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Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Fig Tree Has Bloomed Again?

Fig Tree Has Bloomed Again?
By: Eric Gajewski
The False Protestant/Zionist Narrative is being circulated readily... 
I have covered this topic in times past but I still see this common error today.  What error you ask?  The error that the fig tree is already blooming at the present moment of time with the creation of the puppet state of “Israel”.  Much to the dismay of certain heretics like Francis, Judaism, is dead and can be no means to an end for salvation.  How often do you hear form Protestant heretics/Zionists that the Fig Tree has been in bloom since 1948 thus the Messiah is close in coming.  What Messiah are these heretical Zionists talking about?  Our true Messiah or the Antichrist who we know from Catholic Tradition would precede Christ’s second coming?  Christ cursed the fig tree at one point and spoke of its barrenness.  How can the fig tree be in bloom when the Jews still reject our Lord and His only Catholic Church?  The reality is the fig tree has not bloomed again and I will explain.

Puppet Zionist State to house the Antichrist.  Those largely behind the creation of the puppet state of Israel are not even true Jews.  They are of the Synagogue of Satan.  They are awaiting their false messiah to come and rule form the third temple and make Jerusalem capital of the world.  The Zionist heretics are aiding in the arrival of the false messiah to come with their fraudulent interpretation of Scripture.  They needed a different endtime narrative then the proper Catholic one.  Does anyone really think that the Antichrist will show and announce he is the antichrist or will he simply deceive (even the elect if possible?)  Protestant heretics have abandoned Tradition and simply made their own new playwright which the Zionists have funded.  It is not a good thing to be Protestant nor a Jew both of whom reject the Church and her infallible Tradition.

Judaism is done and dead.  Antipope Francis I his first encyclical noted that the Old Covenant is not revoked.  This is heresy.  Scripture, Tradition and various dogmatic councils in Church history all say otherwise.  ALL must now go through Christ and His Catholic Church (true Faith) and those who do not will perish into hell (objectively speaking).  Have the Jews repented of rejecting the true Christ?  Have they come back into the ONE true Catholic fold?  If not then why do these heretics make it seem as if the “Israel” is back in full bloom since 1948?  The reality is the Zionist/Protestant interpretation of the fig tree is false.  It needs to be false if the endgame is to ultimately deceive the masses into accepting a false messiah who will rule in “Israel”.  Christ awaits the Jews to accept Him and when shall this come according to Catholic Tradition?

Judaism, since Christ, is a corruption; indeed, Judas is the image of the Jewish people: their understanding of Scripture is carnal; they bear the guilt for the death of the Savior, for through their fathers they have killed Christ. The Jews held Him; the Jews insulted Him; the Jews bound Him; they crowned Him with thorns and dishonored Him by spitting upon Him; they scourged Him; they heaped abuses upon Him; they hung Him upon a tree. ~ St. Augustine

Two witnesses bring the fig tree back to life.  During the reign of the Antichrist the two witness Elijah and Enoch will return to earth to preach against the errors of Antichrist but also will come to convert the Jews to the true Catholic Faith.  All of the protestant world just went silent.  Yes, that is right brethren.  The two witnesses shall preach to the Jews and they will repent of their errors and join the Catholic Church.  Thus, not only do we have a mass conversion of Russia coming which shall be followed by a multitude of nations.  We have the Jews themselves finally having their Saul to Paul moment.  They will see clearly and embrace the true Faith.  Glory to God!  Have the two witnesses come?  Have the Jews as a whole converted to Catholicism?  The answer, of course, is no therefore the fig tree as of this day is still DEAD. 

Fig Tree Blooming indicates how close we are to the true Christ’s second coming.  Again, we are not talking about the first arrival of the Antichrist but rather the second coming of the true Christ.  Once the Jews are converted we know that summer is night and He is standing at the door.  Christ also gives a further indication of when the Jews would convert and alluded to His second coming.  He said that it would be of “that generation’ (to see all the signs mentioned including the fig tree blooming) which would see His Second coming.  For although we knoweth not the hour our Lord said we would know the season and the season is ripe when we see the Jews convert to the true Catholic Faith.  For as much as I expose all forms of Jewry it is good to know that there is a happy ending to this love story.  For as Scripture has said “the wrath of God shall come upon the Jews unto the very end” but in the end they shall convert.  Please do not fall for the heretical narrative that the Fig Tree is already in bloom.  These heretics do not follow Tradition and have self interest which ultimately comes from a false narrative which is only paving the way for Antichrist Maitreya.  Is it Tradition?  Ask no more!

In close, why did Jesus curse the fig tree to begin with?  Let us have a look.

1 Thess 2: 14-16  For you, brethren, are become followers of the churches of God which are in Judea, in Christ Jesus: for you also have suffered the same things from your own coutrymen, even as they have from the Jews, [15] Who both killed the Lord Jesus, and the prophets, and have persecuted us, and please not God, and are adversaries to all men; [16] Prohibiting us to speak to the Gentiles, that they may be saved, to fill up their sins always: for the wrath of God is come upon them to the end.

There is quite a diversity of Patristic interpretation on that point.

Synaxarion: On great and holy Monday we commemorate the fig tree that was cursed by the Lord and then withered…Likening the synagogue of the Jews to the fig tree barren of spiritual fruit, with a curse Christ makes it wither. Let us flee such a fate.

Saint Ephrem the Syrian (d. 373): “The owner of the fig tree did not obey the law but spurned it. Our Lord came and found that there was nothing left on it, so he cursed it, lest its owner eat from it again, since he had left nothing for the orphan and widows…
He cursed the fig tree and it shriveled up to show them the power of his divinity, so that by means of this action near at hand which they could see, they might believe that which was to come. Because Jerusalem had not accepted the law, he cursed the fig tree, so that there might no longer be fruit on it, according to its laws…
He sought fruit from the fig tree at an inopportune time, that it might be a symbol of one who had deceitfully withheld the fruits of the law at the opportune time. …. he showed that it was Jerusalem that he was reproaching, for he had sought love in her, but she had despised the fruit of repentence….
It was because the time of his suffering was near, and, lest it be thought the he was captured because he was unable to free himself, he cursed the fig tree, that it might be be a sign for his friends, and a miracle for his enemies. He showed in advance, therefore, by means of a living plant which he caused to wither, that he would have been able to destroy his crucifiers with a word. ”

Saint Cyril of Jerusalem (d. 386): “Remember at the time of the sin of Adam and Eve they clothed themselves—with what? Fig leaves. That was their first act after the fall. So now Jesus is making the same figure of the fig tree the very last of his wondrous signs. Just as he was headed toward the cross, he cursed the fig tree–not every fig tree, but that one alone for its symbolic significance–saying, ‘May no one ever eat fruit of you again.’. In this way the curse laid upon Adam and Eve was being reserved. For they had clothed themselves with fig leaves.” [Catechetical Lectures 13]

St. Augustine of Hippo (d. 430): “That by withering the fig tree Jesus is in effect saying to us, I have no delight in the withering away of this tree. By doing so I want to convey to you that I am not acting absurdly but for a lesson you may take more seriously. It is not on this literal tree that I have inflicted punishment. Rather, I have made you fear, whoever you are who considers this matter, that you should not fail Christ when He is hungry and that you might hope to be in the coming season of fruit than in the preparatory season of leaves.” [Sermon 39]

St. Isidore of Pelusium (d. 450): “The tree which caused the transgression of Adam and Eve was this fig tree, the leaves whereof the transgressors used to cover themselves. Hence, since it had not suffered this fate originally, it was withered by Christ in His love for mankind, lest it any longer bear fruit that would be the cause of sin.”

Saint Gregory the Great (d. 604): “The figs which the Lord had sought were the fruit of the synagogue, which had the leaves of the laws, but not the fruit of works. For the creator of all things could not be ignorant that the fig tree had no fruit. That was something anyone might have known, since it was not the time of figs” [Epistle XXXIX, to Eulogius, Patriarch of Alexandria]


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