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"And I beheld, and heard the voice of one eagle flying through the midst of heaven,
saying with a loud voice: Woe, woe, woe to the inhabitants of the earth....
[Apocalypse (Revelation) 8:13]

Saturday, October 1, 2016

Reflection: Satisfy Your Senses OR Satisfy His Will?

Reflection: Satisfy Your Senses OR Satisfy His Will?
By: Eric Gajewski
You will get no satisfaction from this world nor in any attempt to satisfy your carnal senses...

I take a look around to see so many unhappy people who are giving into despair.  We are quick to rush to their might be a medical problem and yet so many are simply not happy because they are full of self love.  They have still not learnt as eagles to detach from all things.  They enjoy distractions and comforts.  They despise silence, solitude and the Crosses given to them and they blame others for their own unhappiness to boot.  No, the problem isn’t Clinton nor this country in reality.  The problem still is you.  We spend to much time during the day trying to satisfy or own egos and senses that we lose the proper Catholic Christian perspective.  We are not here to lead a life full of fun.  We are here to satisfy the Divine Will and we will never do this if we are still full of the self.

Modern man is a surface dwelling creature who is not interested in interior things.  He needs to be wined and dined by the world always keeping his senses occupied by things other than God.  It is no wonder that Our Lord first purges the senses in the Dark Night of the Soul (purification stage).  God has to grab the attention of men through suffering because if he did not so many more would end in the eternal Fire.  Self is the antithesis of Him and His Sacred Heart.  Thus, on a grand scale our lives must be measured on this level.  Furthermore, each day and truly every second we get is a struggle between our will and His.  “What does God want me to do?”...is not often heard by modern man and thus this helps to explain why so many hit the clubs and bars every weekend.  It helps to explain why so many are addicted to alcohol, drugs and find themselves in the web of Big Pharma passing from one prescription drug to the next as I once did.

Modern man has ADD.  He has an attention deficit disorder which dictates he simply can’t sit still and contemplate God.  It seems like here in America the more distracted and disillusioned with this world the more you will be praised by others.  Yet in reality the more distracted we are the less opportunities we get to become holy.  It takes grace to concede your will for a greater good.  It takes a lot of prayer to arrive at the point where you realize it is not at all about me and having fun or satisfying the senses.  The New World Order attacks on a daily basis but in the philosophy/theology itself but also on TV, movies, books, magazines, etc.  They must distract you in efforts to take away from your time you ought be spending in silence and solitude.  They don’t want you to pray 15 decades of the Rosary they want you to watch 15 reruns of Dancing with the Stars.  Make no mistake, we all need breaks but today you ought sit down and analyze where your time is being spent so you can continue to grow in holiness.

We ought take a look at the unhappy faces we see on a daily basis and remember that a good number of these happy people simply are not at rest interiorly because they have not cleared out their hearts which is full of clutter from the world.  Jesus and Mary want to make a home in your heart and how can you do this when you loathe after and hoard the things of this world secretly within?  If you are not happy now by simply remaining united to the Divine Will how can you possibly say you will be happy on the other side of life’s last breath?  Brethren, you can have happiness right now amidst the worst circumstances by simply keeping Christ and booting out all those things interiorly which are an impediment to your relationship with Christ.  In the end, stay close to Mary, Jesus and the Church for this world cannot give you happiness but everyday tries to convince you otherwise.