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Sunday, August 14, 2016

Guido Pozzo: the Fraternity of St. Pius X "has accepted" the proposal of a personal prelature

Guido Pozzo: the Fraternity of St. Pius X "has accepted" the proposal of a personal prelature

Cameron Doody 

The offer of this canonical structure "is a great vote of confidence in the SSPX"

The Society has long "lost it"...

Archbishop Lefebvre is not impressed

The superior of the schismatic and ultraconservative (LOL) Society of St. Pius X (SSPX), Bernard Fellay, "has accepted" the offer from the Vatican that this group be reconciled with the Church of Rome under the figure of a prelature staff, though, so that this proposal becomes effective, "there are still details to clarify."

This is what has been revealed this week the Vatican in charge of negotiations with Lefebvrians -the secretary of the Pontifical Commission Ecclesia Dei, Monsignor Guido Pozzo - who also explained that "the core of the discussion" which is still pending " it is the question of to what extent the texts of Vatican II in continuity with the constant teaching of the Church ".

 As explained Archbishop Pozzo German newspaper Die Zeit, the ultra group still has "difficulties" with the declaration Nostra Aetate and Unitatis Redintegratio Dignitatis Humanae declaration -documents all Vatican II plus "issues regarding relations Christianity with modernity. "
With his statements, the prelate did not reveal anything new that was not already know. What does cause some surprise, however, it is his assertion that the documents with which the Church has made ​​its aggiornamento or "update" to the realities of the modern world do not contain "dogmas or definitive statements."
Unlike. According says the archbishop, the position that the Fathers of Vatican II adopted regarding the relations of the Catholic Church with other Churches, other religions and the state are debatable, and clarificables, regarding the "canonical recognition" or "degree of acceptance "requiring both by members of the SSPX as that of Catholics who are already in communion with Rome.
As a sign of this project relativization of the importance of Vatican II, which, in the version of Archbishop Pozzo, have formed part of the negotiations in Rome with ultratraditionalist group FSSPX- the prelate has rejected the interpretation given to the declaration Nostra Aetate any significance beyond that of a collection of "pastoral practices and standards."

Such declaration "has no dogmatic authority, and as such no one can demand that one recognizes it as dogmatic". Moreover, "this statement can only be understood in the light of tradition and the continual Magisterium," which is to say that any reading of that statement asserting that "there is an independent salvific way of Christ and His Church ... is totally unfounded and it must be rejected. "
In the opinion of the secretary of Ecclesia Dei, such a waiver, in the Church today, the doctrine of extra ecclesiam nulla salus - "outside the Church there is no salvation" - is the result of an ephemeral "Spirit of the Council" which also have caused much "confusion and uncertainty", would be the direct culprit that has not yet unity between the Church of Rome and the Fraternity of St. Pius X.
This "spirit" of opening -at which, it should be noted, reforms of the Catholic Church should be for the last fifty years is not, for the Archbishop Pozzo, nothing but a zeitgeist - "the spirit of the age" - that in addition to having manipulated, distorted or clipped messages Council and potatoes, "it has nothing to do with the Tradition of the Church."
And it is in this sense -in the necessary shift to the Vatican II is no longer interpreted as "a super pastoral dogma, but part of the whole tradition and the constant magisterium" - that discussions with the Lefebvrians to Pozzo, they are being especially fruitful.

The other facet of the design of Archbishop Pozzo for possible reconciliation of the SSPX with the Church of Rome is, if anything, even more troubling. The approach to the Lefebvrians have passed, so the prelate revealed this week Die Zeit, a redefinition of those who are "really the essential requirements to be Catholic , " and that from a hermeneutics of "decisive background of Tradition keep going".
"We agree with the Fraternity," says Monsignor Pozzo, "on the principle that the Council [Vatican II] can only be accurately understood in the context of the whole of Tradition and the perennial Magisterium". But it is arguable that the reforms of Vatican II to dialogue with, and appreciation of, other religions, other Churches and ideologically pluralistic societies should be considered "innovations" to the "true faith" or as "adjustments" to zeitgeist-and therefore, according to the Archbishop Pozzo inadmissible under the "hermeneutics of continuity" - or as a natural development of the depositum fidei.
Pozzo appointment to the Secretary of the Council, Cardinal Pericle Felici, and then - Secretary of the Council for the Promotion of Christian Unity, Archbishop Johannes Willebrands, in an attempt to diminish the importance of Nostra Aetate and other "pastoral" documents -and not dogmatists "- the Council.
"When the Pope [Francisco] appointed me again as Secretary of the Commission Ecclesia Dei," Pozzo also reveals the German weekly, "I urged dialogue with patience, determination and unhurried." Hence the criteria imposed by the pontiff -along with the necessary "to create a climate of trust" "personal relationships" and involvement "in evangelization and charitable work" - for which should be assessed any future definitive agreement with SSPX.
"The style and layout Francisco concrete help achieve unity among people not only to think but also to learn," says Archbishop Pozzo. Is this insistence of Pope Bergoglio in pastoral, mercy and transformation through the meeting which will be the only criterion to judge to what extent the discussion with Lefebvre has been "enriching for the whole Church" as Pozzo intended to be .


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