"And I beheld, and heard the voice of one eagle flying through the midst of heaven,
saying with a loud voice: Woe, woe, woe to the inhabitants of the earth....
[Apocalypse (Revelation) 8:13]

Friday, August 28, 2015

Catholic Prophecy: On the Coming False Prophet Yeshua Ben Joseph

Catholic Prophecy: Rudolfo Gilthier, On the Coming False Prophet Yeshua Ben Joseph
Prophecy with my analysis
Pope Benedict XVI: The Long Awaited Pope of Fatima to flee Rome with "some" cardinals... 

This is another little known prophecy about how the soon False Prophet will take over and be "head of the Christian Churches" yet not call himself a Pope.

The monk Rudolfo Gilthier made the following prophecy in 1765. The French text was found in the Augustine Library in Rome:
  "From the Middle of the Twentieth Century on, there will be uprisings in all parts of Europe. The Republics will be upheaved. Kings, the Great, and Priests will be killed and Padres and Nuns will leave their Cloister. Hunger, Epidemics and Earthquakes will destroy numerous cities.
"Rome will lose its Sceptre through following False Prophets. The Pope will be taken Prisoner by his attendants. The Church will be held hostage, and after a short time there will be no more Pope.

"A Prince from the East with a great Army will move throughout Europe. The Republicans will be annihilated through the Rebellions. His Cross will be for God, he will fight for the Christian teachings and the Orthodox Belief, and he will subjugate the Kingdom of Mohammed. He will be a new Knight of the Faith, and Peace will be regained in the World."

TradCatKnight: In the last prophecy I blogged from Premol we covered how there would soon be a formal schism (invalid excathedra uniting all humanity) in Rome. The world is being setup for the False Prophet (Yeshua Ben Joseph) who will arrive on the scene after Antipope Francis. You can google Francis and resignation to see all the propaganda being "laid out" ahead of the storm so to speak.  Very soon some will falsely follow the Apostate Church under this false prophet but some will follow Benedict XVI and where the true Papacy is going and that is Portugal (as indicated in the real 3rd secret of Fatima). "After a short time there will be no Pope"...this is to be understood that the False Prophet will formally not call himself a Pope. For a short time we will be without a true Pope once Benedict XVI is killed. This should not be taken in the sedevacantist sense (Cardinal Siri thesis) that we have not had real popes since Vatican II. 

There are many waking up to this reality

To learn more about the New Age Religion which is coming thru Vatican II read here...


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  1. The Cardinal Siri thesis is a thesis of sede impedita, not sede vacante.

  2. Professor William Thomas Walsh interviewed Sr Lucia of Fatima in 1947 and he asked her: " Does this mean, in your opinion, that every country in the world without exception will be overcome by Communism?" Sr Lucia answered "yes".
    (Our Lady of Fatima by Professor William Thomas Walsh, 1947, p. 221)

    During the Cold War, Communism was virtually synonomous with the USSR because that was the base from which atheism and Communist ideology and revolutions spread throughout the world. "Russia will spread her errors throughout the world".

    True Marxist Leninism (of Vol III of The Capital) is, however Globalism. And both the Bolshevik Revolution and Globalism came from the Judaic Power of the West which both financed it (as the work of Professor Anthony Sutton shows) and maintained it - the US was as committed to maintaining the Soviet Union with grain, exports, arms etc as it committed to Israel today. And both were/are assets of the Empire of the City and its [Judaic] Crown headquartered on the sq mi of the City of London. In fact, plank one of the Communist Manifesto is a central [Jew] bank that is a subsidiary of the BIS.

    So in her published interviews with Professor Walsh and Fr Fuentes (1957), Sr Lucia has been proven right. The consecration was not done and Russia did spread her errors throughout the world. And Communism / Globalism has taken over every country without exception.

    In his interview published in the Fatima Crusader, Fr Kramer claimed that the Roman stigmatist Antonio Ruffini had stated in 1990 that it would be Pope Benedict's successor who would consecrate Russia to our Lady's Immaculate Heart.


    Pope Francis, who has always styled himself as 'bishop of Rome' is quite possibly the bishop in white of the vision statement published by the Vatican in 2000.

    1. no he is not because francis is an antipope. benedict xvi is the bishop dressed in white..his successor will do the consecration ive elaborated on that quite frequently

    2. You should continue to elaborate on it.

      Pope Benedict calls himself and is called 'the Pope Emeritus'. Pope Francis calls himself 'the bishop of Rome'. Whatever one is to make of it, no one should be following Pope Francis because of his doctrines and subversion of the Church

    3. I have already elaborated enough on it in blogs and in videos...cant keep repeating francis is an antipope bxvi is real pope

    4. And Archbishop Lefebvre is on public record with his discernment of Cardinal Ratzinger whom he regarded as "not a Catholic".

    5. objectively speaking he is not catholic...however this does not mean he is not pope ive also covered that in detail...please actually understand my position for commenting further

  3. Communism is only one of the vectors and ideologies of Judeo-Masonry. The organised forces of Anti-Christ have created many ideologies: Zionism, Communism, socialism, Nazism, feminism, Darwinism, feminism, faggotism,

    Their Revolution inaugurated 1779 culminated in the Communist Revolution of 1917. In Russia it was called 'the Jewish Revolution'. Douglas Reed, the Correspondent for the London Times in Moscow in 1917 reported on that Revolution and the [Jew] Red Brigades who came from the US to stand between the Revolutionaries and the White Russian armies of the Czar. He wrote about this in his work "The Controversy of Zion".


  5. Such confusion for True Catholic's...Wear the Brown Scapular. Recite the Rosary attempt to stay in the state of grace. God will take care of the rest. We have had no leader in decades.