"And I beheld, and heard the voice of one eagle flying through the midst of heaven,
saying with a loud voice: Woe, woe, woe to the inhabitants of the earth....
[Apocalypse (Revelation) 8:13]

Monday, August 14, 2017

Marie Julie: The Purple Scapular

 Marie Julie: The Purple Scapular
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Ecstasy of August 23, 1878

Marie-Julie: “Here is what the Holy Virgin made me see on
her Immaculate Heart, it is a large scapular,
larger than ordinary scapulars, it is a little larger
than the palm of a hand. It is a beautiful purple,
almost the colour of violet. Here is what is on it:
in the middle, there are the three nails that
crucified Our Saviour on the Cross, some are
crossed on the others, not exactly in the form of
a cross and the point of each nail, there is a drop
of red blood. Above the three nails, there is a
type of large sponge that has raised ears, like
those of balled oats. The three drops of blood
will go to join together and fall into a small
chalice painted in red, and the chalice is
surrounded with a crown of thorns, and there are
three little crosses engraved on the front of the
chalice. This is the side of the scapular that is
on the mantle of the Holy Virgin.
I notice that this scapular hangs by two violet
straps that pass over each shoulder, and there are
three knots on the left shoulder, and two on the

(i.e., the picture of the sponge, nails, chalice, and crown of thorns is worn to the front, not on the back as might be expected.)

The other side of the scapular represents the
Holy Virgin Mary sitting, holding her Adorable
Son in her arms, the mouth and the Head of Our
Lord rests on the heart of the Holy Virgin. At
the lower end of the scapular, at the feet of Our
Lord, is an Angel dressed in white, with curly
hair, he has a white crown on his head, his belt is
red. He has in his hands a white linen with
which he wipes the feet of Our Lord. On the
side of the Angel, to the right of the scapular,
there is engraved a ladder. Behind Our Lord, to
the left, the reed of the Passion painted in red,
but without a sponge. The tears of the Holy
Virgin fall on her breast, to the right, and they
stop at the feet of the Angel. The scapular is
edged with a red line and the straps are woollen.
“Let me now, my dear child,” said the Holy
Virgin, “explain to you the meaning of this
scapular. I tell you, my victim and my servant.
My servants of the Cross, that for a long time
my Son and I have had the desire to make
known this scapular of benediction. This
scapular, my children, it is supposed to be made
on my heart, because my heart is the emblem of
simplicity and humility, and hence, the colour
violet. The nails that have pierced the feet and
the hands of my Son have been little venerated
and are venerable, hence my Son, in His Divine
Wisdom, has made that these three nails be
painted on the front of the scapular. These three
drops of blood and the chalice represent the
generous hearts gathering the Blood of my
Divine Son. The red sponge will represent my
Divine Son drinking, in a manner, the sins of His
children but His Adorable Mouth refuses. I
desire that the (black?) end of the scapular, be of
violet, (the background?), but I desire that the
nails, the chalice, the sponge and the crown be
on a piece of dark red flannel. This first
apparition of this scapular will be a new
protection for the times of the chastisements,
of the calamities and the famines. All those
who are clothed (with it) shall pass under the
storms, the tempests and the darkness, they
will have light as if it were plain day. Here is
the power of this unknown scapular.”
The Holy Virgin presents the scapular to Our
Lord who says in His turn: “I address you, My
victim, and also My victims and My servant, My
children of the Cross, I see and I come to give
you an idea and profound thought: during My
descent from the Cross they handed Me to My
mother, this descent, this thought, this devotion
is little known. I would like by this reproduction
on this scapular, that it pass into the hearts of the
children of the Cross, and that they salute Me by
these three salutations:

*“I salute You, Jesus crucified, that you grant me
* I salute You with all the joy of the Angels and
the Saints in Your descent from the Cross.
* I salute you with the sadness of Your Mother
when you reposed on her heart and on her
Immaculate knees.”

“My children, very few souls think of wiping the
Adorable Wounds of My Feet when the Blood
ran and I would like this representation to be
known. They also think so little of the tears
shed by My Mother during My Passion; these
tears are found at the feet of the Angel that
wipes My Sacred Feet. By this scapular, I
would like you to think on the ladder, the reed
and the nails of My Passion.

*** PROMISES attached to this scapular:

"My children, all souls, all people who possess
this scapular, will see their family protected,
their home will also be protected, first of all
from fires, which will never enter there. This
scapular will strike down the ungrateful
which blaspheme My Name in the home
where it will be displayed. If an impious
person enters, they will be so completely
struck that their conversion will be close. All
those who will carry it will be preserved from
thunder, from sudden death and from
accidents. During chastisements they will be
protected. Whoever will deposit it in the Holy
Temple, (I.e. in a church), will move it away
from impious persons and profanation. (i.e.,
that church will be protected from these
spiritual disasters.) Our Lord still adds that by
reminding an obstinate soul about this
scapular at the hours of their demise (i.e.,
death), they will awaken the Faith in it and a
firm belief, that all those who will have it and
think upon it and love it, will be spared the
troubles of soul, that those who will carry it
will be sheltered from any danger as though
they already possessed Heaven. That this
scapular, finally, will be as a lightning rod
under which the blows of Just and Divine
Wrath will not dwell."

Our Lord still says:

"Every priest will be able to bless this scapular.
By carrying this scapular they will be able to say
5 or 7 times the “Crux Ave” and meditate 1 - 3
minutes on My Holy Passion. I shall grant
great graces to those who desire to be clothed
in this Holy Habit."

“The Cruz Ave”

“I salute you, I adore you, I embrace you, O adorable Cross of my Saviour.
Protect us, guard us, save us. Jesus loved you so much, following His example, I love you. By your holy image calm our fears, that we may feel only peace and confidence.”