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Wednesday, December 14, 2016

TV Show Kicks Baby Jesus During ‘Christmas’ Special

TV Show Kicks Baby Jesus During ‘Christmas’ Special
The Attack on Christ, Christmas and Christianity in general continues...

Family Guy is no stranger to bashing Christianity and Sunday night's Christmas episode on Fox, "How the Griffin Stole Christmas," was no exception, featuring Jesus not only mocked but kicked at the nativity.

Although the Griffin family longs to go sledding, Lois tells them to get ready so they can attend church. Peter rudely objects, proclaiming Jesus Himself loved sledding, calling it His "second passion"—obviously cheapening the passion of Christ, the period of suffering Jesus underwent leading up to His death on the cross for our sins.
Lois: All right. You guys ready for church?
Peter: Church? What are you, an idiot? It's the first snow of the season. We're going sledding.
Chris: Please, can we, Mom?
Lois: Well, I mean, it's Sunday, and ...
Peter: Come on, Lois. After all, sledding was the second passion of the Christ.
Jesus: Eat this, for this is my dust! 
But it didn't stop there. Stewie crashes a corporate Christmas party, giving management some new ideas for firing employees. Consumed with guilt, he claims he ruined Christmas like the little drummer boy—cuing a nativity seen that goes wild, ending with baby Jesus getting kicked over.
Stewie: Oh, God, I've ruined Christmas. Like the Little Drummer Boy when he got really into Neil Peart (drumming).
Drummer Boy: "Our finest gifts we bring Pa-rum-pum-pum-pum." Christmas is gonna be sick! 
Truly disgusting, but certainly not surprising. Not really sure where the line is anymore when it comes to Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane. We can all agree at the very least, he should get coal on Christmas for this disaster

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