"And I beheld, and heard the voice of one eagle flying through the midst of heaven,
saying with a loud voice: Woe, woe, woe to the inhabitants of the earth....
[Apocalypse (Revelation) 8:13]

Friday, August 25, 2017

Marie-Julie Jahenny's Vision of St. Catherine of Siena

Marie-Julie Jahenny's Vision of St. Catherine of Siena

Ecstasy dated February 2, 1876

During her suffering of the Way of the Cross, Marie-Julie Jahenny was heard to say:
“Here is St. Catherine of Siena, whom I already
know and with whom I have conversed.”
“My little sister,” she (Catherine) said, “you
know my devotion to Mary. I loved her very
much (when I was) still very small. I made Her
garlands of flowers that I went picking in the
fields. Then, kneeling under a tree or in the
fields, I would offer my bouquets and garlands
to my good Mother while going through the

Either a witness to this ecstacy, or a member of The Society "Friends of Marie-Julie Jahenny" did some research and found out the following information on St. Catherine confirming these details.
This is (how) Marie-Julie introduced me to the
love St. Catherine of Siena had for flowers. She
had this by revelation. I will check later
historians of the Saint.
“Blessed Catherine of Siena,” said Brother
Thomas, “was fond of flowers. Often, before
appearing in public, the divine love would cast
her in a holy languor and then she liked to sing
hymns among the flowers of the earth which
represented her Heavenly Bridegroom. She
formed with admirable art bouquets and crosses
then distributed them to excite in souls the love
of Our Lord. Brother Thomas was often
involved in these sweet gifts. These flowers
were the life of Blessed Catherine and her love
for God and neighbour. The Cross of Christ was
for her, the bed of His love. She had to gather
like the fragrant flowers a multitude of souls to
offer them to God. Her words and works were
bouquets which embalmed the earth. She
herself flowered in the season of flowers since
she went to heaven at the end of April, and since
her memory has been especially honoured with
flowers.” So said Brother Thomas.
“Catherine of Siena,” said Brother
Bartholomew, “was very fond of lilies, roses, violets and flowers. She constructed crosses and
magnificent bouquets when she finished her
penance. She had as companions, young girls
wearing the same clothes and (who had) the
same desires. They sang pious hymns together.”
According to a third companion, Elder Stephen
Maconi, “Such as the mouth is always talking
about the abundance of the heart, Catherine
never ceased talking to God and what pertains to
God. She sought, found Him, possessed by a
love in all current and actual. I remember when
she saw the flowers in a meadow, she said:
'Do you not see that all this honours God and
speaks of Him? These red flowers do they not
remind us of the terrible wounds of Jesus?'
When she saw an ant hill, she said:
'These little creatures like us came forth from the
Holy Thought of God and He has put as much
care to create insects and flowers as (He did) the
In Italy for Catherine, especially in Siena, we
fĂȘte, we celebrate the feast of Catherine on the
altars and littering the streets with leaves and
flowers. One day, if ever Marie-Julie arrives at
the honours of saintliness, (i.e. canonization)
we will gather in the meadows
of the La Fraudais all the little flower
girls that she so loved to touch her tomb and to
consider it a blessing.

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