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[Apocalypse (Revelation) 8:13]

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

PLANET X INCOMING: Whoa! Worldwide Deep Earthquake “Event” Taking Place — Major Unrest Coming

PLANET X INCOMING: Whoa! Worldwide Deep Earthquake “Event” Taking Place — Major Unrest Coming

As forecast in the previous video, large seismic activity may occur between November 28 and 30 due to several planetary alignments. This videos covers the critical areas on the planet that may be hit.

Volcanic Cataclysmic ‘Super Eruption’ Much Closer Than Previously Thought

Volcanic Cataclysmic ‘Super Eruption’ Much Closer Than Previously Thought
We may be much nearer to a cataclysmic volcanic ‘super-eruption’ than previously thought, warns new research. That is the conclusion of Bristol University scientists after analyzing a database of geological records dated within the last 100,000 years. They discovered the average time between so-called volcanic super-eruptions is actually much less than previously understood.
Volcanoes and ‘bolides’ – such as asteroids – are geohazards powerful enough to be destructive on a global scale. One recent assessment described them as capable of returning humanity to a ‘pre-civilisation’ state. The largest explosive eruptions are termed ‘super-eruptions’and produce in excess of 1,000 gigatons of erupted mass – enough to blanket an entire continent with volcanic ash, and change global weather patterns for decades. READ MORE

Warning; #Yellowstone #SuperVolcano Will ‘NOT’ Have A Large Earthquake Before a Eruption

40,000 Could Die As Britain Hit With 3 Week Long Arctic Cold

40,000 Could Die As Britain Hit With 3 Week Long Arctic Cold
Britain faces a three-week chill with temperatures set to drop to -12C, and experts warning the freeze could claim 40,000 lives.  Forecasters believe we’re facing the coldest December since 2010’s Big Freeze, which saw transport networks grind to a halt as snow caused chaos across the country. Health chiefs have now issued a warning ahead of the prolonged cold spell, calling on the public to check on those who may be at risk. Bookmakers have slashed the odds of a White Christmas, and heavy snow is expected in the north and as far south as Essex and London. Britain risks a re-run of some of December’s 2010’s mayhem – with forecast snow and ice meaning some roads are set to be impassable, trains halted, planes risking cancellations and football matches facing being frozen off. READ MORE

‘Potentially hazardous’ asteroid to fly by Earth; Closest pass in 40 years…

‘Potentially hazardous’ asteroid to fly by Earth; Closest pass in 40 years…
A large flying object expected in December has caught NASA’s attention, but it isn’t Santa Claus’ sleigh. Instead, an asteroid called 3200 Phaethon is projected to come close enough to Earth that it’s been classified as “potentially hazardous” by the International Astronomical Union’s Minor Planet Center. The asteroid has a diameter of about 3 miles, according to NASA, making it the third-largest “potentially hazardous” asteroid to pass by Earth.
NASA expects Phaethon to be the closest to Earth on Dec. 16, when it’s projected to be more than 6.4 million miles away. That’s about 27 times the average distance between Earth and the moon, which is 238,855 miles.  It will be the closest this asteroid has been to Earth since Dec. 16, 1974, when it was just over 5 million miles away, according to NASA. But humans weren’t aware of its presence until later; the asteroid was first discovered in 1983. READ MORE

Winter storm covers Hawaii summits in snow

Snow fell Monday on the summits of Mauna Loa and Maunakea after the National Weather Service declared a winter storm warning.

The warning extends through 6 p.m. today. Summits could see up to six inches of snow in total, although NWS meteorologist Leigh Anne Eaton said any significant accumulation is unlikely.

"It's probably going to be a snow-rain mix," Eaton said.

She said the storm is the result of a weather front of "enhanced moisture," which will sweep across the windward side of the Big Island, causing heavy showers throughout the island's east side and snowfall at higher altitudes.
Snowfall is expected to continue on the mountains throughout the week, with the weather service predicting an 80 percent chance of snow showers each day through Thursday night. 


Parts of Siberia are Colder Than Minus 60 Degrees Fahrenheit, and It's Only November

As mild temperatures encompass a large swath of the contiguous United States this week, parts of Siberia are experiencing temperatures colder than minus 60 degrees Fahrenheit – and it's only November.
A low temperature of minus 69 degrees was recorded early Tuesday in Delyankir, Russia. This is colder than the all-time record lows in every U.S. state except Utah (-69 degrees), Montana (-70 degrees) and Alaska (-80 degrees).
If that wasn't incredible enough, the daytime high in Delyankir Tuesday failed to rise above -60 degrees.
Oymyakon, Russia, plummeted to minus 66 degrees. This region is generally regarded as the coldest inhabited place on the Earth.
The mercury has dipped into the minus 50s or colder eight days in a row in Oymyakon through Wednesday.
Temperatures this extreme are par for the course in this area during the heart of winter, but it's significantly colder than the average November low of close to minus 40.







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  2. Jesus often said "BE NOT AFRAID" for I am with you till the end of the age! AMEN!

  3. Spread your eagles wings! Faith over fear! Eagles get excited for the storm!

  4. Do you think all of this weather disaster etc.is caused by planet x? I watch Sky Watchers and yes, it's just like Malachi Martin said "look to the skies."

  5. Anything going on with the sun lately?

  6. The earthquakes are becoming more terrifying daily. I pray for all those poor people that live in areas which are very volatile.

  7. Another great report form Dutchsinse

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