"And I beheld, and heard the voice of one eagle flying through the midst of heaven,
saying with a loud voice: Woe, woe, woe to the inhabitants of the earth....
[Apocalypse (Revelation) 8:13]

Friday, December 30, 2016

The False Hope of Francis

The False Hope of Francis
And His Traveling Modernist Circus
By: Eric Gajewski

On Wednesday amidst “circus-like” conditions Antipope Francis pitched his latest used car salesman speech in relation to “his hope for the future”.  Hope in what is the first question we ought ask.  Hope for what would be the next logical question.  By the time we are done with this article I hope to answer both questions but also help everyone understand that it is a giant “circus” these days in Rome.  Or as I say and endless Jerry Springer episode upon which we wake up to everyday as audience members.  “Fun time Francis” seemed to have a lot of fun with his immodest dressing circus performers and magicians.  Is there any way one of these magicians can make Francis just go away?

Hope in what?  We know these modernists hold to a “different Jesus and gospel” much like the Protestants do so when we say “hope” as Catholics it is quite different than when Francis and the Vatican II’ers say it.  Repeatedly they express their hope in humanity or mankind and yet Scripture says, Thus saith the Lord: Cursed be the man that trusteth in man, and maketh flesh his arm, and whose heart departeth from the Lord.” Jeremiah 17:5  After all, we are speaking about Paul the 6th’s “cult of man” wherein a new condemned humanistic philosophy is now taught along with FreeMasonic principles but hey I don’t want to be “too rigid”.  These modernists although they speak about Christ (whom they truly don’t know) place their hope in humanity and are in the process of rebuilding the new tower of babel.  We all know what happened the first time around do you really think this tower will not fall as well?  

Hope for what.  It is clear these heretics who occupy our buildings want to create a world where “everyone” and “every religion” is seen as equal.  Following Marxist and Masonic principles these heretics must create a world for the Antichrist suitable to his doctrine.  Therefore, “fun time Francis” and the modern Vatican Freak show have a false hope that we can all converge and coexist together even though Christ said (based upon His doctrine) that He had come to separate with the Sword.  Doctrine divides us.  However, the modernist, who is a subjectivist, a universalist, a Sillonist/Ecumenist does not see it that way.  I must recall what previous popes have said about these heretics further when they referred to them as “insane dreamers”.  Thus, Francis and the rest of those who follow the Vatican II new pastoral path live with a vision that was not founded by Christ and the early apostles.  Their new social justice gospel is not ours they are anathema.  They want a One World Religion which will be united by the False Prophet "Master Jesus" under the Antichrist Maitreya.

What Christ do they point towards?  The new one coming or our Christ?  Certainly, they do not speak of our Christ with all of the heretical doctrines they teach. This new civilization of love or new era that they speak of comes straight from Antichrist Maitreya himself and the pits of hell.  Christ had no such gospel of converging all religions together and in fact taught we ought avoid the heretic after second admonishment.  Francis a new age puppet.  This is admitted by the New Age themselves who state that Francis is simply playing “his part” in this endgame scenario unfolding.

Peace comes by way of the true Christ and Catholicism.  A Christ which the Vatican has long denied and a Religion certainly no longer found in Rome.  Modernist Rome has a different “Baskins Robbins” flavor of Catholicism.  There cannot be two different Catholicism’s equating to one.  There is no hermeneutics of continuity between the Catholic Religion (pre-Vatican II) and the Vatican II Novus Ordo Religion.  When they shall say peace and safety then sudden destruction cometh.  Who says peace?  Certainly, here Our Lord is not talking about one of His disciples or true follower’s. Yet, is this not what we see EVERYWHERE from the Vatican to the various television programs.  They all speak of this false peace and hope for a UNITED HUMANITY without boundaries.  This ties into why they are allowing these terrorists across the borders.  Even terrorists have their share in this united humanity but Catholics…..that is a different story.  The stage is being set for the arrival of Maitreya.

Hope without conversion.  A large number of people are ignorant or simply have no critical thinking skills whatsoever these days.  How can Francis and his cohorts say we have hope in Christ or for humanity when they do not even teach it is necessary to convert to the Catholic Faith (they say they profess).  What kind of idiot would not see how hypocritical that is?  Without the Catholic Faith (objectively speaking) you stand NO CHANCE of salvation and yet Francis and the new program of Vatican II have no such intention.  In fact, to attempt to convert someone to the true Faith is CONDEMNED and taught as utter nonsense.  It is as Fr. Malachi Martin said, “Catholics are being led out of the Catholic Religion into another…”  Antipope Francis preaches a false hope.

World Masonic Day of Peace.  By gaining control of the Vatican and virtually all of the mainstream media outlets the enemy can now preach their false hope and peace to the world.  Can you imagine if they would allow me on NBC, ABC or CNN to teach about real Catholicism.  You know how many times I would have to tell one of these heretics to shut up?  We are not wanted in this modern world good Catholic clinging to Tradition.  Thus, this is why God is about to virtually annihilate this planet and for good reason.  The breaking down of this modern world is necessary because it has largely lost its way and has no such intention of returning to Catholic Truth and God sees it.  How many commercials and TV programs these days suggest that all religions ought get together and quit the fighting?  How many attacks must there be on us “rigid Pharisees” who don’t want to “heretically evolve” as these goobers do?  I was up late the other night and several really bad local commercials came on.  I mean really bad, as in, why in the world was that ever put out to the public.  Yet what is coming from the Vatican and the mainstream media (in used car salesman fashion) is FAR WORSE on a daily basis so why do we accept the propaganda?  Because seemingly everybody else does?  Because the mainstream media is reliable, LOL.  We all know who is truly behind the fake news folks and this is why they must now try to put clamps on us.  We are being “brainwashed and psyoped” to death daily and we don’t even realize it.  So please bypass World Masonic Peace Day and get your home and communities ready for the period of human suffering ever known to mankind.  Turn off the TV and turn to Tradition.  Fun time Francis and His Vatican II circus are coming to town but will you by a ticket?

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