"And I beheld, and heard the voice of one eagle flying through the midst of heaven,
saying with a loud voice: Woe, woe, woe to the inhabitants of the earth....
[Apocalypse (Revelation) 8:13]

Saturday, September 30, 2017

Waiting for the next catastrophe & Latest BlackStar Update

Waiting for the next catastrophe & Latest BlackStar Update
Arrived back from Mexico on the 23rd September without incident, I am pleased to say.
I met a couple from Jersey (USA) named Ed and Deb and they were great company. Yes, the conversation got around to Planet X and I think I made a believer out of Ed–well, at least he was going to look deeper into the subject.

We also met a couple from Texas in Karen’s Bar in Playa Del Carmen–great place to hang out while the women went shopping. They took a picture of my wife and me, as well as Ed and his wife, and placed the label on the bottle as well as in a picture frame–pretty neat.
The gentleman from Texas texted his father, whom I understand had read some of my articles, and his father wanted his son to have his picture taken with me which I complied willingly.
While in Mexico, earthquakes were going on but we were far away and did not feel any effects, I am happy to report, but feel for those poor people caught up in it.
Now that I am home I am just waiting for the next catastrophe, as I am almost certain another will hit somewhere in the world. I am not certain but Planet X could all have had something to do with it and I know some will be all over that statement. I believe something strange is going on as the sun is a lot hotter than normal, especially for this time of year, and with multiple hurricanes and earthquakes we should all start paying attention.

Project Black Star Update – Volume 39 (2017)

Seismic event indicators say Earth is moving through the second earth change uptick period for the 2017 Earth orbit cycle relative to the Black Star positioned in the Libra Constellation relative to the Sun.

Get more information on the deep magma plume formation dominating the Pacific Ocean/Ring of Fire in Terral’s 2016 Newsletter Volume 28 (link) to obtain a better understanding of the phenomenon. Then study the updated information in Volume 42 (link) for gaining some perspective on the likely scenario of how these things play out later in the timeline. The highlight earthquake event is the 5.5-mag quake event at entrance to the Gulf of California (USGS) suggesting that the deep magma plume formation terminal end has pushed north and closer to the US West Coast where seismic activity is also increasing. Here is the article link (here) and diagram link (here) to help you follow along: The diagrams depict the classical mantle plume concept that takes place over millions of years, but there is nothing classical about what is going on right now around the Pacific Ocean/Ring of Fire. Magma plume arm #1 has reached from Indonesia north all the way to Alaska and down into the Cascadia Subduction Zone region, while the evidence indicates that the magma plume arm #2 terminal end has shifted from the southern border of Mexico north towards the USA. What the images do not show in the article is what happens when the terminal ends from multiple deep magma plume formations collide to break the buoyancy barriers sending hot/decompressing/glassy-type magma to the surface causing massive crustal displacement and causing the entire region to rise rapidly. The heavier magma supporting Earth crust is displaced by the expanding lightweight magma leading to the eruption of Yellowstone and regional calderas, until the entire region collapses to create a massive inland sea like this (Map of Future). Those with the resources west of the Rocky Mountain Ridge are encouraged to relocate onto the stable North American Craton in the central USA, or into the safe zone located along the New Mexico/Texas border. Get your Threat Assessment information and be connected to more than 200 families already in the USA Survival Group Program, by subscribing at terral03.com for 45 dollars per year; which also includes a one-year newsletter subscription.
Name Location Activity
Agung Bali (Indonesia) New
Aoba Vanuatu New
Lopevi Vanuatu New
San Cristobal Nicaragua New
Telica Nicaragua New
Earth saw five new volcanic eruption events this week with three in the Indonesia/Fiji Origination Zone. The two new volcanic eruption events in Nicaragua are associated with deep magma plume activity along buoyancy barrier corridor #2 extending from Indonesia/Fiji across to Chile turning north where the formation terminal end is projected to be positioned off the coast of Mexico in our Watch Area. Volcanic pressures are expected to shift north moving through the current earth change uptick period, so do not be surprised to see new volcanic eruption events between Nicaragua and Mexico in the weeks to come.
While the deep magma plume formation terminal ends are expected to converge along the US/Canada West Coasts, we are also seeing a convergence of earthquake activity around the Cascadia Basin already projected by scientists to produce the ‘Really Big One’ (article). The historical seismic data shows seismic activity in the northern and southern regions that is expected to come together later in the timeline within the areas circle in red.
The Black Star Event Timeline has been updated and posted at terral03.com, but remembering that the forecasted events are ‘projected.’ At the bottom/left, the series of 12-degree angle lines (8.8 Chile to 7.8 Nepal) show the Black Star making 12-degree moves left in the orbit diagram/solar system using the long elliptical orbit on the 188.5-day cycle (377/2). However, all of that changed in 2016, when the 7.0 Vanuatu Quake Event struck just three days later in the calendar year to indicate that the Black Star moved only 3 degrees left in the orbit diagram/solar system over the one-year period. The leading explanation today is that the Black Star is transitioning from a long elliptical orbit to something more circular, because of the powerful magnetic repulsion forces growing between the Sun and Black Star. Read through this article (here) to realize this phenomenon has been observed between binary stars with mismatched magnetic polarity where growing magnetic repulsion forces create the ‘giant brake’ that slows the smaller star down reaching perihelion. The difference in our scenario is that the smaller star is the invisible/collapsed remnant body remains of our Sun’s binary twin that went supernova a very long time ago to begin having a planetary relationship with our home star; returning to the inner solar system on regular cycles every 3600 years or so. Therefore, the Black Star transitioning from an elliptical orbit to a more-circular orbit path is the reason for the smaller/incremental moves left in the orbit diagram/solar system, as the Black Star continues slowing inbound orbital velocity reaching perihelion.
The next timeline earthquake event is projected to strike on November 19, 2017 about five days later in the year than the 7.8 New Zealand Quake Event that came ‘on time’ for the 2016 Earth orbit cycle. Note that the Japan (2013), Indonesia (2014) and Peru (2015) backside-alignment quake events all came ‘late’ and likely caused by Jupiter’s influence. Jupiter is currently closing in on Black Star position relative to the Sun on the spring/summer side of the solar system, which reset the backside-alignment quake events to begin arriving ‘on time’ on November 14, 2016. Therefore, we should expect the coming backside-alignment quake event to also be ‘on time’ a few days later in the calendar year. Add five-to-six days to the recent nearside-alignment quake event from May 9, 2017 (6.8 Vanuatu) and the projected date for the next event falls on May 15, 2018 giving us a 2019 Earth orbit cycle. However, there is the possibility of a Black Star/Earth crossing event for May 2018, so we are wise to prepare like 2018 will give us the ‘event’ that will change everything.
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