"And I beheld, and heard the voice of one eagle flying through the midst of heaven,
saying with a loud voice: Woe, woe, woe to the inhabitants of the earth....
[Apocalypse (Revelation) 8:13]

Friday, March 25, 2016

The Passion of Christ & His Church

The Passion of Christ & His Church
By: Eric Gajewski

On this Good Friday let us meditate upon this Passion which must become our passion if we any hopes of being saved.  In Love’s great irony we see that His death is our new life.  Therefore can each of us truly say “I am nailed to the Cross with Thee”?  In Lent we are supposed to learn wholly how to deny the self and now our hearts must journey as One with His Suffering Sacred Heart.  Yea, every day there is a cross to carry thus every day to a Christian in a certain sense must be made a Passion (in image of His).  We have no glory outside of the Cross of Christ and thus we too must take this example and apply it to the Church herself (in similarities).

Conspiracy against Christ.  The Plan as Judeo-Masonry and New Age call it. The same Jews of His time conspire against His Church this time around.  We have been surrounded by Modernist/Masonic/Marxist Judas’s for quite some time.  They try to blend in and weave their heretical doctrines amongst the fold.  It is to such extent that nearly the whole of churchmen who identify themselves as Catholics have been deceived by Vatican II.  He demonstrates His righteous anger in the Temple and it is no different in our times.  We must be that same Voice in union with His.  We must be proactive “cracking the whip” and chase these modern day Judas’s out.



He tells us (like He did to Peter) through Scripture, Tradition and approved Marian apparitions that we will fall away.  Yes even the very elect, if it were possible, would be deceived.  This is happening right in front of our eyes.  The great revolt in Scripture is ongoing.  The Church Fathers warned of these times and the deception and even Our Lady (for last few hundred years) has been shouting of this infiltration and apostasy. Assuredly, the cock has crowed three times.

Jesus suffers His disciples rest!  Where is your heart O’ Christian in this hour of darkness?  Will you rise up in prayer and be proactive in the time of eclipse of the true Faith.  So many remain in silence over the latest scandals and heresies thus so many slumber along asleep.  Further, Blessed Anna Emmerick (in one of her mystical experiences) relayed that the Bishops were staggering along like zombies thus demonstrating (1) how dumbed down the Bishops are (2) and how the majority tote the party line in false obedience.  How about we let Jesus rest now? How about we carry the Cross a little and suffer for Christ?

Jesus taken before the Sanhedrin. Do we not have to likewise stand before those who follow Vatican II and take the blunt of their ignorance and ad hominem attacks?  Do those who follow Vatican II know they are in this sense the Sanhedrin, that is, thinking themselves to be correct whence they are (objectively speaking) putting Christ and his true Faith to death?  A large crowd drew in upon our Lord and the same violent mobs will close in on the true Pope (Benedict XVI) in ironic fashion.  Nowadays, most knowing of this apostasy similarly run away from Jesus.  They go hide and be silent!  Is this the disposition that will win us favor or win us hell?  Silence is a sin in the face of Truth.  We must speak without reservation and concern for what the enemies of Christ and His Church will say in return.  It is good to be on the Synagogues watch list. How often do you join the crowds outside the Synagogue’s courthouse when we feel “out of the crowd”.  Self love must be controlled and eliminated if you are to rise up above this Vatican II storm like an eagle.  

Take before Pilate (the State).  Can anyone deny that the great persecution is well under way?  Catholics will be taken before the State to give their testimony as Our Lord said of these times.  However, He said not to be afraid for it is the Holy Ghost which will speak not you. They are preparing the FEMA camps and guillotines for the new “enemies of the State” which we call the New World Order.  Perhaps some of these lawful authorities would let us go but the Synagogue controls these rulers who are found on every level of the sociopolitical sector.  Just as Pilate gave in to the Jews in fear so will these rulers and hand over many who give their testimony. In the silliness of democracy we are being (and will) placed in front of the masses!  The New Religion (Barabbas) or the Catholic Religion (Christ).  How did that turn out?  Judas sells Jesus for money and these collaborators sell Our Lord for the New Religion for the same.  The NWO is highly crass and void of any divinity.  It is based upon economics and politics first then I would argue the new self realization program of Maitreya.

 Matthew 27:45
Now from the sixth hour there was darkness over the whole earth, until the ninth hour.

Jesus is sent to death.  The Church too will follow once the False Prophet “unites” all humanity via the invalid excathedra.  Thus, in my estimation, it should be around the timing of the 3 days of darkness coming.  This will be the final piece to the religious side of the New World Order.  We, too, although, keeping ourselves from buildings teaching Vatican II (because the Church teaches us thus and is found as precedence) suffer with Christ and must die.  We have been and are dying a slow death and perhaps for some of us that may include a real martyrdom.  One day, when the False Prophet arrives, men will sadly doubt that this Resurrection (Triumph of Immaculate Heart) will ever take place even as the early Apostles did.

On this Good Friday we must remember through all of this. Charity conquers deception and death. The Vatican II "love" which comes from self and projects unto man and this world will fade away.  Never forget Judas leads in the Soldiers even as these Modernists have led in the Synagogue of Satan.

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