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[Apocalypse (Revelation) 8:13]

Sunday, October 9, 2016

Fr. Voigt, "A Great Thought to Rule One's Life"

Fr. Voigt, "A Great Thought to Rule One's Life"
 Is there a single thought that can guide the soul to its true destiny?  St. Augustine answered:  "Yes, there is a 'great thought'."  
This great thought is exemplified in everyone of God's creatures but let us consider one for the moment and then apply this great thought to our lives and the eternity we expect.  Scientists in San Francisco were studying an interesting species of crabs when one of them questioned the hole in the middle of the crab's face.  What is that hole for if there is a purpose for all that is created?  They began their investigation and found that within that hole was a small pebble of sand, a single grain. 
Now what is this grain of sand doing in there they pondered.  So they created an experiment in which the crabs were placed in a totally sterile environment of water only, no sand.  

In the next step the scientists removed the grain of sand in the hole and then placed all the crabs in the water which was clean of all sand.  As they place the crabs in they noticed that not one of them moved.  When they were all in the water and being observed by their human captors, they simply rolled onto their backs and their pincers wiggled aimlessly.  They could not move;  they were completely helpless and it seemed "clueless".  The scientists took out one crab and replaced the grain of sand into that mysterious hole and put the crab back into the water.  One crab alone could master the situation and walked over all the other crabs.  Now the scientist knew that that small hole containing that grain of sand was the key to their balance.  Like a tightrope walker with a long pole held right in the middle for balance, the crabs needed that grain of  sand for their equilibrium.

Humanity has that same construction spiritually with the great thought.  All mankind requires the great thought to keep their lives in balance and directed toward their true end.  it is the thought of eternity.  Daily we must begin with the great thought that today I prepare for my eternal life.  What I do, what I say and how I think are all determined by my understanding of eternity.  St. Teresa and her brother used to repeat over and over again "eternity, forever."  There will come a day, like the one Lucifer faced after his decision to "grasp at equality with God," in which we will have to give an accounting of our lives here in this world.  To whom much has been given much will be expected.  We are all debtors to the God Whose Love is infinite in our regard.  He granted the angels the same act of love and allowed them to accept or reject that Love.  

For those that accepted there remains an eternity of total love while those who rejected receive an eternity devoid of all love.  These debtors owed God so much more than you or I.  They seek to destroy us and our chance to live in love eternally.
They foster jealousy in our neighbors, they stir up the passion of anger which causes us to throttle the brother who owes a mere fraction of what we owe God.  They destroy our prayer in which we say "forgive us as we forgive others."  The battle field is here in this world and so many are captured by the evil one.  His instruments (who need our prayers and penances) are the Jewish elite, the Masons, the communists, the followers of Islam, the feminists, the ecologists, the scientists who proclaim a big bang theory, the modernists and now the ecclesiastics in high places.  All of these seek to divide from the love of God revealed by the Second Person of the Blessed Trinity.  They seek to reduce the Catholic faith to nothing more than a human construct.  It then becomes one of the many ways to eternal happiness.  They contradict the ageless teaching of the apostles and the magisterium of the Catholic Church over the ages.  

Dear brothers and sisters, we are all debtors to love and can only pay the debt by loving.  Satan does not want the debt paid so he will harass us and throw us into prisons to try and destroy Catholic Love.  Don't be fooled... this life is but a test for heaven where all of this nonsense below will be forgotten and never remembered again.  Never give up loving in a divine and sacrificial way.  It is the great thought of eternity with God that strengthens us to accept all the deceits and trial thrown at us by the evil one and his cooperators.  Let us pray for all of those deceived and headed to a hell of their own making.  Let us not make a hell for ourselves but use the opportunities to remark as Job did:  "God gives and God takes, blessed be the name of the Lord."  Never complain and never give up on your heart that is restless until it rests in Love.

In the hearts of Jesus, Mary and Joseph,

Fr. Richard Voigt