"And I beheld, and heard the voice of one eagle flying through the midst of heaven,
saying with a loud voice: Woe, woe, woe to the inhabitants of the earth....
[Apocalypse (Revelation) 8:13]

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

TradCatKnight Mail...

TradCatKnight Mail...
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PIZZAGATE: A Special Report on the Washington, D.C. Pedophilia Scandal




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Best regards,
TMR Editor

Mr. Gajewski,

I am a retired NYS public employee - I took an early retirement in 2010 to care for my elderly mother in my home.
I was baptised a catholic but never completed communion or confirmation.
Although, I have attended mass and am familiar with prayer, etc., I am for the most part, a non practicing catholic.
While working for NYS, I secured my BA from SUNY Oswego.

I was about nine years old when President Kennedy was murdered.
I suspected from that day forward, that there was something insidious and evil taking place behind the scenes in our society.
While working for NYS, I volunteered to work the call center during the World Trade Center tragedy because many of our colleagues were victims.
When I first heard the news, I immediately suspected an "inside job", and it really made me angry to think whoever did this could be so devoid of humanity.

Upon retirement in 2010, I commenced researching this very issue to determine the hidden hand behind the destruction of our society.
People who are challenging the "corporate government" are being arrested on specious or bogus charges and placed in political prisons.

The following is the story of one such family whose family members you may want to interview on your show.
Paul Stramer is a devout Catholic who is fighting for the release of the Bundy Family and others. http://www.paulstramer.net/

Judicial Tyranny against the Bundy Family and others in Nevada


This is critical AND DAMMING information you all need to knowabout the real story going on in Nevada.
The "government" is using every dirty trick in the book and inventing more dirty tricks to silence these Patriots.
They are nothing less than political prisoners. You need to realize how EVIL these judges and prosecutors really are.
The whole system is evil, and the people involved in the tyranny need to take the places in jail of the defendants.



PO Box 116
Eureka Montana 59917

You may also want to consider interviewing another devout Catholic by the name of Anna Von Reitz.
Here is her web site: http://annavonreitz.com/

Judge Anna Reitz and many retired judges, paralegals have done extensive research.
They have worked 24/7 to file proper legal actions to secure the return of our country to it's true federal status.
We haven't had a legitimate government since the Civil War and even before that.....read her research.

Due to lack of a quorum, Lincoln organized the country as a Delaware Corporation with the remaining congress functioning as a board of directors.
We have a "corporation" fronting itself as a legitimate functioning U.S. Government....it's fraud....and luckily..there is no statute of limitations for fraud.
We have representatives who truly only represent the  interests of the corporations not ours....and all these "representatives" are aware of this.




In the meantime please read, and save to your computer hard drive the following documents, which are historical to say the least.


Our collected federal income taxes are not even used for our beloved country, they go to Puerto Rico, then to the Vatican, then City of London,
and when they have all taken their cut, the remaining pittance comes back to Washington DC, Corporation to fund wars around the globe.
So it really doesn't matter who the "president" is because he's a president of a corporation not of a functional government.

A majority of American Nationals  -  a majority of Americans - are not required to have federal income tax withdrawn from their pay.

And are not required to file a federal income tax form for this reason - because all your federal taxes go to a "foreign" government corporation.
But they will not openly admit this....but it is a fact....they must provide a statutory remedy....and they do...it's called a revocation. Title 26 USC Sec 6013(g).
So the majority of Americans are not required to pay taxes, and why would you pay, only to have your money fund death and destruction around the world.


Their are even attorneys who are willing to complete the affidavit of Revocation of Election for you:

I want to congratulate you on your show where we can discuss subjects and people who clearly are bent on the destruction of our religion, culture and society.

Susan Eseltine

To the e-mail group on the Salza& Siscoe controversy with Father Kramer.  

Dear Friends,
            A pope who professes heresies is not deponendus, he is ipso facto depositus.
            A crime is a crime even before a judge recognises it.
            It is also contradictory to state that a notorious fact needs to be proved.
            A fact is deemed notorious when it is well known and a matter of self-
evidence. If a notorious fact needs to be proved by “witnesses or ‘instruments’,
that is, written documents then such fact is not notorious.
            In Italy it is notorious that Bergoglio is expressing a new gospel other
than the one preached ever since Apostolic times: both detractors but mainly
his supporters would not dispute that he is a “revolutionary pope”, making
fundamental changes to the Church and Doctrine.
            Here is just the latest example of an undisputed case: an article by
Eugenio Scalfari on Repubblica - one of the largest Italian daily newspaper
– reports his opinions, which are clearly a new orientation on matters of
Faith. Such statements attributed by Scalfari to Bergoglio, who is his close
friend, have not been corrected or recanted. See here below but sorry it is
available in Italian only and it would be nice if a native English speaker
would translate it
            It is so full of public heresies that it is actually an entirely new gospel.

            For instance:
1.      il Figlio di Dio quando decide di incarnarsi diventa realmente un uomo
con tutte le passioni, le debolezze, le virtù d’un uomo
Jesus is said here to share all the human weaknesses, also the
moral ones, the sins, while He is God, there is no sin in Him.

2.      Ognuno di noi ha una propria visione dell'Assoluto da questo punto di
vista il relativismo c'è e si colloca a fianco della nostra fede

3.      l'identificazione dei fedeli con Dio non ha bisogno dell'intermediazione
del clero ma avviene direttamente. Questo ci conduce al Dio unico e
assegna al sacerdozio un ruolo secondario. Così avveniva nei primi secoli
del cristianesimo, quando i Sacramenti erano direttamente celebrati dai
fedeli e i presbiteri facevano soltanto il servizio. Francesco è d'accordo
su queste tesi luterane che coincidono con quanto avvenne nei primi
            In the article there are though many other points which are clear heresies.
            Actually the all content of the cited piece is not just one or two heresies but
a complete rejection of various dogmas, an almost complete apostasy.
            See for simple reference the following commentary, which though is not an
exhaustive dissection of all the astounding assertions contained in the same.
In Christo Rege per Mariam Reginam
Maurizio d’Orlando

Marie Julie Jahenny.... sounds like the Vatican today
My children, what will be the greatest sorrow and the most heart-rending thing for Me is that some of My servants and apostles (i.e. priests), will not have the courage to preserve their faith and the dignity of their calling."
"You will see some - but not you personally -you will see some take up weapons after desecrating their dignity. They will mingle with the Godless. They will be the first to disgrace My holy Temple. My children,My temple will be destroyed, but it will be rebuilt."

Raymond L.

I am a fellow catholic who shares the exact same views as you no Fatima and the church. I have recently saw a show on youtube you had with late night midlands on Fatima planet x and the mess of the two popes.I would love a copy on that show
and matreiya , plus any other shows on these subjects.  Also how can I send you a donation.

Michael M.

Hi Eric,

Really appreciate your videos.  Have been a long time listener to Fr. Martin.

Been out of the fold for a while, mainly pray on my own since I believe the church has long been corrupted.  Started looking for real masses, but also not theological enough to gauge and judge the components to be a pre-Vatican ii mass.

Ironically enough,  looking in Massachusetts - so looking for a proper Mass in Mass I guess you could say.

God bless,

Fr. Kramer:
So, John Salza & Robert Siscoe: Are Cardinals Burke & Stickler peddling "sedevacantist theology"??? They say exactly what I say, but you accuse only ME of professing "sedevacabtist theology".

"Cardinal Burke: If a Pope would formally profess heresy he would cease, by that act, to be the Pope. It’s automatic. And so, that could happen."


Cardinal Alfonso Maria Stickler, points out that “ the prerogative of infallibility of office does not impede the Pope , as an individual, from sin and thus become personally heretical (...). In the case of an obstinate and public profession of certain heresy, since it is condemned by the Church, the Pope becomes "minor quolibet catholico" (a common phrase of canonists) and ceases to be pope (...). (A. M. Stickler, Sulle origini dell'infallibilità papale, "Rivista Storica della Chiesa in Italia" , 28 (1974), pp. 586-587).

Siscoe actually wrote back to me saying:

《We never claimed the that a Pope who obstinately professed a certain heresy was not minor quolibet catholico, or ceased to be Pope. This is one of the opinions concerning the “question of law” that goes back to the days of the 12th and 13th century Decretists.  It is one opinion among several which the Church alone has the authority to settle.   The erroneous "Sedevacantist theology" you profess is that a layman in the street or an ordinary priest has the authority to declare that a pope has lost his office for heresy and then formally separate from him.  Please cite an authority writing after the Fourth Council of Constantinople that supports that position.  》

    My authority after the Fourth Council of Constantinople is St. Robert Bellarmine in Book 4 of De Romano Pontifice: "Tametsi Liberius hæreticus non erat, tamen habebatur, propter pacem cum Arianis factam, hæreticus [...] Non enim homines tenentur, aut corda possunt scrutari; sed quem externis operibus hæreticum esse vident, simpliciter hæreticum iudicant, ac ut hæreticum damnant."
     Their main thesis is that a heretical pope remains in office as pope until he is judged by the Church, so Siscoe's protestation that, "We never claimed the that a Pope who obstinately professed a certain heresy was not minor quolibet catholico, or ceased to be Pope", is plainly disingenuous, and economical with the truth.

Fr. Paul Kramer

Howdy TradCatKnight,

Seems we've been having some trouble, here in the Diocese of Tulsa.  I thought you might be interested, as this is the work of a Francis Bishop.

Laramie H

Whatever Happened to Family-Friendly News

by Dr. Gary Welton

It seemed like a good idea. Prepare a national news broadcast that parents can watch with their children without fear of trauma, nightmares, or lewdness. If I can watch the news with my children, then I have a natural opportunity to discuss issues and problems of the day, encouraging my children to be informed consumers of current events. This experiment of family-friendly news became the policy of certain news outlets in the 1990s, but was quickly co-opted by Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky. The Clinton sex scandal took the national news in directions that were not family friendly—never mind the fact that there are certain subjects that I myself as an adult do not want to think about while I am eating my dinner. The “family-friendly news era” was so short that when I search for the term today, I get only 19 hits.

Of course, news has never been entirely family friendly. Television news has always covered stories of fatal airline disasters, bridge failures, devastating storms, African famines, and military conflicts. The reality is that our world is not always family friendly, and part of my parental responsibility is to guide and teach my children about threats, dangers, and wise ways to protect oneself.

That being said, the news over the last 20 years has been far from family friendly. We’ve seen images of airplanes intentionally flying into buildings, Americans choosing to jump from those towering infernos, and skyscrapers collapsing before our eyes. We’ve seen bombings at iconic events like the Boston Marathon. We’ve watched live military battles in the Middle East.

Obviously, the media make many choices in which they edit harrowing images. The stories we have seen of late from Syria have been horrifying, yet only cover a small part of the actual atrocities in cities like Aleppo. The realities around us are not family friendly; neither are they adult friendly. I wish I did not need to think about the intense struggles that occur around the world and within our own cities and towns. Nevertheless, as an American adult, I need to be informed, in spite of my natural desire to just think in terms of personal peace and affluence.

A recent example comes from October, when the release of president-elect Donald Trump’s lewd statements on a bus several years ago forced the national news to cover stories of selfish sexual fantasy. Jimmy Carter’s 1976 quote to Playboy (“I've looked on a lot of women with lust. I've committed adultery in my heart many times”) pales by comparison to some of the things being covered today.

One of the focal points on colleges and universities across America today is the issue of sexual assault. The issue is being framed as a violation of Title IX. According to a Huffington Post story, there are 315 colleges and universities under investigation for Title IX issues; many of these focus particularly on sexual assault. At the very point in time when we are trying to teach our young men dignified, mature, and legal means of interacting with young women, we are hearing news stories about lewd speech.

It just became that much harder to parent mature boys and men in our modern culture.

Where has our society come, and where is it going? Although Christianity is a strong and growing force on several continents, the secularization of America is evident in our national surveys and in our daily lives. It is unreasonable for me to expect my secular neighbors to adhere to my own moral standards and mores. In fact, as our country becomes increasingly secular, we are finding that our national morals have degraded. Carter’s once-shocking 1976 admission of his private thoughts have been replaced by verbal descriptors of lewd sexual talk, creating negative role models.

Today’s news is not family friendly. I hope and pray that we can take the stories of 2016 and establish more positive norms and mores of decency, civility, and love for our neighbor. We can do it but we’ve got our work cut out for us.

Hi Eric.

Check out my analysis of The Economist cover 2017

I think I maybe have found hidden coordinates
for nuclear attack - New York City


Best wishes,

Hi Eric!
     I think what's that all about is the phenomenon that we're seeing and have seen for some time, but now is sort of becoming much more pointed. That is the phenomenon of the Modernists polarizing into conservative and liberal factions. With the 4 cardinals and some bishops objecting publicly to the pope's letter on marriage, even some traditional Catholics are shouting "our saviors at last" forgetting that, while it is good that someone in the hierarchy is saying something, even these guys are all still Modernist heretics. In fact, at least one of them quoted Vatican II in his objections, as if that were a solidly Catholic source!  Notice none of them has taken a stand against Vatican II, or the novus ordo, or anything that the worthless Modernist imbecile popes have said or done over the last 60 years, and suddenly Amoris Laetitia is something "up with which they will not put"!  Really?!!! (If you'd like me to point that out on the air I'd be happy to!)
     All that aside I will be praying for a blessed and grace-filled Christmas Season for you and your loved ones.
God Bless You! Viva Cristo Rey!
Rt. Rev. Msgr. Patrick J. Perez

Holy Bat Guano, Batman!

Billy Graham's family is of Jewish ethnicity that immigrated from the Minsk region of Belarus. Their family name was Franks. This is supposedly why their male offspring have first or middle names of Franklin.

Now I am not saying that Graham and co. are bad people. Of course I am no fan of Baptists and Presbyters many of whom are masons. Billy Graham was a big time Mason (which of course makes me very suspect). Yet, this is just one more evidence point of the many Jews in Europe and America that supposedly converted to Christianity. The Spanish and Portuguese used the term "Morrano" to tag such people who converted simply to advance in Christian society and avoid any potential reprisals or discrimination due to their Jewish heritage.

Over time I guess it became rather convenient for Jews all over the place. I could name other famous Americans and Europeans, but that would probably cause cognitive dissonance on the line.



I guess I am only human. Had a mistake. You will note the mistake is two miracles with the same picture/ story. Changed that. Now we got St. Bonaventure's politically incorrect miracle in the mix.

Merry Christmas, Ron Westernik


Kathleen Keating now in Houston
Hi Eric, I'm a listener. My name is Ronald. I used to listen to Kathleen back
in the 90s and early 00s, her Enigma Radio show and the news blog.
After her disappearance and rosary shop (Fleur de Lis media) went down,
I thought Fr. Kramer would know what happened to her but he didn't or
respected her privacy. He was a constant guest on her show, so probably
still knows what's up with her, I thought she passed away, however now I
no longer do, the picture of the woman working as Parish Administrator
at St. Bernadette in Houston is her. I can tell because I recall her older
photograph and it's definitely her with the red hair and blue eyes, aquiline nose.
She did have health concerns of some kind when her show went off, she said.

Do you know anything further about this ? Are you thinking about contacting
her via St. Bernadette's ? Unfortunately, the mystery will only deepen if the
photo on LinkedIn is not the person - and she does not work there.

Be assured that anything you say with me stays between us.


Listened to breaking news on Ann Barnhardt. I wrote to her several months ago explaining my discouragement with her wanting to fight side by side with the Jews in a video she put out several years ago, but that I enjoyed her recent articles which were posted on TCK. I sent her a small donation and never heard back from her.
Look on the bright side, perhaps with Bix being on your show you will now have 7 viewers to your website.

Chris G

Dear TCK:
God bless you abundantly for supporting Fr. Kramer. And keep up all the excellent work!

Marny B. Medeiros and family

Hi there,
I am reaching out to you today because of a desire to Spread the Gospel. I have found a biblical way to do so through a short e-book I made called "Stories From Hell". It is a short, fictional story about an individual who hears about the truth of eternity, the seriousness thereof, and is then told The Gospel. I wanted to reach out to like-minded believers that have a desire to spread The Gospel. This will also be an encouragement to your congregation to give this e-book to their friends and family that are not saved.

Here is an attachment to the book which is available on Amazon:


God Bless!


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