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Thursday, November 3, 2016


Remember its the doctrines first before the question of the Mass
Vatican II does not all teach the Catholic Faith overall

Because six Protestant ministers collaborated in making up the New Mass: George, Jasper, Shepherd, Kunneth, Smith and Thurian:

We can see why he made this statement he did! He knew at first-hand!

The New Mass or Novus Ordo was examined in detail by a group of Catholic theologians in Rome in 1969. On their behalf Cardinal Ottaviani wrote to Pope Paul VI condemning it on 27 counts as being simply not a Catholic Mass: "It teems with insinuations or manifest errors against the integrity of the Catholic religion. It has no intention of presenting the Faith as taught by the Council of Trent, to which nonetheless the Catholic conscience is bound forever. It will thoroughly please all those groups on the verge of apostasy, who have been at work ravaging the Church, corrupting its organism, and assaulting its doctrinal, liturgical, moral and disciplinary unity, in a period of spiritual crisis that is without precedent."

More from the false-ecumenism of Thurian:
"Unity: does it not consist in loving our brothers, still separated from us, whom we desire to have living with us in the same house?...Unity today in the churches exists as we renounce all our divisive ways, only holding to the fundamental faith which saves and joins us." (Max Thurian as quoted in La Croix, January 26, 1984)

 In order to grasp the striking similarities between the Novus Ordo Mass of today and Martin Luther's own concocted "Evangelical Mass", it is well worth reading accounts of his early Evangelical Masses:

"During the night of December 24/25 1521, large crowds began arriving at the parish church... The evangelical Mass was about to begin; Karlstadt goes to the pulpit; he is to preach on the Eucharist. He claims that Communion under both species is obligatory and that prior Confession is not required. Faith alone matters. Karlstadt approaches the altar in secular dress, recites the Confiteor, and begins the Mass proper in the usual manner, up to the Gospel. The Offertory and the Elevation, that is those parts which express the idea of the Sacrifice, are omitted. After the Consecration comes the Communion. Many of the congregation have not been to Confession and many have not fasted, not even from alcohol. They approach the Communion table with the others. Karlstadt distributed the hosts and offers the chalice. The communicants receive the consecrated bread in the hand and casually drink from the chalice. A host falls to the ground and Karlstadt beckons to a lay person to pick it up. The layman demurs, and Karlstadt allows it to remain where it is for the time being, cautioning the congregation, however, not to step on it." (Christiani, p. 281-83)

That same Christmas day another priest in the same district gave communion under both species to about fifty persons, of whom only five had gone to Confession. The rest had received a general absolution, their penance being the recommendation to resist sin...

In the meantime, Zwilling, having left his monastery, was preaching at Eilenberg. He had discarded the habit and was now bearded. Dressed in lay clothes, he fulminated against privately celebrated Masses. On New Year's Day, he distributed Communion under both species. The hosts were passed from hand to hand. Several were pocketed by the communicants. One lady, while receiving, allowed fragments to drop to the ground. No one appeared to notice. The faithful helped themselves generously to the chalice.

On 29 February 1522, Zwilling married Catherine Falki. By this time there had occurred a rash of marriages of priests and monks. The monasteries were beginning to empty. Those monks who remained removed all altars save one, destroyed statues and images and even the Holy Oils.

Among the clergy, Anarchy reigned. Each priest celebrated Mass in his own fashion...

The order of Mass was set to include the Introit, the Gloria, the Epistle, the Gospel and the Sanctus, followed by a sermon. The Offertory and the Canon were both abolished. Henceforth the priest was to simply narrate the institution of the Lord's Supper, reciting aloud in German the words of the Consecration, and distributing Communion under both species. The Agnus Dei, the Communion prayer and the Benedicamus Domino were sung to end the Mass."

(from Léon Christiani, Du luthéranisme au protestantisme (1910), p 281-85)
For Luther, the Mass, which to him is simply meant to be a communion, has been subjected to a triple bondage:

-the laity has been deprived the use of chalice
-the Mass has been made into a Sacrifice
-they have been bound as to a dogma to the Thomistic opinion of transubstantiation

In his work on privately celebrated Masses, Luther seeks to demonstrate that the Catholic Priesthood is a creation of Satan. He bases this assertion On the principle, henceforth fundamental to his thinking, that what is not in Holy Scripture is an addition of Satan. Accordingly, for Luther, since Scripture makes no mention of the visible Priesthood, there can be but one priest and one Pontiff, Christ. With Christ we are all called to the Priesthood, thus making the Priesthood at once unique and universal. What folly to seek to limit it to the few. Similarly, all hierarchical distinctions between Christians are worthy of the Antichrist, "WOE THEREFORE, TO THOSE WHO CALL THEMSELVES PRIESTS!"

Here we have another example of Lutheranism, the blurring of the very distinct lines of the Royal Priesthood and laity.

From a Novus Ordo website on the use of "chalice bearers":

(Note the unforunate use of Protestant terms and theology, such as 'service' for 'Mass' (FOUR TIMES!), laity with a "ministry", etc.)

"Chalice Bearers (or Lay Eucharistic Ministers) are a vital part of the Liturgy here at the Cathedral Church of St. John. These dedicated individuals assist the Clergy in distributing the Consecrated Elements to the congregation.

Chalice bearers serve at most services where communion is offered. Usually, seven chalice bearers serve each Sunday: one at 8:00 AM, three at 9:00 AM, and two at 11:00 AM. On some occasions, as many as nine are required to cover all three services. They also serve at special services such as Christmas, Holy Week, and Ash Wednesday.

Currently, we have 18 dedicated individuals committed to this ministry. On several Sundays some folks will do back-to-back services to ensure that we have sufficient Chalice Bearers to support the Clergy. This amazing group of parishioners sees that their ministry is fulfilled, and maintain an incredible bearing of dignity and reverence. If you feel called to this ministry, please contact Dean or Roger."

Well played, Luther, well played...

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