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Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Francis: Christmas reminds us that Jesus was a migrant

Francis: Christmas reminds us that Jesus was a migrant
Here is your refugee propaganda for the day...
Yes, you remember when Jesus killed 130 people in Paris, and when he threatened to conquer the Vatican and behead the Pope himself, don’t you? Is the Pope actually saying that to be concerned about jihad terrorists and Sharia supremacists flooding into Europe with the migrant influx is tantamount to rejecting Jesus? Is he saying that opposing this influx out of concern for one’s family and society makes one un-Christian? No wonder the Church is offering no help against the Muslim migrant influx, but only making sure the gates are flung open as wide as possible.

For the Pope, apparently, the only acceptable definition of Christian charity is society and civilizational suicide.
Remember, this Pope has said that “we can speak today of an Arab invasion” of Europe — and it is one he is actively abetting. But the problem with the newcomers is not that they are Arabs, but that they are adherents of a violent and supremacist ideology that has a will to conquer and subjugate non-Muslim Europeans. If they succeed, it will be in large part because of the ignorance, complacency, and willing help of Pope Francis and his minions.
“Leave them; they are blind guides. And if a blind man leads a blind man, both will fall into a pit.” (Matthew 15:14)

“Christmas reminds us Jesus was migrant, like today’s refugees, pope says,” Daily Caller, December 11, 2016:
VATICAN CITY — As Pope Francis officially opened this year’s Christmas Nativity scene in St. Peter’s Square, he said Jesus was a “migrant” who reminds us of the plight of today’s refugees. Francis told donors who contributed both the Nativity set and an 82-foot tree that the story of Jesus’ birth echoes the “tragic reality of migrants on boats making their way toward Italy” from the Middle East and Africa today.
“The sad experience of these brothers and sisters recalls that of baby Jesus, who at the time of his birth could not find a place to stay when he was born in Bethlehem,” the pope said Friday (Dec. 9) during a brief address in the Vatican’s Paul VI Hall. “He was then taken to Egypt to escape threats from Herod.”
This year’s Christmas tree is an evergreen from northern Italy. The Nativity scene was donated by the government of the Mediterranean island nation of Malta and that country’s Catholic bishops. It was produced by Maltese artist Manwel Grech and features 17 figures dressed in traditional Maltese costumes as well as a replica of a typical Maltese boat…
The pope has spoken out in support of refugees many times and said there were many stories of migration in the Bible. “Today the current economic crisis unfortunately fosters attitudes of closure instead of welcome,” he said during a weekly audience at the Vatican in October.
“In some parts of the world walls and barriers are being built. It appears that the silent work of men and women who, in different ways, do what they can to help and assist refugees and migrants is being drowned out by the noise made by those who give voice to an instinctive egoism,” he said.

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