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"And I beheld, and heard the voice of one eagle flying through the midst of heaven,
saying with a loud voice: Woe, woe, woe to the inhabitants of the earth....
[Apocalypse (Revelation) 8:13]

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Blessed Or Distressed?

Blessed Or Distressed?
By: Eric Gajewski
Isaiah 8:22 And they shall look to the earth, and behold trouble and darkness, weakness and distress, and a mist following them, and they cannot fly away from their distress.

Every morning we should arise and give thanks to God for another day.  We should bless His holy Name and thank Him for literally everything we have and even those things He keeps from us which only He knows would cause harm.  I find these days too many individuals focusing in on what we want as opposed to resigning ourselves to what God knows we need.   

 Ironically, modern man, when he doesn't get his Mercedes or the latest Gucci purse looks just as ridiculous as a young child when he doesn't get the latest video game...

In the United States, materials are a “god” and a graven image which man has setup as man further elevates himself higher and higher beyond the clouds of delusion.  This false city of security which I speak about in my book will soon be exposed by a jealous God who desires your attention 24/7.  It only makes sense that we give it all to God if we are claiming to want to be in His Presence forever.  Therefore, make a list of things which are very dear to you and simply write them down and hand them over to God today for safe keeping.  His Will be done or do you want your will to continue to dominate?  Who sits in the driver’s seat of the car in your interior life?  Is it Christ or is it you who simply cant hand over the keys to this car?  On the day of distress in Gods soon Wrath will your eyes still be focused upon the earth?  When will they be raised unto heaven?  Let us discuss.

 As attractive as men and women try to paint themselves on the surface to the world...
 a soul in mortal sin is very ugly before the sight of God.  Blind zombies...

Souls full of self-love have eyes fixated upon the natural and only have horizontal vision.  Their inner eyes have cataracts over them and they are blind.  They walk in a fog and in darkness and truly do not have a way.  These men and women of self-love who bounce from one worldly distraction to the next shall look to man and the earth in the days ahead for an answer.  These are the ones more susceptible to the New Age.  Their eyes are on this world and remain in this life only.  They LIVE IN darkness and cannot see Light because they reject Christ and His Catholic Faith.  They wander; they are restless; they are eager for trivial securities.  Yet those who truly love Christ are disciplined and have not eyes for the world much like a married man should have eyes only for his wife.

 Zombies in the Fog or Mist...

The mist of self-love follows them.  They remain haunted by this fog because they cannot break from the love of self.  They may put a few good days together or even weeks avoiding mortal sin but this “mist” follows them.  They need a remedy.  They need Christ.  They need the Light of His Truth which breaks the night and brings all darkness into the day.  These souls need the Church.  They need the true Faith.  They need the Sacraments.  They need the Blessed Virgin Mary.  They need silence and solitude to get reacquainted with the reality of their sinful nature.  Yet their eyes still wander!  Self-Love’s smile has its day but when God sends His Justice it will truly put a heart on display.  Party time will be over and smiles now turn to a stunned/glazed over "look".  But is this how the elect shall be?  Or will we not see this as an opportunity to demonstrate the Selfless Love we profess within?  We can reduce the spiritual life to some very simple questions.  Do we order all our actions toward the Sacred Heart or do we seek to keep the spotlight on us?  Is it about us? And will you be saved by the false gods you have made up in the time of distress?  Or is it rather being grafted into Something/Someone bigger than us which will sustain us in the “tough times”.  Who do you look to in the time of distress?  Ah! But such is the Way of Holy Suffering which will “drive” a man inward to get reacquainted in this inner dark so that he may be (potentially) fully absorbed into the Divine Light!  But the man of self cannot understand this for his inner eyes are sown shut.

 Those still weak in Selfless Love cannot fly.  
Those who abandon self will find the skies

They cannot fly away from distress.  How will the “man of self” fly away from distress when he is weighed down with sin?  How will he fly when his wings cannot open in Faith and Hope.  He is scared because he loves himself too much.  Why does his little birdy wings not open?  Because of what he places his supposed Faith and Hope in…which is man and this world!  Will you really put your hope in the soon coming Jew Fraud (antichrist) who will be the biggest Deceiver of them all!  Our Faith and Hope comes from above and is supernatural it transcends this earthly life.  An eagles wings are broad and are made to take to these dark skies.  An eagle gets excited for the storm. Those already worried or concerned are simply still full of self-love.  The Great Storm is not even here and yet many are already giving in to worry, doubt and fear!   

 Motto of Modern Man.

Do I know the whole story and plan?  Absolutely not! And this is the greatest thing of all because it keeps me into having to keep my wings spread.  The worldly and those abiding in the flesh are interiorly dead already.  They cannot now nor will they be able to fly away from this distress within because they refuse the only Hand which can save them.  They have a wrong solution to a very real problem.  In the end it is this self which keeps souls grounded.  It keeps men from loving their wives wholly.  It keeps the women in the malls for hours at a time looking for the latest “fashions” instead of being there for their husbands and children.  It keeps men and women focused on their bodies and looks rather than virtue.  It keeps souls away from the Catholic Faith.  It drives men to stay further on the surface bouncing from club to club…party to party…from one sexual sin to the next.   I should know I was this man but by Gods grace this man is dead and now only lives in Him.  In the end, like a good housewife sweep the dirt of pride out of your home today and take time out to recognize all the blessings God gives you and truly espouse simplicity.  The godly are never distressed when their sole focus is on Christ whose Divine Gaze is always in return cast upon your soul. Amen