"And I beheld, and heard the voice of one eagle flying through the midst of heaven,
saying with a loud voice: Woe, woe, woe to the inhabitants of the earth....
[Apocalypse (Revelation) 8:13]

Monday, February 2, 2015

"True Love" excerpts from Fortress of the Soul (Part One)

"True Love (Part One)" 
By: Eric Gajewski
Excerpts from Fortress of the Soul

“True Love”
True Love does not compromise Truth nor condone evil. Love is not of this world although it is what makes the world operate and act. Love does not appease the worldly for the sake of fitting in. Love and the flesh work on contrary terms on separate roads of the moving highway of a man. Love strikes one down on the road to Damascus so that it might put a man on the right road that will lead to His Will. Love gives and makes all things new; a new name, a new outlook, a new home, a new life and yet our doctrine is never new. Love's hand reaches down into the inner depths of the soul so as to pick up the man who cannot carry on. Words will skip across the mind and intellect of a man but the wisdom and Truth that Love speaks sets a Fire to a man's heart and soul thus changing or renewing one's mind. Thus Love enlightens and renews. 

Love calls each heart by name and finds no task routine or mundane. Love within us, Love behind us, Love in front of us, Love from above as but gift from the Pure Dove. Love drives a man to do the unthinkable according to human understanding and reason for Love transcends reason. Love compels a man to set aside his self for the sake of what is best for others and for the cause of Love which is eternal. Love exposes the dark for Love is Light. Love parts and vanquishes the dark clouds that plot the Son's demise and puts forth on display in accordance with it's Light of all that therein is within. Thus, when the Fire and the Light of His Heart shine on a soul at Judgment all the inner workings of a man shall be seen before all. Like a firefly flying in front of a outside Lamp it is translucent with nothing able to hide deep within. 

“Love, is finding a new beginning
when one seems to end.
This is because there is
no end in Love.
Love is safe always
for it rests perfectly in peace
with a smile in all trial,
persecution and suffering.

Love doesn't change but it changes the object it assumes. Therefore, I am what I am today on the account of Love, the surrender to it, and a witness of what can be in all those who pursue it, which is Him, which is His Church. Therefore, it is Love's presence in you that changes and transforms the world of which true love is not found outside of His Body for His Heart only dwell within His Body. Love says I do not want to be loved by the world nor by man but only rests and remains in Him who is Love. Love journeys into the desert bravely for in Wisdom it knows that it must be put to the test so as to see if it is pure or not. Love does not loudly compromise it silently conquers. 

Love allow for free will for Love does not constrict the will it only seeks to "free it" unto His. For the Lord shall say “ If you want to eat the forbidden fruit you can have it". But only Love can respond back and say” I am contempt with Your Presence and enjoy the fruit within that you give me”. Thus Love is a two way road not a one way dead end street. Love responds. Yes, by some mystery higher than me I have learned to love my suffering but be ye careful so as to not make a “god” out of it, for in the End suffering shall cease. Without the works of Love from the souls on earth the souls in Purgatory would be locked in a never ending state of captivity and would never ascend to His Vision, never climb Jacob's ladder being weighted down by its own self. Perfect Love have no need to get defensive for what “self” would be found in the man remaining in perfect Love for there to be any need to be defensive of? Love knows no pride and the flood waters of Love do overflow the river which offers no resistance.

“Love is not what makes
the world go around.
It is what makes the
universe stay its course.
Love extends far beyond
that which the lateral eye can see.
We are already swimming
in a vast ocean of God’s Love
even in the most crooked ghetto.
Love’s end is love alone,
His Heart and stops nothing short of this.
That is why eternity is endless
for in Love there is always something
to live for, whom is Love Himself.

Love is always on the offensive in works and deeds even if they be unseen. Love is offensive but does not seek to purposefully offend for even when the Sword of Truth cuts open a man this is still rooted in Love for the sake of salvation of a soul. Thus Truth and Love which art the same will offend the self but can never offend the man remaining in Perfect Love. Love does not prescribe nor accept heresy, apostasy; it cannot commit schism because Love is perfectly whole. Love is not the pseudo love of the devil that embraces all untruth, false religions and grave lifestyle’s yet it is active in prayer, suffering and alms givings for these particular souls outside of the Walls of Love. Love is nothing new it was, it is and always shall be therefore there is nothing modern about Love.
Love is disciplined and on guard against the ugly head of self, for the self is lax, undisciplined and leads the soul onward in comforts and gluttony. For in self their is ecstasy of the mind, the flesh and senses but in Love there is ecstasy and exaltation of the heart and soul which then order the mind, the flesh and the senses according to Truth. Thus, self gratifies self and is its own end and Love gratifies His Heart and has Christ as it's end. 

 “His life was a testament of Love. Our life is a test to Love”.


"Love, not bound by time nigh not by any thought far beyond the reach of the Universe... bound not, nay nor is fasten in nature or word alone. Love, yet Whose glance transcends Whose Heart above all without ceiling Is Source and Answer bound to every question asked. As we, the flock, do follow the Shepherd. Love, bound by nothing but bound by All. Love, bound to nothing but bound to All. Love does not show up at the right time, for it never left and is always present but it is up to man to recognize the time that he might let Love in.”

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