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Tuesday, March 8, 2016

An Investigator Interprets Bishop Fellay's Conflict Zone

 An Investigator Interprets Bishop Fellay's Conflict Zone
Commentary: Posted on a SSPX group Facebook.  This interpretation of the interview is quite revealing and we should all take the time to analyze what is going on here.  There are no accidents but rather demonic plans in the works to destroy the last shield of resistance to the modernist movement in the Church.  Certainly "nothing has changed" but everything has changed because the priests no longer warn the sheep of the impending doom.  John Vennari has lost his guts; Michael Matt gave in long ago to the New Order with the Fraternity of St. Peter, Michael Voris believes that you can stay in and go along.  When are they going to recognize that a revolution has taken place and the only solution is to excommunicate and destroy all the tainted leadership in the vital positions of the Church from the Pope on down.  You read and make up your mind.

In the hearts of Jesus, Mary and Joseph,
Fr. Voigt

SEE HERE: http://tradcatknight.blogspot.com/2016/03/video-bishop-fellay-blunders.html

A Friend of mine has a husband who is in law enforcement. We have all seen the disastrous interview of Bishop Fellay to Tim Sebastian

As an officer here is his perspective: 

"I think an agreement with Rome is around the corner".
Ill explain why:

Having training and experience in police interviews there are several things that stand out in my mind as far as the demeanor of Fellay and Tim Sebastian during the interview.
Tim's body posture establishes that he is absolutely on the complete offensive. His posture never changes during the interview, and consists of his leaning forward with his glasses low down his nose. This posture psychologically solidifies Tim as being entirely in control and having the morale high ground over Bishop Fellay. Tim's demeanor and posture are like a parent correcting an insolent child. Tim is right, Fellay is wrong. This is not an open interview or discussion. Fellay is basically on the whipping post and has no choice but to discredit his traditionalist statements to Tim. This is Fellay's modernist confession.

During the interview Fellay constantly Nods towards Tim after answering a question. This is a sign of someone who lacks confidence in their answer because it means you are anxiously hoping the person asking the question will be accepting of your explanation. Its an unconscious psychological wounded animal response. It's a mental recoil against further whipping because you're earnest hoping your adversary buys what you're selling. Its on par with Fellay submitting. This is apart from what Fellay was actually saying, which is a train wreck in itself.

Several times Fellay starts to nod before Tim even finishes a question. This is usually indicative of someone already having a pre-thought out answer for the question and they anxiously waiting for the speaker to finish his question to appease him.


Tim presents leading questions to Fellay. A tactic frequently used in accusatory interviews. The tactic is to present the accused with two different "Outs", however they both equally admit guilt. You present one admission which is monstrous and terrible, then present another which is more subdued and reasonable. The person takes the reasonable admission to satisfy their conscious because they feel its the lesser evil of the two, however it's still an admission nonetheless. A simple example of this is say you have a murder. You ask the person, did you kill him in cold blood because you're a murderer, or did you hurt him because you were scared and just trying to get away? The latter is perceived as a way out however you're still admitting responsibility. "

Looking over the interview this is a public relations setup in preparation for an agreement with Rome. Fellay already knew what was going to be asked and Tim was ready to act like he was whipping this radical Bishop around to put him in his place. The powers behind the in play know when they make the agreement all of the controversy behind the Society could come back and bite them in the rear so they decided to make Fellay pay penance for his crime's against Modernism and close loose ends. This is why they addressed every angle of the society which could start controversy (Jews,Gays,Bishop Williamson,Rome's Authority, etc.).