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Thursday, October 6, 2016

New Miracle At Lourdes?

New Miracle At Lourdes?

Young Wheelchair Bound Woman Walks Again at Lourdes 

(Paris) On Tuesday, September 27 occurred in Lourdes, the famous Marian shrine in the French Pyrennäen a miraculous healing. During a pilgrimage by the Italian Lourdes Association UNITALSI, pilgrims visited the water basin and the waterway into which the spring water flows that St. Bernadette Soubirous (1844-1879) found at the direction of the Blessed Mother, who told Bernadette on 25 February 1858: "Drink from the fountain and wash yourself." The water is said to have a healing effect. 50 of the 69 recognized miraculous cures are associated with contact with this water.

Among the pilgrims there was also a 28 year old Sicilian woman with a brain tumor, who has been bound to a wheelchair for years. The mother accompanied the daughter in a wheelchair to the waterway. According to numerous coinciding testimonies, the young woman suddenly jumped up from her wheelchair upon arriving at the Holy Door, to the amazement of those present, and ran for joy off towards the grotto where the Virgin Mary had appeared for the first time to Saint Bernadette. After several steps, she stumbled over her own legs. A doctor rushed to her aid and carried out an initial investigation. Priests came near and prayed with weeping for joy, as the young woman got up and was able to move without restriction on her own legs.
As a witness told the press office Basilicata (USB)  that she met the young woman in the afternoon of the same day again. The young Sicilian woman could move around without any help or restriction. When asked where she was going , she replied: "I want to go to Jesus".
On the official website of the Marian Shrine, it states: "According to the Catholic understanding, God heals through the natural elements and the sacraments, through the intercession of the Virgin Mary, the saints and the prayer of Christians. Thus, this water is a sign, not a fetish. Bernadette Soubirous said: "One takes the water like a medicine ... One must have faith and we must pray: this water would have no effect without faith"
The news of a possible miracle cure should be treated with due caution, until appropriate investigations carried out by the competent authorities. In the following video a witness describes the incident.