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"And I beheld, and heard the voice of one eagle flying through the midst of heaven,
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[Apocalypse (Revelation) 8:13]

Monday, October 10, 2016

The Cross Catalyst: Turn Away From The World

The Cross Catalyst: Turn Away From The World
By: Eric Gajewski

Those who find their eyes fixated upon this world are in great danger.  The worldly do not think of the next world, death in general nor are they interested in attempting to please God.  We know from the Word that a friend of this world is the enemy of God therefore He grants the world a gift, the Cross.  Without your daily Cross you would be continually allured and deceived by the world.  Without your daily Cross it would not be possible for you to grow in Selfless Love.  The Cross is given as counter measure to the haughty self which so seeks to ruin souls and yet we still complain over the least bit of suffering.  Yea, the Cross is a Catalyst into the Divine Life and yet men still want to remain living in the natural alone.

The worldly are too busy for Crosses.  One of the hallmark signs of being in the "dark night" is this “slowing down” of one’s life.  As the Cross gets heavier our feet get heavier and thus the whole world seems to slow.  In the Book of Lamentations we find this slowing down and ultimately man is on found on “this island”.  We find him desolate.  He hath turned aside my paths, and hath broken me in pieces, he hath made me desolate.  Lamentations 3:11  As I have stated modern man has built a false city of security around him of which God is about to destroy.  God has to take a man out of "his world" long enough in so that He can get man reacquainted with what truly is important.  We need to grow in virtue and thus in the same book of Lamentations we see the work of God in the soul.  It is good to wait with silence for the salvation of God.  Lamentations 3:26  Modern man is used to getting his way fast but in this purification process it shall come slow and deliberate.  It will require much grace for the soul to advance in patience through this deafening silence awaiting upon the salvation from His God.  But man must understand his place once again for he currently is found on the throne of his own heart.

Heavy Crosses very hardened spines.  So many these days are stiff in their ways.  They do not want to hear Catholic truth anymore.  The rebellious and prideful are hardened unto their very backbones and thus the Cross makes for a good remedy.  The more prideful one is the heavier the Cross that is gifted.  The heavier the Cross the more it draws our eyes downward away from this world so that we can see we are following in our own selfish footprints.  The Jews did not want  a Messiah upon the Cross they wanted one to rule materially in this world which is why they have been planning this world for their new phony messiah to arrive on the scene shortly.  Crosses are meant to draw you within so that your eyes may not be deceived by the false allurements of this world any longer.

Nature would dictate we run from the Cross.  Grace is required for this work within.  Those who do not want "the world to come" will try to run from their Cross and stay in this one.  Yet, Our Lord makes it clear that He who wishes to save his life will lose it.  He will not only lose his life here but he lose it in the world to come.  Self, is the 4th enemy of the soul.  We must be on guard against it every minute of the day.  We need the Blessed Virgin Mary to be the guard at the door of our hearts.  We need every grace we can get in order to grow and expand in Selfless Love.  Our end goal is charity alone yet self has eyes which are big and that ultimately seek to draw in Lucifer’s false light in this world.

Nailed to the Cross.  Christ was so empty and void of self that He gave His very Body even His Heart.  What do you give to Jesus daily?  Do you seek to be nailed to the Cross in His Love as well or are you only trying to do what you think you can which is not very much outside of His grace.  Are you nailed to the Cross so your eyes can look upward for help?  Or does the very notion of not being in control so repulse you that you remain fixated upon "things".  When the chastisements come men as a whole will be thrown into this dark night and yet how will the majority respond?  Will they respond in grace and see that it is necessary or will they “tap out” and concede unto despair.  Or worse yet will the law of the jungle prevail universally in the world as we walk through blood stained streets?  Sadly, I believe the suicide rates will only skyrocket from here onward due to self.  In the end, quit viewing your daily Cross, no matter how big or small, as a serpent and rather see it as your opportunity to grow within.  We all need it and every soul in Purgatory right now wished they had heard more writings like these to remind them.  They missed out on these daily opportunities but how will you respond?  Their silent screams call out into the night demanding the living “change” and yet the worldly sleepwalk throughout the day not understanding that they already have hell within.  Spend more time daily analyzing the opportunities you missed (as we all do miss them) so that you will recognize these Crosses as they are occurring and embrace them.  Let God lead the process, therefore, hand the wheel over to God now and take the passenger seat.  His Will be done!