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[Apocalypse (Revelation) 8:13]

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

The strategy of spiritual warfare

The strategy of spiritual warfare

vkpatriarhat.org Byzantine Catholic 

Note: Not an endorsement

To political and religious leaders of the EU and Russia

In the 2nd World War, Russia did not offer resistance for long because they could not believe Hitler was an enemy and attacked them. But when they learned the truth, they concentrated armament factories in the Urals, offered fierce resistance and triumphed over fascism.

 There is spiritual and psychological warfare going on. It makes the fastest progress when the person attacked offers no resistance. The enemy whose aim is both physical and spiritual autogenocide of the planet does not waste energy, and therefore the main emphasis is on strategy. How to make the fight as effective as possible? How to make the attacked person offer no resistance and cooperate on the plan of his own destruction? The person attacked must be deceived; he must consider evil to be good and adopt it as his own. Therefore, the most effective means of struggle is positive terms. Furthermore, the struggle must not be waged outwardly but through the internal structures of the person attacked. In this strategy, it is also important that one does not know exactly who the enemy is and what weapons he uses. The most important military power in this psychological warfare is the brains which invent technologies to take advantage of the principle of original sin in the soul. Corrupt nature – the old self in us – loves lies. Its main programme is suicide. The power of self-deception is so great that eventually one goes to hell in one’s own interest.
Everything works on the principle of deception, so only the one who has the Spirit of truth can navigate through this spiritual fight. The Church of Christ, which is founded on God’s commandments, has the Spirit of truth. Therefore, the first and most important thing in this global fight was to rid the Church of the Spirit of truth and to leave the ecclesiastical structure only. Destruction of the Church from without is disadvantageous for the enemies; what they find more effective is to create the conditions for its self-destruction. Today we are witnessing exemplary spiritual suicide through heresies and syncretism with paganism, through so-called aggiornamento with the spirit of the world and through abuse of the highest ecclesiastical authority.

I. The first task of NWO war psychologists: How to rid the Church of the Spirit of truth? How to separate it from God? Ideologists of the spiritual warfare (the semi-secret elite) know the biblical spiritual principles and take them into account. They know that God will not defend the people who turned away from His commandments and mixed with heathens! So the first task was to mix the Church with paganism. But how to achieve this without arousing revulsion? Historical experience has proven that missionaries preferred to die and thousands of martyrs to lay down their lives rather than be mixed with paganism. Thus, the only possible way to mix the Church with paganism was an abuse of the highest ecclesiastical authority. Specifically, through the Second Vatican Council (Nostra Aetate declaration) and subsequently in Assisi through papal authority a gesture was made which made Christianity open to paganism. This started the process of expulsion of the Spirit of truth from the Church and de facto separation – apostasy – of the Church from God. Moreover, this effective method of fight through the Church’s own authority has led to the fact that evil began to be seen as good and lies as truth. It caused a change of public opinion in the Church. The believers could resist evil and sin no more because they would thus psychologically find themselves in a position that fighting against ecclesiastical authority they are fighting against themselves. Betrayal of God was labelled with a positive term – the pursuit of peace! The term “respect” for pagans paralyzed any opposition.
The Apostle Paul in the evangelization of pagans expressed the essence of mission. The souls are delivered from the power of Satan and transferred to the kingdom of God (Acts 26:18). Connection with paganism, started by the Second Vatican Council, was intended to ensure the opposite – through so-called interreligious dialogue the Church gets back under Satan’s rule.
Another principle of psychological warfare is that a lie cannot stagnate. It must go farther and farther. So after a certain period this so-called regard for paganism resulted in a regard for immoral perverts, even such a regard that the highest ecclesiastical authority kisses their feet. The pseudo Pope added a comment that the Church should apologize to homosexuals. This means that the Church no longer preaches repentance in relation to God but repents before an unclean demon with the view of legalizing sin. Everything still remains in positive terms, and any resistance is evaluated as resistance to ecclesiastical authority which must be punished. The basic strategy of the fight holds: no one can resist so as not to reveal what is going on! What is more, according to the principle of original sin – one must now resist the truth and those who fight for salvation. The Church thus becomes an instrument of bringing curse upon the nations! This was the priority task of NWO psychologists in global satanization.
If only once in his speech from the balcony in St Peter’s Square the Pope showed the rainbow flag and said that homosexuality is the devil’s means towards autogenocide of the planet and satanization of humanity, and then he would tear this rainbow flag, this gesture would open the eyes of all. If only once the Pope spoke out against the juvenile justice system and saved one stolen child by his intervention, all nations would mobilize and destroy the evil juvenile system. The pseudo Pope fails to do so because he does not have the Spirit of truth; the Spirit of truth has been expelled from the Vatican. Today, the Vatican has become the most powerful psychological means of satanizing the nations! By kissing the feet of a transsexual, the pseudo Pope caused a shift in public opinion so that everyone who is of sound mind and has an aversion to perversion is regarded as an intolerant man, or even a criminal. Having such opinion, one is no longer able to resist satanization.
II. What is the impact of this Church structure on the nations? Its suicide becomes a model of satanization for the Christian nations of Europe and America, and not only that. Analogously, they are undergoing the same. The national government is incorporated into supranational structures which act as if they shield the individual states and guarantee cooperation. In fact, this is a big deceit. These supranational groupings such as the EU, UN, NATO, the Council of Europe are intended to exert pressure on individual nations by means of conventions, resolutions and recommendations to make them exchange their just legislation, which protected the nation, for legislation that will gradually perpetrate autogenocide. Politicians elected by the people are drawn into supranational circles and are motivated in the opposite direction. They cease to pursue national interests, because it is more advantageous to pursue anti-national interests under the guise of positive terms. This mass treason is exempt from punishment since the governmental national structures are officially incorporated into the supranational ones which treat crimes as “rights” and “elimination of discrimination”.
The fact remains that there is intense controlled psychological and spiritual warfare going on. Its effective strategy is to arrange everything so as to preserve the principle: the person attacked must not defend himself!
If this principle was applied in football, for instance, the defenders would no longer be allowed to defend, or if the football players mixed up their strips so that one could not recognize who is who, it would be self-destruction of the sport! But exactly these methods are now officially used, and we can see the fruit – the process of not only moral but also spiritual and physical autogenocide of the nations.
The elites that have the main say in supranational organizations are open to paganism and Satanism. So the root is spiritual, but this spirituality is anti-Christian – demonic! The inspiration for how to proceed to make the destructive process successful comes from below, from the spirit of lies. Deceit must be so clever that no one can resist it but rather see destruction as one’s own interest.
America, the EU, Ukraine and to some extent Russia too – the process of satanization is everywhere, all public funds are in the hands of hidden enemies who have the power to destroy through the mass media; all countries have their days numbered. But the worst thing is that even if this satanic system collapsed, evil will remain because it is in every man as a tragic legacy of disobedience and rebellion against God! This spiritual infection, the old self in us, loves lies, self-deception and the spirit of lies but rejects the truth and moral values, and even claims that there are none.
What actually is our life about? It is about eternity! It is about whether I and you will be saved or damned! It is a battle between the truth and the lie, justice and injustice. It is a battle between the kingdom of God and the kingdom of darkness. You will get the reward from the one you serve. Either the crown of eternal glory with the saints and angels in heaven or eternal suffering with the devil, demons and the wicked of the earth in hell!
The spirit of lies and its ideologues, especially today, label evil as good and crimes as human rights, immorality and perversion as human dignity, the stealing of children from their parents as child protection. This false way leads to both temporal and eternal suicide. The solution is repentance and the way of truth which leads to salvation. Jesus is the Way (Jn 14:6). No one can be saved by theological education and its contemporary heresies or by pseudo mysticism with yoga, Zen or so-called Oriental meditations. The condition of salvation is to call evil evil, to break with it, to believe in Christ. He died for your sins, His Blood cleanses you from all sin! (1Jn 1:7) “As many as received Him (Jesus), to them He gave power to become children of God.” (Jn 1:12)
Today, the servants of the spirit of lies strive to make a hell on earth by establishing antilaws which legalize immorality and crime. The aim, however, is not just a hell on earth, but mainly hell after death!
In the fight against the satanic ideology with the spirit of antichrist everyone must be ready for persecution or even martyrdom. One must remain faithful to the Way – Jesus – to the point of death, or until death. Death will be just a bridge for you, entry into eternal happiness where there is no sorrow nor crying nor pain (Rev 21:4), only eternal happiness with God and in God, in communion with the saints and the righteous.

+ Elijah
Patriarch of the Byzantine Catholic Patriarchate