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Saturday, August 13, 2016

TradCatKnight Mail...

TradCatKnight Mail...

Here is the latest coming through my inbox.  Please be sure to spread word of TradCatKnight to your friends and family.

Hi Eric,
I've watched this video and makes me crazy please have time to check this. Thanks Bochik L.


Please add me to your email list
Thank you! Regards, Bonnie P


This is about a employee at the zoo having sex with an animal.  And it reads like it just isn't that bad. Jesus have mercy on us. I can't find out if this is true but still to have this stuff out there is just unreal. Thank you for your continued work Eric. God bless you. Cindy
Link with held...

Again, thank you for what you do!  Here is something you might find interesting: http://www.nbcnews.com/news/us-news/why-putin-hates-hillary-clinton-n617236

Clinton has compared Putin to Hitler, and has said that he may not have a soul.  If Hillary gets elected, our relations with Russia are going to get worse...all leading to the 100 year anniversary of Fatima.  People should make no mistake that just because Hillary is a  woman she's a peacemaker.  She's actually a war monger, as her glee with the goings-on in Libya showed.  Christopher C.

Thank you, for your interesting blog, Tradcatknight! I wonder, if you have heard about True life in God? God Bless
Charlotta from Sweden

Dear Mr Tradcatknight,
I apologize for not knowing your full name. My name is Richard M. and I am currently trying my best to live a life in Christ, but of course nothing can help me and my family more than through our most blessed mother.
I've been going through your YouTube video blogs which by the grace of God I was able to stumble upon it. The truth of everything you've been saying I sorta understand, like vatican 2 which I agree with you and other things which I've come to know that are scary as well.
I am writing you tonight because I need your help, your research to share with my family members and even my church. 4 years ago I had a couple scary dreams that I don't know if they'll happen but I believe them only for the sake of my family and friends who will believe an utter lie.
I don't know if you can help soon which is ok cause I'm doing some research of my own and trying to find key points. My first one being about when God gave Pope Leo Xlll the St Michael Prayer. I feel the time correlates with the changes due to the Vatican. This can be incorrect but it could be possible. Thank you for taking the time to read. I will pray for you and your success to reach the ones who need it most for those souls are in most need just as us...Richard M

On way to work my usual route saw a billboard (as usual) on the corner on the SE corner of 24th st and Osborn.  It was a fed gov pic with a flooded roadway saying,  Ready?  The three icons in the lower right were Rady.gov, some else, and FEMA.
Hmm what do they know coming our way ...
BTW, this is the first time I heard or actually seen this.  I never watch tv or listen to the radio, never.  Sean M.
I am interested in a finding a traditional Catholic group interested in 
preparation and relocation for earth changes. Any advice you could offer 
would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you!

Beatrice H
I know you're busy I was wondering if you can answer a question the novus ordo Mass is the Eucharist valid is it the body of Christ???  John B
TCK: The question is not necessarily validity (although some N.O. Masses may be invalid)
it is a question of the sacraments being licit/schismatic. The Russian/Greek Orthodox have valid priesthood and sacraments and we cant go there due to them being heretics.... same applies to Vatican 2 newchurch 

Dear Friend of Russia and Truth
I was delighted to see your splendid presentation of my article. It is, I am happy to say, deserving of support. The news-story is very popular. This true story is what I describe as ‘the golden torpedo’. It is a story that strikes home accurately and causes a maximum amount of damage to the orchestrated foes of Russia. 
Blessings be upon you and your family,
Michael Walsh

I recently listen to your radio show in YouTube and it struck a chord with me. I have been draw to the traditionalist teachings of the church for several years now. What I heard if your show about Fatima 2017 has made me want to know more. I recently opened my heart to becoming a priest of the ripe old age of 33. However when the vocational priest mentor stated some things about the new way of doing things and not my belief of tradition it gave me pause yet I did not think anything of it. Now I am reconsidering my calling to become a priest.

I would like some advice on where to begin my search for the true church before Vatican 2. I have been praying heavily to be Gods instrument in any way he sees fit. By hearing you has given me an extra boost to find the path the the Lord has set for me.

Any help in where to start looking would be much appreciated. Thank you for all the work that you are doing and I will be donating to make sure this message continues to reach others



Dear TradCatKnight,

I hope that your health is solid and improving. This morning I was driving to Mass along a rural route; I pass a disused settler Catholic Church, called St. Patrick's where I sometimes say the Fatima prayers with my children. This is a rural area, cows, sheep, horses, wildlife, etc. A few blocks after my short prayers, I turned a corner and I must have disturbed a native hawk. New Zealand Hawks are usually small. This one was huge, its wingspan extended 2-3 feet on a wing and it soared into the air before I turned. I've never seen anything like it.

I thought of TradCatKnight when I saw that hawk soaring, with talons raised in the air. No eagles here but lots of hawks. Keep up the hard work.

Kind regards,Bill C
Dear Eric,
                    Your post of August 6 2016 which contains this article and another ‘Anti-Christ’ watch article disturbs me.
The watch has been set at the tomb of John Paul II
His disciple Nursultan Nazarbayev now convenes the Congress of the Leaders of the World and Traditional Religions
This is only one of his disciples continuing the work of the Master and awaiting his return (in his resurrection when his soul from the bottomless pit re-unites with his body)
The quote of John Paul II contained in your article is a masterful example of Revelation of the Method.  He only states fact. He is mocking those like Archbishop Lefebvre who resisted him.
Archbishop Lefebvre wrote a book about the revelation of the Anti Christ at the time of the Great Apostasy. II Thessalonians 2:5-9.  “They Have Uncowned Him”.
Only the Chair of Peter restrained the advent of the Son of Perdition and his revelation.  But when that was overturned in Rome, then was he revealed.  II Thess 2 does not say he will reign over the world during the Great Apostasy, only that he will be revealed.  As Christ stated in the body of his resurrection: “all authority is given to me in heaven and earth” – so will the Anti-Christ so state in the body of his resurrection.
From “They Have Uncrowned Him: from Liberalism to Apostasy the Conciliar Tragedy”.  His Excellency Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre. 1988. The Angelus Press Inc. p. 250-51.  In this work, the Archbishop demonstrates conclusively that Liberalism / Modernism is the mark of the cult of man “and the proper nature of the Anti-Christ – man with a temerity beyond words, has usurped the place of the Creator by raising himself up above everything that bears the name of God.” E Supremi Apostolatus (Oct 4 1903)
Such a temerity must therefore culminate in the spectacle of the Anti-Christ who “dedicates to himself the visible world as a kind of temple where he pretends to receive the adorations of his fellow creatures.  He sits in the temple of God where he shows himself as if he were God himself.” II Thess 2.2. E Supremi Apostolatus.
This place, our Lady tells us definitively is Rome.
The Archbishop draws the following conclusion (p. 250): “We have had liberal Popes.  The first liberal Pope, the one who scoffed at the ‘prophets of doom’, convoked the first liberal council in the history of the Church.  And the gates of the sheepfold have been opened, and the wolves have come into the flock; and they have massacred the sheep.  Then came the second liberal Pope, the double-faced Pope, the humanist Pope; he overturned the altar, abolished the Sacrifice, profaned the sanctuary.” NB here Archbishop Lefebvre references Daniel 9:27; Matt 24:15 which both pertain to the Anti-Christ.
Then we have the man, himself, who goes for the destruction of the faith itself – the sacramental life of the Church having been extinguished by the Precursor.  “The third liberal Pope has come on the scene, the Pope of the rights of man (E Supremi  Apostolatus), the ecumenist Pope, the Pope of the United Religions; and he has washed his hands, he has veiled his face in front of so many heaped-up ruins in order not to see the bleeding wounds of the Daughter of Sion, the mortal injuries of the immaculate Spouse of Jesus Christ.”
At the availing time, the disciples of John Paul II will come together and sit down at their Pentecost of the new One World Religion.  Their Master inaugurated it at Assisi.  They are holding congresses all over the world for this. 
This is not over.  His disciples are awaiting his resurrection and the watch on his tomb has been set. Pope Francis is just intermission entertainment.
Hi, it has been a very busy week. I would like to ask you if you know where I can find the liturgy and the Catechism of the Catholic Church from prior to 1969? 

Also, I would like to know if you have Skype? I would really like to learn as much as I can regarding traditional Catholicism. 

Thank you,
In Christ, Kim
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