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[Apocalypse (Revelation) 8:13]

Monday, October 24, 2016

Ezekiel 9: Provoking the Lord

Ezekiel 9: Provoking the Lord
By: Eric Gajewski
Ezekiel 9:1-3  And the word of the Lord came to me, saying: [2] Son of man, thou dwellest in the midst of a provoking house: who have eyes to see, and see not: and ears to hear, and hear not: for they are a provoking house. [3] Thou, therefore, O son of man, prepare thee all necessaries for removing, and remove by day in their sight: and thou shalt remove out of thy place to another place in their sight, if so be they will regard it: for they are a provoking house.
Provoking the Lord is never a good idea...

What shall a Catholic do when churchmen turn their backs on the Lord by turning their backs on Tradition and the true Faith?  How should we as faithful to Christ respond in the greatest crisis that the Church has undergone?  We have the writings of the esteemed theologians which tell us to resist any heresy but it actually is a step further than this.  Thus, we can demonstrate from Church precedence (St. Athanasius response to Arianism) our choice to remain outside these heretical buildings until the Faith returns.  Pseudo trad fundamentalists simply cannot grasp this Catholic concept.  In addition we, once again, can turn unto Scripture, for the further supplementation to our response.  Only the ignorant and misguided would argue at this point that Rome is not provoking the Lord.  Because we have not yet seen the Hand of God strike yet does not mean that in this silence God will not eventually act.

Eyes which not see.  Vatican II has provoked God. We have been warned of these heretics who claim to be Catholic yet are not.  The modernists who have an erroneous perception of “Catholic” and thus lead the sheeple further into apostasy by way of false obedience.  They have eyes which see not.  This perfectly describes how Blessed Anna Emmerick described this crisis.  Popes and prelates will say they are doing their duty in protection of the Faith added Venerable Holzhauser and yet in reality they are not and thus God is not amused.  This chastising of the clergy coming is going to make the hair stand up on the back of your head (for those who care about the Church).  The last resort for eyes which WILL NOT SEE is simply to either remove them altogether from this world or put them under the heavy cross so they can once again get with the program.  Those once crazy traditionalists don’t seem to crazy after all…now do they?

Ears which hear not.  They hear our responses.  We give them Tradition and we are labeled heretics, outsiders, fundamentalists, bigots, extremists, Pharisees, etc.  It is a sad reality that these heretics behind Vatican II and this apostasy simply do not want Truth therefore they are about to get the Rod of Correction.  God judges churchmen more harshly due to their duty of state and it is a frightening prospect to see what will become of these wayward priests.  How much longer do these “aliens” of the Faith in tend to provoke the Lord?  How much longer will the epic comedy routine coming from Francis persist?  They want to converge with the enemies of the Faith (heretics/schismatics, false religions) because they themselves ARE THE ENEMY.  As Our Lord said, they wanted out from among us because they were not one of usif they were they would have stayed”.  It is clear the Faith doesn’t reside in the mainstream buildings these days and thus we remain at peace with God by keeping our distance from those who provoke Our Lord.  This, however, does not mean we hide in our closets without any attempt to teach, admonish and convert.

Remove yourself out of that place.  There is nothing in Church teaching (as much as the pseudo trads will try to convince you) which tells us that we can commune with heretics?  We need not wait for some formal declaration by a Pope or Council to tell us these men are not keeping the Faith.  If we did the Church would have said St. Athanasius was wrong (in how he responded) but the Church did not.  Where there is a provoking you ought not to be.  Again, citing, the Arian crisis we had a good number of souls fleeing for the desert to get to pious Sacraments and Masses which were not compromised as recorded by the Church Fathers.  Heretics provoke Our Lord for they “stab the Sacred heart” in their sin against the Faith.  Another reason not to be in these places of provocation, is, that God, will ultimately judge these churches individually.  We have not yet arrived fully at the great persecution but it is coming.  These churches of heresy and compromise will be judged.  I just covered a two hour talk on Marie Julie wherein Our Lord was so full of anger He told Marie Julie that He would even remove the Eucharist/Sacraments from the sight of His own.  That is being seriously aroused in righteous anger.  He said that men would have to confess directly to Him and that Faith would have to substitute for the Eucharist.  Think about that folks because we are dangerously arriving at those days.

Consider how you individually provoke the Lord.  I don’t see how it is possible to go through the day (habitually) and not examine your conscience at least several times a day.  I personally advise doing so at least three times a day.  We need to benchmark the day (every day) and see where we are at periodically.  How can I improve?  Am I making any progress or am I all talk?  How do I contribute in the offenses against the Sacred Heart?  Make no mistake, the Rays of His Sacred Heart shalst come down like Fire from above to purify the earth.  If men will not see how they are offending Him mystically He will let men see this literally.  This heavenly Fire purifies and regenerates at the same time.  Who can argue this is necessary for the degenerates of our times who go on sinning without even pausing to reflect upon their transgressions?   

Suffer, slow down and self reflect.  Either you will humble yourself or God will help painfully help you do so.  That is the two choices you have.  Modern man is so busy running from one distraction to the next and going from one sin to the next that it does not self reflect/examine at all.  They do not know the true God to begin with nor the Way of His Sacred Heart and thus why should we expect them to “slow down” their lives for Someone they no longer (largely) believe in?  We have heard the expression you are what you eat.  Now take a look at what has been coming from Rome the past 50+ years and ask yourself, “how in the world can I be healthy eating any of this garbage?”  You must keep yourself from the garbage if you are to remain faithful.  And yet the pseudo trads will argue “you have left the Church” because you will not go into heretical/compromised buildings.  My good friends this is so because they already have eaten enough of the theologically GMO coming from Rome.  The more you “taste” the more you shall want and the poor leadership of the SSPX loves tasting these days.  Ask our Lord (if it is His Will) for you to carry a Cross that you might further “slow down” your life and see things as they truly are.  Where there is a cross there is much reflection.  On a bed of suffering we can learn far more than if we were to travel the world three times over.  Christ is looking for victims of His Love but all He sees is souls of self.  We first pump the brakes at the yellow light because we know the red light is coming.  Yet how many pump the brakes where there is occasion of sin?  Do we know longer fear that "head on collision"... we call hell?  This is a lot for us to think about today as we are supposed to be striving for sainthood.  Do not provoke the Lord either by your dress, conduct or speech.