"And I beheld, and heard the voice of one eagle flying through the midst of heaven,
saying with a loud voice: Woe, woe, woe to the inhabitants of the earth....
[Apocalypse (Revelation) 8:13]

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Putin Orders New Investigation into “Jewish Ritualized Murder” of Tsar Nicholas II & Family

Putin Orders New Investigation into “Jewish Ritualized Murder” of Tsar Nicholas II & Family

Russia is launching an investigation into whether Tsar Nicholas II and his family were killed by Jews as part of a ‘ritual murder’ in a move that has infuriated anti-Semitism campaigners.
Father Tikhon Shevkunov, the Orthodox bishop heading an investigatory panel, is among hardcore members of the church who claim the final Russian emperor was murdered in a Jewish ritual.
Tsar Nicholas was shot with his wife and five children by Communist Bolsheviks in 1918 after Vladimir Lenin came to power, and wild rumours about the circumstances surrounding his death have circulated ever since.

Boruch Gorin, a spokesman for the Federation of Jewish Communities, Russia’s largest Jewish group, expressed a strong concern about the claims, which he described as a ‘throwback to the darkest ages’.
Some Christians in medieval Europe believed Jews murdered Christians to use their blood for ritual purposes, something which historians say has no basis in Jewish religious law or historical fact.
The tsar and his family were executed by a Bolshevik firing squad on July 17, 1918, in a basement room of a merchant’s house where they were held in the Ural Mountains city of Yekaterinburg. The Russian Orthodox Church made them saints in 2000.
Conspiracy theories blaming the Jews for spearheading the Bolshevik revolution were popular among the post-revolution Russian emigres and the Russian Orthodox Church abroad, and were later picked up by some hard-line nationalists.
Mr Gorin said his group was shocked and angered by the statements from both the bishop and the Investigative Committee, which he said sounded like a revival of the century-old ‘anti-Semitic myth’ about the killing of the imperial family.
Discussing the Tsar’s murder, Father Shevkunov claimed the ‘Bolsheviks and their allies engaged in the most unexpected and diverse ritual symbolism’.

The Jews Who Murdered Tsar Nicholas II 




  1. Putin's been doing a lot of interesting things of late.

  2. Putin never ceases to amaze me. The only Christian nation rising to the defense of Christians in the middle east. One of the few leaders of intelligence and integrity in Europe, just listen to any of his speeches. I can see the fulfillment of Catholic prophesy in him; the only strong hand that will defend Rome and Western Europe against Islam. Let us never stop our prayers for the conversion of Russia. Our Lady is clearly working her graces.

  3. I agree, Carolina. Hopefully, the consecration of Russia will be done soon and Russia will fall into Our Lady's hand like ripe fruit at harvest time.

  4. Oh yes.the tribe is pulling out the "anti-semite" trick to shut down any unwanted revelations from surfacing.

  5. More good news from Putin!

  6. I am moving to Russia! It is the last bastion of Christianity.

  7. I am still not sold on Putin. We must keep praying the Rosary for Russia’s conversion

  8. Keep praying for the consecration of Russia.