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Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Diabolical Vatican II: Nostra Aetate – mission and antimission

Diabolical Vatican II: Nostra Aetate – mission and antimission
What is the situation in the Church 50 years after the Second Vatican Council? Instead of true mission, we are witnesses to an expansion of paganism into the Christian territories. Apart from yoga, we see the spread of various sects with a Hindu background, such as Transcendental Meditation, Hare Krishna… Purposeful popularization of the Chinese culture has been accompanied by an invasion of pagan Buddhist practices, such as martial arts, Zen meditation, various forms of massage, occult acupuncture, acupressure associated with yin-yang magic, Feng Shui (home decoration surrounded by superstition: bells, elephants, tortoises, frogs).
On the other hand, Christians, who have already been poisoned by heresies and by the continual promotion of a false regard for paganism and de facto for their demons, are no longer able to discern between Christianity and paganism. They have adopted a false belief that all people worship the same God! Pagans do not worship God but demons! (cf. 1Cor 10:20) Interreligious dialogue is not a form of mission but antimission. It is the fruit of Vatican II heresies.
Another heretical statement of Vatican II about Christians having the same God as Muslims has resulted in the mass Islamization of Europe. How many Muslims, according to statistics, were in Europe in the years of the Second Vatican Council (1962-5)? How many are there now? More than 50 million! Nevertheless, Francis continues promoting mass Islamization – in every parish, every monastery and every sanctuary. Do we not know what happened to the formerly Christian countries of North Africa, or what happened to the Christian territory and the capital of the Christian empire – Constantinople – after the occupation by Islam (1453)? Christians now account for 0.1% of the population in Turkey. We hear about bomb attacks, aerial terrorist attacks, IS terrorism; the Islamists cut off the heads of Christians and record it provocatively on video. The Christian hierarchy, however, keeps repeating a mantra about the duty to help Muslim “refugees”. Before Christmas 2016, the Islamists in Syria drastically tortured to death 250 Christian children under four in a dough kneading machine; older children were either burnt to death or killed in another way. The Christian world is silent on this, cannot see and cannot hear! And what about 1.5 million genocide of Armenians in 1915? Has the Christian world forgotten it too?
Instead of standing in defence of the Christian martyrs, the US Conference of Catholic Bishops issues documents about so-called dialogue, promoting the Islamization of USA against the line of the current President.
If the attitude of the Nostra Aetate decree or the US Conference of Catholic Bishops had been promoted in the Church 400 years ago, Africa and America would have continued to be pagan to this day, and what is more, Christian Europe would have long been Islamized like the territories of Turkey and North Africa. And what if the Nostra Aetate decree had been issued as early as the First Council in Jerusalem? Christianity would have been nipped in the bud!
The Catholics face a dilemma: on the one hand, Church doctrine concerning the fundamental truths is boycotted and the Church officially proclaims heresies, but on the other hand Church doctrine is used as an argument for the infallibility of the Pope and the Council. The answer to this dilemma is the Dogmatic Bull of Pope Paul IV Cum Ex Apostolatus Officio (1559): if a Pope, Cardinal or Bishop is a heretic, all his actions are without force! By adopting the heretical documents of Vatican II, the Pope did not change the heresies into the truth but rather incurred a latae sententiae excommunication (1965).
The Nostra Aetate decree is contrary to the Bible, the Holy Tradition as well as the doctrine of all previous Councils and all papal documents, and has no continuity with the doctrine of the Church.
The first step of repentance is to call heresies heresies. The next step of repentance is to repair the spiritual damage caused especially by:
a) destroying the mission and opening the door to an anti-mission in the Christian territory,
b) teaching neo-Modernist heresies of the historical-critical method which denies all fundamental truths of the faith,
c) legalizing sin and expanding homosexualism (Francis kisses the feet of transsexuals…).
It is necessary to restore orthodox doctrine and to perform:
1) a mission of the Catholics who have fallen away from the saving faith owing to heresies,
2) a mission of pagans, namely Buddhists, Hindus, animists, as well as a mission of the Muslims and the Jews! The commandment of Christ remains unchangeable: “Go into all the world, teach all nations and make disciples of them.” (Mt 28) “Whoever believes and is baptised will be saved, but whoever does not believe will be condemned.” (Mk 16)

+ Elijah
Patriarch of the Byzantine Catholic Patriarchate
+ Methodius OSBMr                                    + Timothy OSBMr

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