"And I beheld, and heard the voice of one eagle flying through the midst of heaven,
saying with a loud voice: Woe, woe, woe to the inhabitants of the earth....
[Apocalypse (Revelation) 8:13]

Sunday, August 27, 2017

The Deadly 3 To The Enemy: Solitude, Silence, Suffering

The Deadly 3 To The Enemy:  Solitude, Silence, Suffering
By Eric Gajewski

We all should know that we are our own worst enemies.  The whole goal of this life is to move away from self into the Selfless Heart of the Savior but how few ever arrive at this heavenly state.  The enemy hates the Cross for obvious reasons for it helps us transform from the natural into the supernatural.  We, of course, to start with, must have proper doctrine but this is only a precursor to getting us into a state of grace.  Today I discuss the deadly “3” to the enemy for if one of these areas are lacking it is assured that you will not be making any progress.  Remember that nature wants to run from the Cross and Christ was fastened to it that we might overcome our nature.

First, solitude.  If you cannot learn to embrace solitude how can you ever go inward to embrace sacred silence?  It is required for any soul taking the spiritual life seriously to know his faith and read the great works of the Saints but how many can stand still even an hour to pray?  Amidst the clutter going on in your mind one can easily turn away at the beginning.  This is where it is truly hardest.  You must see your own self as an exiled hermit living in the world for the closer you cling to the world the more you run from Christ.  This is foundational in this path to perfection because you will assuredly not ever arrive at the blessed state of the mystical marriage if you cannot learn to break from the world and man.  The devil cringes when he sees you shutting off the TV or putting down your Iphone.  He wants you distracted as much as possible for not to go within and make the journey to His Heart is gain for the enemy.  Notice the example from Moses.  He broke away from “the pack” so to speak and ascended the Mountain Of God alone and so must we.

Second, silence.  Over time one will begin to appreciate the silence which at first can be frightening to souls serious about perfection.  Why?  Because there are many vipers within, these torturous doubts, anxieties and fears all wage war on the mind, body and soul.  "It is painful" cries the soul and the majority turn away and never even get out of the early stages of purgation.  If this is how you want to die with a long Purgatory ahead of you so be it.  Silence is necessary to hear God.  You will certainly not hear Him a lot during the early stages of purgation because you are still so far away from His Heart which is on the Seventh floor of the Fortress.  You hear Him every now and again as a whisper through the halls which give you new strength to continue on.  Prayer in the early stages of purgation is almost as if you are talking to a wall.  It is tough to constantly pray and suffer over and over without any “feeling” and yet this is exactly why it is necessary for us to be purged in the first place.  Silence helps you to understand yourself better (self-knowledge).  I encourage you all to get out and walk at least 30 minutes a day doing so just praying to Our Lord and in humility analyzing your own self and your weaknesses/faults.  If you are constantly busied on the surface how in the world will you advance?  Did not Christ carry the Cross in virtual silence and solitude Himself?  Yes, at a certain point of purgation (of the spirit) you will “feel” all alone as if the whole world has turned on you or perhaps left you.  This is necessary because in order to arrive at that blessed state IT MUST BE JUST YOU AND JESUS!  You must be detached from all creatures and this world for our Beloved is a jealous Beloved.

Lastly and most importantly holy suffering (our Cross).  Jesus first said we had to deny our own will and along this path of purgation/illumination you will learn to do this via grace.  For this work is not natural it is divine.  To deny our own self is a suffering to those at the outset of this journey.  Having said that our daily Cross is just that daily.  The Beloved will choose of what variety it shall be.  Holy suffering shall help you to bring you inward where the Kingdom of God is.  The heavier crosses will drive you so inward that it will seem as if you cant concentrate on nothing else and this is for good reason.  The Beloved is simply inviting you to constant dialogue with Him.  He wants your attention first and foremost.  He wants you to start paying attention to this inward transformation wherein you will begin to see changes in your own soul eventually (for those brave enough to stay the course).  You will one day feel a small fire burn within you which is consuming the rust of self within you.  Over time as you progress in Love and distance yourself from your will and way this Fire burns bigger and bigger!  You are progressing and moving upward and more inward in this Fortress because you are drawing nearer to resting inside His Sacred Heart alone.  Without the Cross you go nowhere spiritually.  Nature, of course, will despise all these three at the beginning but over time due to grace and a growth in your sanctification you begin to love them all. Why?  Because you are decreasing and He is increasing.  You are dying!  Happy, the man who dies and lives in Christ alone.  This is what the mystics call the mystical death wherein you “feel” like you are really dying but only are ultimately transforming wholly into Him.  He in you and you in Him.  An eagle now has His eyes of Charity seeing all things through the divine lenses.  You must, everyday, renew your intent to climb the stairs of this Fortress, this Holy Mountain of God, wherein only the brave few dare to reach.  To climb is to labor and fight against nature/self and against the Enemy daily.  At times you will think you will lose your mind and/or your own life and yet it is the only way to Heaven.  As Christ carried His Cross so must we but it is He who carries us ultimately…Distrust yourself and rely on His grace.

Only you can choose to become a Saint there are many “Catholics” who are trying to enjoy this life thinking they will enjoy the next and they are deceived.  Remember, our goal is not to see how long we can live but rather how far we can advance in Love.

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