in bed at home and not in a jail cell at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas.
It’s not a case of “ole Joe just being Joe” or “all’s fair in politics,” mainly because all is not fair when it involves national security. As for Biden’s threat, eerily mirroring words spoken by Secretary Dulles 56 years ago, warfare in 2016 is vastly different from 1954. The next world war, if it occurs, will probably involve major cyber-attacks. The current list of cyber-war actors includes nation-states, rogue nations North Korea and Iran, Islamist terrorists groups, and talented individual hackers, some mentally unstable and others manifesting personal grudges. If, indeed, Russia experiences a cyber-attack approximating “the greatest impact,” Putin will face enormous political pressure from hardliners pointing to Biden boasting, “We have the capacity to do so,” as reason to retaliate against the United States.
The “greatest impact” of a cyber-attack far exceeds revealing tantalizing tidbits of political chicanery. Imagine most if not all of a modern nation-state’s power grid shut down. Society collapses quickly if food doesn’t get to market because fuel can’t be pumped to transports. Medical supplies do not reach hospitals and local pharmacies. Computers in gas stations, banks, supermarkets shut down; so do transactions. Police cannot respond because their radios and computers are down; without fuel their cruisers are useless. In a few weeks, millions perish. Those who are sick die first followed by the elderly, then the children, and almost everyone else. Civilization reverts to a primeval state. The world dies with a whimper rather than a bang.
Biden’s remarks were foolish, as were Clinton’s if hers merely were “off the cuff” and untrue. If accurate, Clinton’s remarks are criminal, possibly treasonous. But then what difference does it make? We decide that on November 8.

—Dr. Earl Tilford is a military historian and fellow for the Middle East & terrorism with The Center for Vision & Values at Grove City College.


    Is she "in hiding", or was she "eliminated"?  (speaking on Katleen Keating)

Fr Kramer

Dear Eric and Father Voigt:

Please find attached my press release and post where you can.

/s/ Landholt for Congress, 2016 (Veritas & Aequitas)
State Director, Team Traficant (ProjectFreedomUSA.org)

[ Americans have tried electing Republicans. They've tried electing Democrats.  Nothing has worked. The economy continues to weaken, civil unrest is smoldering and the world is falling apart. Americans of all political persuasions say they believe in the "American Creed", the principles enshrined in the Declaration of Independence that we are all created equal and endowed by our Creator with inalienable rights. ]

So what went wrong?

We the People went wrong...that's what. Stop looking for solutions from the General Government. I am the only political candidate with the courage to call for restoring State Militias to give the People back their power to self-govern. The Federal Reserve and their criminal agents in the IRS must go.

"So long as the legislative machine is controlled by and composed of the monopolists,
all efforts at restoring healthy economic life will fail."

Take my campaign viral. Spread the word. Follow me on Twitter and FB.

"Silence is golden...except where Christian liberty is concerned when it often turns yellow."
Nicholas Landholdt

Dear Eric,
     I know you know of the lightning striking the vatican on Feb 11(Feast of Our Lady of Lourdes) when Pope Benedict XVI supposedly stepped down from the papacy, but lightning struck again 3 1/2 years later on Oct 7 
2016(Feast of the Holy Rosary) at 9:20 am.  This is a sign I truly believe that the chastisement will come next year and the only means of saving our souls is with The prayer of the Rosary and Scapular which you already know.  Isn't there something to the 3 1/2 year time frame that might help us determine what Heaven, particularly Our Lady is trying to warn us about.  Father Malachi Martin always said to watch for the signs in the skies, well a lightning bolt on the Feast of Our Lady Queen of the Most Holy Rosary is a great way of getting our attention and I don't think by any means this lightning bolt is saying Heaven is happy with The pope or anybody else in the Vatican.  Hope you have some insight on the above information.

God Bless  Michael H

Here is the PDF of “Chiesa viva” 498, November 2016.
Best regards.
The PDF can be unloaded on our website: www.chiesaviva.com
Dr. Franco Adessa

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God Bless!
Hi Eric,

I hope you're well. I've never been better b/c I had a personal experience that shook my soul awake from the great deception.

I was raised a Catholic. Was a daughter of Mary and a legionnaire. Long story short, I lost my way as a young adult.

Now that I've been called back to my relationship with our Father and mother, I take my studies very seriously. I believe the Holy Spirit is guiding my path. The first person I deeply resonated with was Fr. Malichi Martin.

I had a bad experience that helped me to very clearly weed out my novus ordo priest. I have stopped attending their mass as I acknowledge that theirs is not our faith.

Your message and logic also resonate with me. Trusting in this, I'm writing to ask you if you know of any trusted traditional priests in the Philadelphia area. If possible someone in Bucks county. I have a calling. I need guidance and I desperately need to educate my children in traditional catholic way until the time comes when we must practice independently.

Btw, my inclination is to worry for your safety b/c people don't like the truth you speak. But something deep in me tells me that you consciously made this decision and that your life has been consecrated to this calling.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.

Warm regards,

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