"And I beheld, and heard the voice of one eagle flying through the midst of heaven,
saying with a loud voice: Woe, woe, woe to the inhabitants of the earth....
[Apocalypse (Revelation) 8:13]

Monday, August 28, 2017

POEM: The Hell of Loving

POEM:  The Hell of Loving
By: Eric Gajewski
"If I wait hell is my house, and I have made my bed in darkness."
[Job 17:13]
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Have Ye ever gazed uponst Love’s Face?
Bruised and swollen with bones battered
And flesh ripped out of place
O’ the soul’s in hell know this suffering’s “weight”
And the same await all those in the dark which controls those in mortal sin
For hell’s fire they can not escape; death shalst be there fate
And the Militant above in the “dark night’
As well certainly know this agonizing state
For the weak soul unaccustomed to the Light shalst think he is a disgrace
O’ in this hell of loving,
The Self must be carved out of a soul
That He might alone occupy this same space
Blinded by the brilliant Light of Love
It seems as though a man is lost in a dark maze
Whilst the many ponder not the price that Love paid
And the few, of His life, trace
Following that he might be saved
O’ Love endured hell that it might see you through
In the soul’s endless fight
For before any eagle can take to flight
He must have Faith and Hope to reach the skies above so blue
For Love’s road at first shall seem to take a man “out of his way”
So that a man can forget himself; so that from self will he will turn away
And as coal is crushed so must a man get acquired to suffering’s taste
For the Furnace of His Sacred Heart rages hot
His all consuming Fire can never retire
And in the soul "alive" God can never show up late
For the hell of loving in this dark night shall have its day
But as we grow and continue to go inward and pray
A spark shalst appear within
As a man now notice’s his labor was not in vain
O’ the hell of loving is leading us!
Weary soldier, look ahead, there is still much more to gain
And with each pile of wood thrown into this Fire
A soul begins to notice on the surface this great change
For man is but nothing and that which he seeks is Someone altogether Great
Nay, man must endure all hell’s anquish
He must too descend into Sheol and embrace all the pain
For to live I must die
With every nerve on strain
Nigh, this Fire must be allowed to purify
Wilst keeping the clouds of despair denied
So that self’s tears down come down upon the soul as rain
For if I live howst can He in me be?
Did He not exclaim that in this world, His Head,
Hath no place to lay?
Therefore, this short term of the “hell of loving”
Must be exchanged for Faith
That a man prepare his soul for the Beloved’s long term stay
For in the end suffering is no more
As soul’s rest as One with the Fire and Light, the Christ
Wherein we shall forever praise His Holy Name
For the man who truly loves Christ
Will also love holy suffering
And after this period of the hell of loving
He shalst arise illuminated and never be the same
Why then talk about Love
As you run from the cross wilst trying so earnestly to explain?
Yea, what good does it do to talk about Love
That Ye knowest not
When ye reject the only key to your heart, the Cross
Which alone can only unlock?
For those that Love shall walk with suffering feet
Behold, He that first grows in Love
Will likewise grow in the same degree in grief
Yea, like a withering leaf!
I feel as though I fall into hell far beneath
Trampled upon by doubt, fear, worry and anxiety
But this is how, in the autumn of the soul, it first must be
For He is preparing thee for the souls’ endless Spring
And, unless a soul, see himself in humility, as a nothing
He will continually howl out into the night
Unseen and silently…
In this dark of the “hell of loving”

"The sorrows of hell encompassed me: and the snares of death prevented me."
[Psalms 17:6]

"Who is the man that shall live, and not see death: that shall deliver his soul from the hand of hell?"
[Psalms 88:49]

"Unless the Lord had been my helper, my soul had almost dwelt in hell."
[Psalms 93:17]

"The sorrows of death have encompassed me: and the perils of hell have found me. I met with trouble and sorrow:"
[Psalms 114:3]

"Though they go down even to hell, thence shall my hand bring them out: and though they climb up to heaven, thence will I bring them down."
[Amos 9:2] 

"And he said: I cried out of my affliction to the Lord, and he heard me: I cried out of the belly of hell, and thou hast heard my voice."
[Jonas (Jonah) 2:3]

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