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[Apocalypse (Revelation) 8:13]

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Gone Astray? Return and Seek Him Tenfold!

Gone Astray?  Return and Seek Him Tenfold!
By: Eric Gajewski
Baruch 4:28 For as it was your mind to go astray from God; so when you return again you shall seek him ten times as much.

It is never too late to convert!  I was recently emailed with the question, “Is it too late for me to convert?”  Brethren, it is never too late to turn your heart wholly unto God.  Take a look at the examples of some Saints who did not start the race of life so great.  These specific Saints such as Francis or Augustine, allow us to see, just how great Gods mercy.  It shows us very concretely that if we turn our hearts wholly unto God we can change and become new creatures in Christ.  Therefore, there are many potential Prodigal sons who keep from returning Home due to fear.  This fear is a result of self love but we have hope from the Scriptures themselves!  Yea, we can say the further we move from our Home the more “thirstier” we get and thus those who once have abandoned Christ and His Catholic Church have a great hope for what could be.

Our hearts will not rest until they are in God’s.  Yet it is pride which keeps our feet moving in the opposite direction.  In our pursuit of things we forget our ultimate goal which is to be in the Presence of the Living God.  We forget the fundamentals of what pleases God.  We have forgotten wholly as a society the true principles which govern this pleasing of God and now we see society slipping day by day into further madness.  We pretend we are happy and yet the statistics prove otherwise.  We are a society which is addicted to porn and club hopping.  We are hooked on pills and cannot live in the reality of our lives without alcohol.  We are hooked on prescription meds to artificially bring us “happiness”.  The statistics demonstrate how more people are committing suicide even amongst the youth and why?  We have forgotten what truly makes us happy and that is God Himself.  On top of this we cannot have God unless we hold His Faith which is Catholic alone.

Does your heart thirst yet again?  I recall in my own conversion that very early on I had a thrist for Him.  I recall this painful process of “not doing” those things I was accustom to do and needed Divine assistance in order to draw more from His Well or Fountain.  I would come to this Fountain thirsty and drink a little only to turn around and fall yet again BUT I did not stop from going back to this Well!  I persisted and my heart began to expand in Selfless Love.  I saw others around me in a similar spiritual situation who would draw only a few times never to be seen again.  Thus, the question we all must ask is, “how bad do you really want to be with God?”  Who can look upon the face of God in His Passion and not see how bad He wanted to be with us!  And yet we are cruel unto Him.  We forget Him we persist in our ways and yet His Voice can still be heard this day calling out unto sinners for this return Home.

Our minds have gone astray.  Indeed, the enemy has sown seeds in our daily lives which propose many challenges to our Faith.  Many are asking these days, “what is Catholic?”  Due to Vatican II a good number are still confused and to a certain degree it is not there faults.  However, on another level I will argue it is our fault and how so?  You say you are unsure of what is Catholic and yet you spend all your evenings in distraction.  You do not bother spending time investigating and thus this shows me you do not thirst!  You say you do but the reality is you do not care for Catholic truth.  You purposefully allow your minds to wander off by watching the “Dancing with the Stars” marathon all night and you say “I am confused”!  Well, what are you doing about it?  The souls in hell have no more time to get this right brethren.  Yet we think we can spend the whole weekend watching football and rely upon our bishops to get this right?  Far from it, folks.  Unfortunately most of the Bishops are worse off than the laymen that is the sad reality of our times.  

Thus, how can we correct erroring minds?  Where your heart is there also is your treasure.  Some of you have buried your treasure so deep that you can no longer find it.  You keep it hidden from your neighbor because you conceal your self love.  Thus, one of the most fundamental things we can do is simply “get away”.  This is why I preach getting away for at least an hour so you can pray and dialogue with God.  The more you walk alone with Christ the better you will get to know yourself.  The more you will begin to see what you have concealed in your buried treasure.  We must stay close to Faith.  We must stay close to Mary, who, will take our hands, like a little child and guide us away from our erroring ways.  Indeed, erroring minds have misplaced hearts to match!  Therefore, the answer for our times is the Sacred Heart of Christ.  Christ, is our model and Mary is the guide of this Fortress of the Soul.  Her Immaculate Heart knows every inch of this Fortress and shall guide you through the interior life leading you through purification, illumination and ultimately into the Oneness of God in the spiritual Marriage.  It is true we are all not called unto earthly marriage but there is not one person who has not been willed to come unto this Spiritual Marriage. 

Take advantage of the time given.  Souls who were once in error will find upon their return a deep desire to seek Him alone.  We fall but His grace gets us up.  Do not abuse His mercy and grace but at the same time realize the process within is just that a process.  You must work at it.  There are no cliff notes to the interior life it is one battle after the next in our attempt to move forward within this Fortress of the Soul.  Our ultimate goal in Union with God and therefore we must cast aside all self love.  We must violently shake off error and return to the land of Truth.  Christ has said those who love Him would look for even that one lost sheep and yet how much does that one lost sheep look for Christ?  How many times have we denied those who attempted to get us back on track?  How many times have traditionalists tried to open the eyes of those in the Novus Ordo only to be called heretical or schismatic!  It will be a rough day for these Popes, prelates and priests who have been suggesting such for darkness can only endure for a short while and then the Light come in the morning to expose.  And thus it is through Mary the Destroyer of all heresy who is coming to squash the Vatican II Revolution beneath her loving and protecting feet.  

Let us all pray for an increase in fervor for Truth Himself and the retention thereof.  How much do you value Truth?  Enough to stay in a state of grace for only a few days? A few weeks?  Examine your actions and you will find that you do not Love the truth as you say you do.  Accuse yourself and see that you are willing to give away the Living God over such trivial desires.  Yea, all you have to do is quit turning your back on God and simply turn around to see Home and alas you shall you begin to move your feet more rapidly in that direction.  You will find as you return Home that your feet will begin to quicken.  You will see as the tears of repentance roll down your face that you are RUNNING Home because your heart is being filled ten fold.  In the end, God gives truth for He is Truth but he does not force this WANT (which comes on our end) that we must have for His truth.  Within the soul runs the Highway of Love which has two streets.  Does your street run against the Living God or does your car flow with His traffic?  His Love is not a ONE WAY DEAD END STREET brethren for He is ETERNAL!  Love’s highway is an endless spring trip.  His Sacred Heart never runs out of “real estate” thus let us begin anew this day and seek him out, amen.