"And I beheld, and heard the voice of one eagle flying through the midst of heaven,
saying with a loud voice: Woe, woe, woe to the inhabitants of the earth....
[Apocalypse (Revelation) 8:13]

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Fr. Voigt: The Mystical Monster and Menzingen‏ Part II

 Fr. Voigt: The Mystical Monster and Menzingen‏ Part II

Christ sought to form His Church as His Mystical Body which would follow His physical pattern throughout the history of this world.  With the advent of Vatican II the Mystical Body was corrupted into a Mystical Monster. Normally the body has one head;  Vatican II formed a second head with the principle of collegiality.  Now the Pope and the collegial body of bishops share the power of guiding the body.  Once the head has been changed the second organ to be affected is the Heart.  The heart of the Mystical Body is the Sacrifice of the Most Holy Eucharist.  No one can doubt that this has become a man centered meal which has drained the Mystical Body of the saving Blood of Christ.  Finally, we considered the Hands of the Mystical Body which have done so much to express the Charity of Christ in the world.  The Hands represent the missionary nature of the Church which must go out to all the world and baptize souls in the Name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost.  With the new dictate of ecumenism the mission of the Church has been destroyed.  Instead of a Mystical Body we now have a Mystical Monster.

Gaudentius warns us that the unjust steward is the deceptive devil who seeks whom he might devour.  This consummation of the soul of the Catholic takes place in two steps.  First, the soul compromises with the oil (one's good works).  The zeal to seek souls is the blood of the Mystical Body.  Divine Love is always expansive.  It rejects sterility and seeks fruitfulness.  Consider the Menzingen action in the recent years:
1) elimination of priests that will not hold the new party line; 2) elimination of students and families from their home parish or school because they too experience the change in the leadership; 3) elimination of any discussion with either priests or laity who resist the change in policy; 4) trials of innocent priests and laity which end in the expulsion of the said individual; 5) expulsion of Bishop Williamson for his continued expression of the mind of the holy Archbishop.  Is this the Charity of the Neo-SSPX? In fact, this is the contradiction of Charity and the exposition of a Marxist mentality in which the leader is patted on the back while the inferior is booted in the butt.

Second stage is the weakening of the faith. Now the wheat (faith) is written down from 100 to 80.  Listen to the wisdom of Gaudentius:  This "is a more veiled deception, a far more subtle snare of the enemy:  which is when he involves those now withdrawn from the worship of idols in the various errors of heretical teachings (Vatican II = my addition), lessening the sum of their saving faith, and when he trips up those now turned away from evil practices, and eager to walk in the way of good works, by the eager desire to make known their good works.  For he tries to pervert both our faith and our good works from the centenary number, that is from the number that stands for perfection, and which stands at the right-hand side: perverting Apostolic Faith by the sinister interpretations of heretical teaching, and perverting the merit of our good works, of things done on the right-hand side, by leading us to a sinister way of life." pp. 338-339 from the Sunday Sermons of the Great Fathers 

Why should a bishop, a Pope or any Catholic want to short change God?  Two reasons are presented which open our eyes to what is happening in the Catholic world.  First, there is this infection which prompts one to seek human glory rather than the glory due to God alone.  In their good works they seek the good opinion of men not God.  Vain glory dominates the mind of the one who leads.  It becomes a disease which begets lies and desire for more power and more prestige.  Second, it begets a false Prudence poisoned by this unjust steward which transfers the good works from the right side to the left side.

Gaudentius' comments on true and false prudence answer the remarks of Fr. Thieman concerning Bishop Fellay's change in words and works. 
"The Lord does not however praise him  for goodness, nor for piety, nor for justice, but he praises the cunning, the artful prudence, of the unjust steward;  He praised him because he had prepared his fraud with such subtle evil. ...He praises him as having acted prudently, while at the same time He prepares the minds of His listening Disciples against the subtle skill of his schemes, so that they may with all care, with all prudence, oppose this so cunning, this so evilly wise enemy."
"Christ bids us be prudent, but not venomous; wise, but not evil; and that putting off, like the snake our old garment of sin, we are to be formed into a new man; protecting our Head, Which is Christ."

The Menzingen Myth is a change of mission from the good and holy Archbishop to the vain glory of a few deceived prelates that wrongly think that they can accept 95% of Vatican II and not be poisoned.  They think that they can denigrate their recent confrere with "ad hominem" arguments which only betray their desire to hide the truth.  They believe that their good works speak to their holiness but they have used those good works to buy them a place in the Mystical Monster of Vatican II.  The Mystical Body of our Lord is still functioning in those who resists the errors and give totally to the salvation of souls and preserve the Faith in tact.  Be 100 per centers and you will save your souls.

In the hearts of Jesus, Mary and Joseph,

Fr. Richard Voigt

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