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Thursday, October 6, 2016

Catholic Missionaries Killed In Mexico By Cartel (VIDEO)

Four Christian Missionaries Get Kidnapped By Drug Cartel In Mexico, The Cartel Horrifically Tortures Them And Murders All Of Them


 EXTREME WARNING! Sensitive Content

By Theodore Shoebat
Four Christian missionaries in Mexico got kidnaped by Mexican narcos who then subsequently tortured and murdered them. According to one Mexican report, four young Catholic missionaries were tortured and shot dead in the western state of Michoacan, and this was also recounted by Hipolito Mora, founder of the self – defense forces, the Autodefenses, in that region of Mexico.
The four had been deprived of their freedom last Saturday by an armed group in the town of La Ruana, in the municipality of Buenavista Tomatlan, which were part of the Catholic evangelizer Arcoiris group.

The bodies of the victims were identified as Willibald Hernandez, Adam Valencia, Jesus Lopez Urbina and Jesus Ayala Aguilar.
Mora accused the cartel H-3, an organization which infiltrated infiltrated in the Autodefensas, of being responsible for the killings of the four Christians.
The Catholic youths whose bodies had signs of torture “were good people, hardworking people,” according to Moro, noting that one of them, Jesus Ayala, had lost his father in the attack on 16 August 2014 by the H-3.
On September 19, Catholic priest José Alfredo Lopez Guillen in the municipality of Puruándiro was murdered.
In the first four days of this month now a total 16 people have been shot dead in Michoacan, mostly in the region of Tierra Caliente .
The most powerful narcos in Michoacan are Jalisco New Generation Cartel (CJNG), the Knights Templar, The Viagras, and the H-3, including small organizations engaged in the production and trafficking of a synthetic drug known as crystal.
The murder of Catholics in Mexico is a form of Christian persecution just as horrific as the Christian persecution taking place in the Islamic world. This is why I did a whole documentary about Mexico and the horrific violence happening there:

EXTREME WARNING! Sensitive Content