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Saturday, August 13, 2016

Congratulations!! Full Communion With Heretics

Congratulations!! Full Communion With Heretics
By: Eric Gajewski
Note: DefeatModernism was my old work it; is now a pseudo trad site
Yes! The Universalists of Rome call us Catholic!

As I sit back and watch Pseudo Trad Land jump for joy over the possibilities of the NeoSSPX being recognized by Modernist Rome I can only help but think what Archbishop Lefebvre and Father Hesse would have said.  Has Modernist and Universalist Rome converted to the true Catholic Faith?  The answer is no.  Then why is pseudo trad land all “gitty”.  Why are they all kuku for cocoa puffs?  We cannot really reduce this to one simple answer for it could be due to their ignorance, wishful thinking or sheer idiocy as it relates to Catholic principles and never mind doctrine itself.  Indeed, Bishop Fellay and his incompetent leadership are completely blind.   When did Archbishop Lefebvre say that the Society could be reconciled with Modernist Rome before converting first?  Did he not specifically say what Bishop Fellay is doing was “Operation Suicide”?  Then why is pseudo trad land all “gitty” I ask again?  Because the disease of pseudo traditionalism has spread.  Do they really know what Lefebvre stood for? Absolutely not and the pseudo trad apologists supporting this madness are equally mad and to blame.  

Communion with what Church? Answer: The Novus Ordo Church which teaches too many heresies to keep up with.   The answer "they are baptized'  is not at all a sufficient response.  This would be a protestant response to the crisis which is actually found in Vatican II teaching by the way.  This outpouring of optimism these past few days from the pseudo traditionalists across the board maybe the saddest thing I have seen out of them from the past few years.  Oh wait!  Bishop Fellay recently thought it was good that Francis thought the Society was Catholic!  However, that monstrosity of buffoonery may have just been outdone over these last few days.  Those following Vatican II and the New Mass are objectively speaking outside the Faith and Church.  Father Hesse indeed taught these pseudo trad groups were off limits.  He taught, just as Lefebvre, that the Conciliar Church was heretical and in material schism.  So why all thy joy of getting in “full communion” with these heretics?  There is more of the Catholic Faith inside the Russian or Greek Orthodox churches at this point then the Novus Ordo Vatican II NewChurch.

You really are endangering your soul standing along side these compromisers/heretics otherwise we wouldn’t keep on fighting.  If you are continually getting your theological foundation from these groups you are in BIG trouble.  In the next month or so the Pseudo Trad get together entitled ‘Catholic Identity Conference” will commence wherein pseudo trads of all varieties will “jump for joy” over the possibility of being labeled “Catholic” by these Modernist/Universalist heretics.  I remember some years ago when I attended a Society chapel in the Pittsburgh area, the Pastor, Fr. Rutledge, said this meeting was off limits but now what?  What has changed?  SSPX will be represented there for those ignorant.  Is it us or is it them?   Has Rome changed?  No not at all and the conservative cardinals have not changed either and are still in need of repentance. So why do these groups think the Cardinal Burke's and Bishop Schneider's of the world are now okay?  Continue to pray for them.  Why does Bishop Fellay say Rome has the interpretation of the Council when their founder said very clearly that Rome was modernist?  So tell me again how modernists interpret as Catholics?  The answer is they don’t.  Bishop Fellay is truly leading souls under this great pseudo trad banner of “compromise”.  It may cost you your soul to follow.  I would not play with that fire.

The fact is the NeoSSPX has long abandoned the principles and analysis of Archbishop Lefebvre and have wandered off into pseudo trad land which is flowing with milk, honey, delusion and compromise.  You cannot really intelligently talk with people who it appears will never have the capacity of understanding and/or are simply spiritually blind.  All you can do is truly pray and make reparations for these types of people.  Many people are still confused and still trying to figure this out.  I pray they do before the chastisements start because in that hour buildings nor any sort of recognition will matter as the New Age Religion is formally installed in Rome.  Pseudo Traditionalism remains a VERY serious problem of the current state of this crisis.  These blind souls scream “They say they WE DON’T NEED TO CHANGE" and yet in reality ROME FIRST NEEDS TO CHANGE in order for that statement to flow with any sort of coherency and orthodoxy.  Why would you want the universalists of Rome to embrace you when they (who are of a different modernist Faith and humanitarist gospel) themselves need changing?  

Is it not clear now brethren?  Do not be a sucker for the pseudo trad ecumenical movement. It is a fad or novelty which will simply be looked at as compromise when we clear this great storm.  Many people are leaving these groups and websites who are now seeing this clearly as eagles.  The Archbishop Lefebvre’s and Fr. Hesse’s are the modern day St. Athanasius’s and not the “conservative’s”.  These heretics have admitted publicly in times past the goal was to eventually Conciliarize the Society and even Cardinal Muller said the Society would accept those points which they now disagree upon.  You want to deal with these people?  My friends this is like a hooker telling you to climb on into the bed saying “I only want to lay next to you”.  The hooker’s intentions are not pure as is Modernists Rome by open admission and thus the NeoSSPX is on the verge of consummating with the objective enemies of Our Lord Jesus Christ!  Tell me again how this is something to be jubilant over?  The Neo SSPX says they are not compromised and yet they accept Vatican II “in light of tradition”.  This is compromise (according to Lefebvre and Fr. Hesse).  This may not be full blown spiritual AIDS that the hooker has but it certainly is enough to slowly kill you.  Get in the bed often enough and your groin will eventually be on fire!  As the old adage goes "there is more than one way to skin a cat" and sadly the NeoSSPX does not realize they are the latest under the scalpel of Modernist Rome.

The NeoSSPX and the Pseudo Trads sadly think they are gaining "something" with a recognition but in reality they are not.  I will let the wise Willy Wonka sum it up....