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[Apocalypse (Revelation) 8:13]

Sunday, October 9, 2016

TradCatKnight Mail....

TradCatKnight Mail....

Here is some of the latest coming through my inbox.  Please continue to spread word of TradCatKnight the #1 ranked traditional catholic website worldwide.

Dear sir,
So in your view, is the current pope valid?  Is the V2 church still the church of Christ?  Just curious, this is not an expose, of some kind of trap.  I appreciate your reply, but given the half a billion hits your website has received I realize you're probably famous or whatever, and don't have time for random emails from random people. 

Kind regards,
Rory M

Dohmen Update from Sean M.
Friday’s market rally was produced at a critical moment, by a report that the $14 billion dollar fine by the US DOJ imposed on Deutsche Bank (DB), Europe’s most important bank, would be lowered to $5.4 billion. That reduced fears that DB would have to be rescued, or could cause a systemic crisis that could envelope the global financial system. The short sellers had to scramble to close out positions, which boosted stocks. We doubt there was any actual investment buying. However, there was a fly in the ointment: no confirmation of this from DB or the US DOJ, as we commented in our trading services on Friday. The critical moment on Friday was that DB’s stock was ready to plunge into the abyss. This was very similar to the “Lehman moment”, which of course ended in bankruptcy over the weekend, triggering a global crisis in 2008. However, this weekend we heard that there was probably nothing to this report. DB’s top executives haven’t even met with US officials to negotiate the penalty. Thus, we have another case of ‘market manipulation.’ Germany’s markets are closed today, Monday (October 3rd). Thus we will find out on Tuesday the impact this has on the German and European markets. The IMF meets in Washington this week for a regular meeting, but DB executives will be there to have negotiations with the DOJ about the penalty. German newspapers report that such meetings are scheduled. In other words, there was no meeting yet, and no agreement to lower the amount.

In the meantime, Italy is filing criminal charges against DB for illegal activities in derivative transactions with Italy’s Monte Paschi bank to hide very bad financial statement numbers. Another problem for DB is an action against the bank for assisting Russian entities in money laundering. Apparently that will be handled next year. According to one leading expert on bank risk, Robert Engle, DB may need as much as $100 billion to survive a sustained market decline. Most of its holdings are in level 3 assets, meaning poor quality, which are nearly impossible to sell. We expect that this is just the tip of the iceberg. All the financial fraud in the world’s largest banks will surface over the next year. Garbage always floats to the top in a crisis. As Buffett said years ago, “when the tide goes out, you find out who has been swimming naked.” Well, many of the big global banks have been swimming naked during this financial bubble. This is much, much bigger than the problems of Greece several years ago. Deutsche bank has its hands full. Other bank scandals will follow. The game of regulators and the central banks will be to “postpone, postpone, postpone.” They make the rules, so it will probably work for a while. As we get closer to the election, it will be smart to reduce exposure to the stock market.

Dear Eric,

My dad was wondering about a prayer he heard on your radio show awhile ago or maybe it was in a blog, he could not recall. I searched google and I could not find it. 

It has something to do with imploring St. Joseph's help with protection against chemical type things and illnesses. We wanted to add this prayer to our evening Rosary. If you have any other prayers you would like to add along please add them.

May the Immaculate and Sacred Hearts  continue to guide your work, the last few radio shows have been very good! 

Also wanted to share this with you to see what you thought: 
Eric, microchips....


Saw this today, more promotion of the micro chip.

I know you have reported on this in the past, so it looks like they are pushing this even further into the mainstream.

God bless you,
Leo Zagami responding to Francis change in schedule (which Leo and I were warning about)
"Sounds like we touched a sensitive nerve let's do a small interview in the future to underline this change and get the people's attention in regards to this unusual change in his schedule..."

Dear Eric, 
I must say, thank you for all you do! 
Been hesitant in sending an email for the longest while to make a contribution to this apostolate.
When I have the means to donate I would like to, can you provide the details I would need to send via money gram. It should be Name, country, state I suppose. : )

God bless you

Best Regards,
Christie K

Hey how is it going! 

It is a pleasure to be reaching out to you. 

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Eric this out to interest you since you know John Moore
I am one of your subscribers and i check the stuff you put out on you tube.
I live in the South West of England so quite far from you across the Atlantic.
I was born on Christmas Day 1953 so you can imagine have seen a lot in the Church from then to now, although i have not gone since 1992 on a regular basis, as you say Masons were in the high places i recently found that out by a google search on a member.
Now for the question, so in the time of the end after the great war that is almost upon is the beast of the NWO will rise, could or will this be stopped by Russia forming the alliance or asking the Bishops of the World, what is left of it to consecrate Russia. ?
would that in your opinion stop the imposters from occupying the promised land, by that i mean Islam and that agenda ? the NWO i think it is clear that the Nazi party tried to kill the Hebraic Jews so they could take the promised land for themselves, to steal it that is.
also to create Israel to usher in the last days or end times.
Further to my email to you i had a second part to my question and that is.

Do you feel that the Diabolical Disorientation could be mind control done via mobile phone masts ?
The mind control practised by the Nazi regime in Dachau ?
Your opinion is valuable to me even though we do not know each other.
Yours Sincerely

caol jean p.

From Ron Westernik:

From whatdoesitmean.com here is a very interesting piece of news which ties into other disclosures recently about why Assange has not released the documents regarding Hillary Clinton/ DNC/  etc. Also, some further revelations regarding Hillary Clinton's medical condtion tied to the air crash in Iran in 2012.  FWIW- Ron

October 3, 2016
Wikileaks Under “Dire Threat” Over Proof Hillary Clinton Destroyed Eye Doctor To Hide Brain Trauma
By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Western Subscribers
A stunning new Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR) report circulating in the Kremlin today says that Wikileaks abrupt cancelling of their planned “October Surprise” release of Hillary Clinton emails relating to her currently existing brain trauma was due to their receiving a “dire threat” that should they do so, all top officials of this whistle blowing organization would be charged with major crimes in the United States and be swiftly extradited there by the European Union. [Note: Some words and/or phrases appearing in quotes in this report are English language approximations of Russian words/phrases having no exact counterpart.]

According to this report, what Wikileaks was planning on releasing tomorrow were a series of 2015 email “exchanges” (chains) between top Hillary Clinton operatives and Britain’s Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) detailing a plot to destroy a London optometrist who refused to give up her records relating to her treatment of the former US Secretary of State.
As the SVR is already in possession of these Hillary Clinton emails Wikileaks was planning on releasing, this report continues, Federation intelligence analysts were able to reconstruct the timeline of these events—and that began in 2012 when Hillary Clinton was gravely injured in a plane crash while traveling to a secret meeting in Iran, and that we had, likewise, reported on in our 30 December 2012 report Clinton Injured, US Navy Seal Killed In Secret US Mission To Iran. [Reprinted by the EU Times with our permission.]
Important to note about Hillary Clinton’s grave injuries sustained in 2012, this report says, was a previous Wikileaks email release of a an exchange between her top national security advisor Jacob J. Sullivan who emailed this Sorcha Faal article [UNCLASSIFIED U.S. Department of State Case No. F-2014-20439 Doc No. C05797628 Date: 02/29/2016] to his top military aides—one of whom, US Navy Captain Les Horn, then replied “Anthony -- FYI. The report appears to be credible. Les” and that immediately ended the unclassified part of this email chain.

By the Fall of 2013, this report continues, these emails show that the effects Hillary Clinton was having due to her severe brain trauma were numerous—most specifically her inability to walk due to balance issues that were exacerbated by flashing lights.
In October, 2013, this report notes, Hillary Clinton traveled to London as a private citizen where she secretly met with an optometrist named Honey Rose who provided her with 3 pairs of blue sunglasses that are used to treat photosensitivity epilepsy and are manufactured by the German optics company Zeiss, and that were not available in the United States.

This report explains that optometrists like Honey Rose are licensed in Britain to perform eye exams and vision tests, prescribe and dispense corrective lenses—and should not be confused with ophthalmologists who are doctors with at least eight years of medical training after university and can practice medicine and perform surgery.
Beginning in March, 2015, however, this report says, Hillary Clinton’s emails reveal a series of exchanges between her top campaign officials and Britain’s Crown Prosecution Service relating to the “Honey Rose Problem”—and that SVR analysts detail were related to this London optometrists refusal to give to Clinton’s “security people” all of her records relating to the blue medical sunglasses she had previously provided to Hillary Clinton.
And as to how Hillary Clinton and Britain’s CPS dealt with their “Honey Rose Problem”, this report continues, was to arrest this London optometrist on 9 September 2015, confiscate all of her records, and then stunningly charge her with manslaughter for failing to correctly diagnose a patient in 2012 who subsequently died.

Hillary Clinton’s London Optometrist Honey Rose

To how an optometrist could be charged with such a crime for failing to diagnose a disease only an ophthalmologist doctor is trained to do shocked all of Britain, this report says, with over 4,000 British doctors rallying to her defense—but nevertheless, this past August (2016), resulted in Honey Rose being convicted and sentenced to a deferred prison term of 2 years in a landmark first of it kind case that has sent shudders of fear throughout all of the United Kingdom. 
To the threats issued against Wikileaks officials should they release these “Honey Rose Problem” emails between Hillary Clinton and the CPS, this report explains, was the Obama regime telling them that if they were released, anyone associated with them would be charged under the United States HIPPA laws [42 USC § 1320d-5] forbidding the unauthorized release of a persons medical information—and that carries a US Federal prison term of up to 5 years—and that curiously was one of the first laws President Obama signed, on 17 February 2009, barely a month after his taking office.
Though Honey Rose’s life has been destroyed due to Hillary Clinton, this report concludes, this young London optometrist is, actually, fortunate as hundreds of others who have opposed the Clinton Crime Family ended up far worse—including many of Bill and Hillary Clinton’s “friends” who have fallen off buildings, died in plane crashes, and have been killed in too many freak accidents to mention


Welcome to HoloHoax Bizzaro world!!!!
Welcome to HoloHoax Bizzaro world by Jim Rizoli

What I notice about the HoloHuxsters is they have a story to tell and they will fit it with lies to make it work.

Example of the six million lie, they fit all their numbers facts to make it add up to that one. So if they're off by 5 million or so, who cares? It's irrelevant right?  They actually were saying between Belzec and Treblinka -- 5 million Jews were killed -- yikes, that didn't even include the millions in the other camps -- It doesn't matter if the numbers don't add up -- no one will check except us revisionists.

In regards to diesel or gas (the murder weapon to kill all these Jews) it's irrelevant right? For years it was diesel fuel, but the revisionists tore that one apart and then the HoloHuxsters had no choice to say it was now thought to be regular gas, which was on sale down the street 20% off the regular diesel price. The gas story didn't sit so well because it took too long, supplies were low, so they changed it to Zyklon B (ZB) gas - if they can kill bugs with it, it has to be good enough to kill humans. So to make that lie work, they have the nerve to say it takes less ZB to kill humans.  Problem is, it takes a long time for ZB to work -- at least an hr or so.  You need even more to kill people.  If you want it done withing 5-15 minutes, even MORE, not less because of the short killing times needed to accommodate the thousands per day they said were killed with it.

So what did the rest of the people do? Take a ticket and go back to their bunks and wait until the time was ready for them? Good to see they had a place still in line.  Some say as many as 25,000 per day were killed.  Uh - maybe in their dreams -- keep dreaming.  Then see how long it takes to cremate that many bodies.  One day of killing would take a month at least, if all 50 of the crematoria were working right, if they even had crematories there to use; some of the camps didn't. That led to the toasted roasted Jew story, being burned all up on pyres loaded 30 ft high with thousands of bodies that were lit with a match and burned down to ashes.  Lets see how long that must have taken, without any wood underneath just the fat of the bodies.

Of course that made no sense, so they changed that story to having wood being placed under the rails and now the complete hibachiing of the bodies.  Of course no mention of the wood piles and the deforestation of miles of forest to get all the wood needed to accomplish that task. It takes 400-500 lbs of wood to burn a body.  Just ask the Hindus, who do it all the time. AGAIN NO WOOD PILES EVER BEING MENTIONED (nor seen on the aerial photos)!!!  Not to mention the trucks needed to bring the wood into the camp. NO TRUCKS EVER MENTIONED, unless they had the workers carrying it a few loads at a time....ya right....LOL  They would have needed thousands of Chinese laborers for that one.  (Jews don't like to use their hands except taking in money on them.)

Then we are made to believe that the Jews were that docile to stand in line all day in heat and cold with their towels and Jew soap waiting hrs to be gassed to death, while the reports coming in were saying the Jews who were being trained in tore apart some of the cars they were shipped to the camps in because they didn't want to go where they were being sent.  The trains had to stop to repair the damage not once but a few times, because these people were livid about being sent to their deaths (the false rumor being spread around). Yet when they got to the camps, we are told to believe they stood in line all day and even into the wee hours of the night to await their deaths -- Nice to see they were so cooperative and polite when their time finally came. Then the ridiculous story about the Jews being made into handbags, lampshades, leather gloves you name it -- to sell to all the stores featuring fine leather goods, lice free of course, for cheap prices. Did I mention the Jew hair pillows? Was the hair collected before the ZB dousing or after? 

The more bizarre the better - then the soap story.  Most everyone was believing it, but now it's been whittled down to only a few Jews were melted down to make soap by some "rogue" Soviet prisoners who had nothing better to do with their time, when the leather skin products ran out.

How about the top "Eyewitnesses" who saw 120 ft mountain of clothing piled up at Treblinka, and the 75 ft mound of shoes as being true but now it's just a mistake because Kurt Gerstein wasn't wearing his 2-inch thick glasses that day, he lent them to Eli Weasel who needed then as he looked at the blood gushing from the ground of dead Jews crying out from the graves, a few still alive to crawl their way out to freedom, and some really good book deals later on.

The HoloHuxsters have an answer for everything and the more bizarre the better. They and millions of others have been brainwashed to believe the "NAZI's" were the monsters and the more horrific the story, the better people would believe it. Welcome to Bizzaro world when it comes to the HoloHoax. 

"When the lie becomes accepted as truth then print the lie."


For more of the truth go to:


How on earth are Catholics meant to act while this situation persists? Laity have no rights do they?
Many Catholics haven't a clue what is going on - and docily accept everything in "good faith" and invincible ignorance I am sure?

Dominie Mary Beatrice Stemp
The Diamond Brothers are fake religious order. They are Jews. They are pseudo Catholics, con-artist perhaps. What they preach and how they live are contradicted. Look at the fruits to know the tree. I saw the fruits and I concluded the tree is rotten poison. Stay away from the doctrines of Synagogue of Satan that they spread. 

They are not worthy to waste your time to listen to.
Kim Lan-Vu
Eric you may have addressed this before but in the Novous ordo church when you go to confession is it s valid confession?? I mean how do you ask a priest about novous ordo belief? If he is saying the new mass i.e.: mass after vactican II  then if you go to him for confession do you receive that sacramental grace??
Dear TradCatKnight,

I just wanted to ask a number of questions and also give you some information.

First of all I wanted to know whether you were ever or whether you are currently a bishop or kardinal within the Catholic Church?

Well, let me tell you that the Catholic Church continues to destroy itself. This has been my observation ever since.

It is not just like what you describe in your top video on youtube that the Church does suffer from external attacks alone, but many of the evil doers have long time been within the Church or within one of their partner organizations (e.g. within Switzerland Corporation, within USA Corporation, within BRD Germany GmbH/Corporation, etc.).
Why does the "Church" "work" with corporations and "States" at all?! Why does the Church not just focus on it's religious things?

Many of the Popes or Bishops have been acting very evil, criminal and they would have to be removed. But nobody is removing them. Hardly anybody has ever killed a criminal bishop or Pope (unfortunately). 
E.g. Kardinal Odilo (I forgot his last name) who is currently illegally presiding over the Bishop seat of Sao Paulo/Brazil (this Bishop seat actually belongs to my friend Kardinal Andreas von Hohenzollern), he is a super lier, a super criminal. So are probable the two Popes that we currently have (Pope Benedict II and Pope Francis) who have not managed to clean up the evil doings within the church itself.

We do not need front men who are good in the media and who can smile well, wink well and meet all the "famous" people worldwide. We need decent, modest people who know to appreciate poverty and the small things that God and nature provides to us on a daily basis. Hoever, the Church is corrupt, wants red carpet, soldiers, security service, big buildings, etc.

My quite evil uncle Wolfgang Maute and my quite evil aunty Rosa Maute did move to evil atheist Switzerland some 10 years ago. They did take away our entire family heritage. My grandmother had demanded before her death in ~ 2007 that I myself shall be among the main inheritors of our family heritage and that I always have to be included in all our family business doings. However, this wish or order has been rejected and avoided by all within our family. My uncle Wolfgang is one of the Knights (I think he belongs to a Swiss or to a Vatican order..) but from my perspective all these orders are completely wicked blasphemous evil people who just want fame and power.
But my uncle rarely helps a poor person. For him and my aunty it is all about power and money. 
And so is the same with all the wicked gangsters that call themselves "knights" and who are wolves in sheep clothing.

I conclude: Rome has lost it's faith. This is the no1. problem. And the people around the Church have also lost faith. They lost their compass. Probably they never really knew or had their faith..

Please let me know your thougths.
Thanks and regards,


Attachment: My friend Andreas von Hohenzollern who had been ordinated by John Paul II or his predecessor to be the Bishop of Sao Paulo. However, this Vatican Church and the conspiracy within mobbed him out, kicked him out of Brazil, and I happened to pick him up in Frankfurt am Main after he landed at the airport there during a winter night. For this Vatican or CIA-Rothschild-Vampire-controlled world life does not matter. 

Good job with the interview with Anthony that's a very positive connection for you Eric God bless you.  I am working on the people at TIA so that you can get that connection I'm going to continue to work on them so that you're in if you can go forward of course he will only respond to written questions but I think that's a huge opportunity for everyone
Don M.
Great show with Dave Hodges but I was disappointed he hasn't thoroughly done his homework on Nibiru. I should say I assume he hasn't.  All the earth calamities occurring and the CIA or NSA relocating to Denver. Plus, more importantly what Our Lady has said if man would not repent. Why would Fr. Malachi Martin say look up in the sky?  Thank you.

Damian F.

Good Afternoon Eric,

First I would like to let you know I appreciate your work.  It's disappointing-depressing to disagree with everyone around you.  It's comforting for me to hear your talks and know that there's other people who won't compromise their faith.  I was brought up in the Vatican 2 church and my family can't dispute what I tell them besides saying I'm being disobedient and that I should go talk to a priest to get straightened out.

Anyway, I listened to your talk with Anthony Gonzales.  You were discussing Garabandal and that Fr. Martin said 2 of the secrets were exact text from the 3rd secret of Fatima, but never clarified - that's about when there was a technical problem.  Could you clarify - did he mean the warning, miracle, chastisement, or something else?  I am also skeptical of Garabandal, but the one thing that bothers me is the claim that Padre Pio said Mary was appearing there.  And even left Conchita relics in his will.  Do you know any more about that?

Lastly, I would like to help you financially.  I don't have lots to give, but would like to do what I can.  Could you send me a PO box to send money to?

Thanks!  You're in my prayers!  (BTW- my work is very repetitive, I'm able to put earbuds in and pray the rosary while I work.  On a good day (no interruptions) I can get 15+ rosaries in!  I don't feel distracted from meditating either.  It would be a good suggestion for listeners maybe:). We need lots of prayers these days!)

First I'd like to say it's an honor to meet you. I met you a couple of years ago & wasn't ready & I blocked you. I'm apologizing for that right now and I hope you can forgive me.
Moving forward I hope we CAN be friends. Because I have somehow known about these times for awhile now..and I'm not sure how. But you have alot of answers & I believe Our Blessed Mother has probably chosen you to be who you are. So hold on!! lol But your videos, your talks are just OUTSTANDING!! My question is where should I start?
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