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Thursday, February 25, 2016

Novus Ordo Catholic? A Pseudo Trad “Slip-up”

Novus Ordo Catholic? A Pseudo Trad “Slip-up”
By: Eric Gajewski

Every now and again I will see this verbiage (Novus Ordo Catholic) being used by supposed traditionalists yet do they know the Novus Ordo Religion is not the Catholic Religion?  Indeed, this is a great slip up on the part of the pseudo-traditionalists who still believe Rome has been teaching the Catholic Faith since the Second Vatican Council.  I recently heard from one online “popular” pseudo traditionalist, not only this slip up, but also the verbiage “modernist Catholic” being thrown around….really?? Unbelievable! When has the Church ever said Modernists were Catholics? Answer, NEVER!  Let us take a closer look.

 Those following Vatican II follow the New Religion in false obedience...

First, we are not dealing with an Oil (A) vs Oil (B) situation.  Either one is Catholic or they are not.  The Church infallibly teaches that if one “slips up” on even one binding doctrine they would cease to be Catholic altogether.  Yet the Novus Ordo is not a mere slip up it is an entire fall off the cliff.  The cult of man teaches too many errors and heresies to keep up with.  It is true there is “wiggle room” to debate on such topics (not infallible) as theologians of past have.  Furthermore, we have even had various Saints debating one another on certain topics WITHIN our Religion.  This is not such a case because the Novus Ordo or the cult of man is not OUR religion.  The Novus Ordo is not BRAND “B” of our Faith; no it is something altogether different.  Thus Vatican II is not our Faith nor Religion even as the New Mass is not (as representative thereof).  You have been duped Novus Ordites!  Sadly, this verbiage “Novus Ordo Catholic” is used often to keep one under the appearance of being in the “mainstream church”.  No, my friends, we have two different substances at work; two different gospels altogether being preached that oppose one another.

The Novus Ordo Religion pertains to the ever budding New World Order.  Yes, that same one the Vatican II Popes have been so dangerously promoting.  Remember, Pope Benedict XVI said Vatican II was an attempt to reconcile the Revolution with the Church. How is that not an “oil and water” statement? Oh, but the blind modernist still following Vatican II along in false obedience just simply cannot concede to this reality.  They will not even “see” how the Popes have interpreted Vatican II.  It is shameful pride which is ruining the Church. The Old World Order is Catholicism (represented in the State as a monarchy) the New World Order is a One World Socialist Republic headed by a new “messiah” that will be supported by the U.N and the Jews (Israel).  It is impossible to drink both oil and water and not vomit yet the modernists would have you to believe it is “just water”. Nonsense…

The Vatican II New Religion which is centered upon man via “human dignity” is leading souls into the formal One World Church of Apostasy (harlot in Scripture, Pope St. Pius X).  This is all a set up for the formal unification of all humanity/religions.  The Apostate Church of Darkness in Rome as Blessed Anna Emmerick said.  So please, Mr and Mrs. Pseudo Traditionalist, do not any longer, call someone in the mainstream, a “Novus Ordo Catholic”, whence in reality you are no different.  Cloaked modernism still deserves the title “Novus Ordite”…

"We are not of this religion. We do not accept this new religion. We are of the religion of all time, of the Catholic religion. We are not of that universal religion, as they call it today. It is no longer the Catholic religion. We are not of that liberal, modernist religion that has its worship, its priests, its faith, its catechisms, its Bible…:

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