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"And I beheld, and heard the voice of one eagle flying through the midst of heaven,
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[Apocalypse (Revelation) 8:13]

Monday, October 24, 2016

TradCatKnight Mail....

TradCatKnight Mail....

Here is some of the latest coming through my inbox.  Be sure to invite your family and friends to the number one ranked traditional catholic website worldwide.

  Just read the 7 Principles of the eagle and watched the short video at the end with my husband. I have to say it shows the most amazing similarities between eagles & catholics! Your writing is so beautiful! And the video brought me to tears! You know, before I found you I knew the future so to speak, but was not so sure I could get through it. But you are such a gifted leader with all that you do, but also comforter. THANK YOU SO MUCH!

I am grateful for your wonderful sense of humor! I have been accused of the same.
Laura F

I have been asked by a number of people why are such vehemently anti-life"Catholics" like Cuomo and DeBlazio invited to the Alfred E Smith Dinner? Also, why do 65%+ of Catholics vote Democrat if they are Pro- life? Enigmatic isn't it? So why is Podesta trying to subvert the Catholic Church? Appears as if he already has.


Because a vast majority of Americans embrace the heresies of Americanism and Modernism long ago.
Americanism is a group of related views attributed to American Catholics in the mid- to late 1800s, and denounced as heresies by the Vatican, because such Catholics tended to endorse of the separation of church and state and encourage individualistic and liberal thinking. European "continental conservative" clerics thought they detected signs of modernism or classical liberalism of the sort the Pope had condemned in the Syllabus of Errors in 1864. They feared that these doctrines were held by and taught by many members of the Catholic hierarchy in the United States in the late 1800s. Catholic leaders in the U.S., however, denied that they held these views. Yet, we can see today the bad fruits that are harvested from the MSM, to politicians, to business executives to clerics and of course, the general so-called Christian public, all denominations.

Pope Leo XIII wrote against these ideas in his encyclical Testem Benevolentiae Nostrae to a US prelate, Cardinal James Gibbons of Baltimore, who I have no respect for at all. This cardinal held the thought that there could be a peaceful means to co-exist with anti-catholic segments; especially the WASPs and their Masonic partners who despise Roman Catholicism. 

The long-term result was that the Irish Catholics who largely controlled the Catholic Church in the United States at that time openly demonstrated their loyalty to the pope, yet increasingly demonstrated their true loyalty to Americanism and Modernism via expressing their liberal thoughts quietly in the Catholic colleges and other institutions. Like the Italian, German and other European immigrants, they viewed Americanism as a means to advance in society. They bought separation of church and state hook, line and sinker. At the bottom of it was a cultural conflict, as the WASPs and their Masonic comrades, angered at the social and political clout of these immigrants were delighted to have these Catholic immigrants embrace the Masonic ideals including secularism. The idea is to pollute the Faith of these groups sufficiently then turn them towards Masonic principles and ultimately to the spirit of the Luciferian New World Order.

A look at today's society shows that they succeeded beyond their wildest dreams.

The Syllabus of Error issued by Pope St. Pius IX condemned Pantheism, Naturalism, and Absolute Rationalism, Indifferentism, Socialism, Communism and Secret Societies just to name a few. If you read this Syllabus and look at our society today, not only have Roman Catholic clerics, religious and laity embrace these condemned principles and beliefs, but all of society in the West. And I am afraid that includes you and me. I say this because look at how our government (federal, state and local) has instituted the 10 planks of Karl Marx. Do we not have government sponsored and controlled education, centralization of banking via a privately-held cartel called The Federal Reserve and its brothers The IMF and BIS, a heavy, progressive and graduated income tax, abolition of private property via heavy taxation, e.g. property taxes and the abusive use of eminent domain, "free education" via government sponsored schools, centralization of communications and transportation, and abolition or diminution of all rights of inheritance, e.g. death taxes just to cite a few. Do I need to go into all the "secret" societies that exist today, e.g. Bilderberg, CFR, Bohemian Grove, etc.?

So DeBlazio, Cuomo, and other so-called Catholics are not only invited but treated with reverent respect and honor. This is exactly what we, Americans desire and therefore via the permissive will of God, deserve.

Yes, we are marching together to the great abyss.


Ron Westernik

Hi Eric again,

just a few points I would like you to try and explain for me. I don't think Marie Julie was canonised a saint? And if so I don't understand why such a holy person like that would be denied. And i wonder if she retained like a lot of the old saints did, an incorruptible body after death?

Getting back to the old and new mass debate, wasn't Padre Pio  still alive when the new mass was first introduced and if so why didn't he kick up a fuss about it.?

And lastly which is mostly why im writing to you now. I don't know if you have dedicated a specific video on the rapture because I haven't looked at all of them, but you mention it near the end of the Marie Julie one saying something like "There will be no rapture as the Protestants think...., as it is a misled reading in scripture"

I would be interested in you enlightening more on what our church says about this and if they are saying "Yes this is so", I wonder if the new order mass fraternity also holds the same view ? thanks..

Regards, Peter J
Show of support from a Novus Ordo priest in Europe

Keep up all the good work.

God bless you,  Fr. Morris.
Thank you Eric,

Keep up the good work - for the Greater Glory of God, the Social Kingship of Christ Our Lord, and the Queenship of Mary.

I will try to help out with donations / prayers / promotion whenever I can.

I'll be happy to donate technical software expertise, time and assistance also, as my state in life permits - let me know if you ever need them; converted to the Catholic Faith of All Times two years ago, briefly consulted with Father Hewko of the SSPX-MC via email before that, presently attending a Byzantine Rite Church in Sofia, Bulgaria, and trying to stay close to the Rosary and away from the heresies of modernism as best as I can. 

God Bless,
Victor K.
Hi Eric!

First, I want to say thank you again for the great radio shows the past couple days. Sir Charles and Msgr. Perez were outstanding. Really enjoy when you get Catholic guests on the show.  Also great job on the the Common Sense Show the other day. I hope it brings about more conversions and more traffic to the site so you can continue to get Our Lord's and Our Lady's message out there. Sounds like you might even have Dave on the road to conversion! Also thank you for sharing Fr. Voight's sermon yesterday, he is such a good and holy priest, I wish I could meet him and talk to him. 

I was looking at purchasing a few books and wanted to get your recommendations on a good translation for The Imitation of Christ, the Dark Night of the Soul, and the Interior Castle. Is there a particular one version I should look for? And is there any translations/publishers I should stay away from? Also if you have any other books you recommend please let me know! I don't want to purchase the wrong version that could be tainted with modernism.

Also I wanted to know if you received my donation, I sent it about a month ago and I sent it through the bank so I didn't see if you got it cashed, I hope it wasn't any trouble. I kept forgetting to ask you. 

Crusade on, eagle! Crusader 713
 Thanks for all your work and God bless you!
PS:  Not sure who you consider to be a good guest on your show, but planet x is quite the subject these days and there are several folks on youtube who seems to be convinced that this is something to be concerned about.  This might be a good subject as I don’t see anything on your site to that effect.  A few of the folks who research space (not Catholic mind you) might be worth looking into.  They would be:  Gil Broussard, Steve Olson, BP Earthwatch (Jesse Waltman), “Mike from around the world” which would be on COT (Council of Time.)  Of course their scriptural interpretation or understanding of these things would be something to pass over but their technical information is quite interesting.  The chastisements are imminent and this may be how it all begins???
Linda M.

Hi Eric  I been attending a sspx in okc for about a month now. I have became a catholic back in April of 2015  getting away from my protestant up bringing.
Now that I know there is no place to turn except for your website. What do you recommend I should do when it comes to mortal sin. Now that I don't have a priest to go to for confession also what do you do to keep spiritually prepared? 
Thanks David
Hello Mr. Gajewski,

Here are some videos of the Muslim crisis in Europe that I have seen.

The above one is quite funny.

I will try to send some articles and information when I can.  I hope some of this helps and Thank you again for all of your hard-work!

Best, Crowned Hussar

While wandering through the Web I ran across the prophecies of Blessed Sister Elena Aiello. Her prophecies are on par with Akita, Fatima, and the like. There are  specific prophecies about Russia attacking the U.S. and Europe. I had never heard of her. I think it would make a nice article on the blog. Here's the link.
God Speed,

Jennifer C.
Message from Major Dames: 

Three days ago, President Obama just acknowledging that time is running out through an executive order that directly relates to preparing for the Killshot event, which by law, is now revealed to the public via this White House press release. So while many of you have been distracted by an election where "the powers that be" already know who is being "elected", various governments have been accelerating their Killshot preparation timetable and they would prefer YOU not know it. This is another reason why the US government and other nations no longer care about national debt - because when the Killshot begins, none of that matters.

As a result, my amazing production and public awareness teams have been working around the clock to spread awareness about the approaching Killshot and how one can prepare for it with Remote Viewing. This includes how to generate funds and locate your personal sanctuary location!  Also, for those that still don't know, I need you to understand that I personally do not collect any revenue from the distribution of RV products or from live events and training. All of the funds generated are used for operational purposes and for spreading awareness about the Killshot - which includes the manufacturing of FREE materials like the Killshot DVD which is available here. Just as with how we warned Japan about the approaching nuclear disaster that occurred a few years back (FukushimaPredicted.com), it's our hope that all of the new 2016 resources we've been working hard to release below will save countless more lives.

Understand that since all LIVE training events are now over, this is the only way to get the information you need. Learn RV and find your personal sanctuary location now! The information on these DVDs is highly confidential, and is intended only for those that want to prepare for the coming storm. 
- Major Ed Dames

Here is an an interesting article about Baroque Art, and it talks much about the Catholic influence.  Thought you might like it. Sorry about not being able to send any money recently. My hours got cut and work and I'm in the process of finding another job.

John F.

 Dear Eric,
God bless you dear one, and Mother Mary
protect you in all that you do. Thank you for
being a truly valiant man defending our Catholic faith.
Please send me an address to forward
Sending love and prayers your way through the hearts of JESUS and MARY.

Linda C


Marie Julie: She had a vision of a dialogue between Our Lord and Lucifer and the latter said :
"I will attack the Church. I will overthrow the Cross, I will decimate the people, I will deposit a great weakness of Faith in hearts. There will also be A GREAT DENIAL OF RELIGION. For a time I will be MASTER of all things, everything will be under MY CONTROL, even Your temple and all Your people."
"Saint Michael says that Satan will have possession of everything for some time and that he will reign completely over everything ; that all goodness, Faith, Religion will be buried in the tomb. . . Satan and his own will triumph with joy, but after this triumph, the Lord will in His turn gather His own people and will REIGN and TRIUMPH OVER EVIL and WILL RAISE UP from the tomb the buried Church, the prostrated Cross. . . "
Marie-Julie saw that "there will not remain any vestige of the Holy Sacrifice, no apparent trace of faith. CONFUSION will be everywhere..."
"All the works approved by the infallible Church will cease to exist as they are today for a time. In this sorrowful annihilation, brilliant signs will be manifested on earth. If because of the wickedness of men Holy Church will be in darkness, the Lord will also send darkness that will stop the wicked in their search of wickedness

Raymond L.


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