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[Apocalypse (Revelation) 8:13]

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

The Dooms Day Seed Vault

Planet X Incoming: The Dooms Day Seed Vault
David Meade
Make sure you are buying heirloom NON-GMO seeds for your garden.  
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In the remote archipelago of Svalbard, at the top of the planet, over the Arctic Ocean, is a doomsday seed vault. In total, the vault can handle about 2.5 billion seeds (or about 500 seeds each from about 4.5 million varieties of crops). It now houses well over 1 million seeds. It’s located at the end of the earth, due north of Europe, and administered by Norway. It’s outside of the northernmost town in the world, where sometimes the sun never rises and the moon never sets.

From California sunflowers to Asian rice, it contains the world’s insurance policy for securing survival. It has been described as a “frozen Garden of Eden.” It looks like a concrete wedge built into the side of a mountain, which in this case is permafrost. It can withstand an earthquake or a nuclear explosion. In fact, shortly after it opened, it withstood a 6.2-magnitude earthquake.
It is 620 miles from the North Pole. Construction costs were $9.1 million. The seed vault functions like having a personal safety deposit box in a bank. The bank owns the building and the depositor owns the contents of his or her box. Countries can deposit seeds at no charge and withdraw them as needed. It is supposedly funded by the Global Crop Diversity Trust, a U.N. spin-off based out of Rome.

Giant air conditioning shafts chill the vault down to -0.4 degrees Fahrenheit, which assures that the seeds can live for 1,000 years. Seeds are packed in silvery foil packages – up to 500 per sample. Then they’re placed on orange and blue metal shelves inside three 32-foot by 88-foot storage chambers.
The vault’s purpose is to make it feasible to re-establish crops should they somehow disappear from our natural environment. I wonder how that would happen. It is obviously a perfect place for seed storage. The vault is accessed through a long trident-shaped tunnel – 390 feet in length – which was bored through layers of permafrost. The mountain is comprised of limestone and sandstone.
The vault is protected by high walls of layers of concrete and doors with steel plate. It has additional capacity to hold as many varieties of crops as now exist. The permafrost is an insurance policy against system failures.
When world economies collapse, when the elite finally move to their deep underground bases, and when Planet X is visible to the naked eye, the reason for the establishment of this elaborate facility will be known to all. It’s common knowledge that there exist tunnels that connect major underground cities in the United States. So it’s no wonder that the government of Norway, known for its preparedness, spearheaded this massive project.
According to Phil Schneider, the Black Budget consumes over $1 trillion each year. The primary use of this money is Deep Underground Military Bases. The same motives that have created this network of safety for the elite created this doomsday seed vault. You can almost read their minds.

A Rare Look Inside The Doomsday Seed Vault Deep In The Arctic

  The world governments are preparing why arent you?