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[Apocalypse (Revelation) 8:13]

Monday, October 3, 2016

New Mass Is Valid Therefore I Can Go?

New Mass Is Valid Therefore I Can Go?
By: Eric Gajewski

The New Mass is valid therefore I can go…No, it is illicit and schismatic thus this is not so.  There has been a lot of confusion in “trad land” these days over whether or not a Catholic can/ought go to a New Mass or not.  Many still seem to be caught up in the argument that the new Mass is valid and therefore we can go to this Mass but is this true?  Although some of the New Masses may indeed be invalid, the majority, as is, are not but this is still not reason to assist at any New Mass.  The New Mass still remains illicit and schismatic and therefore (objectively speaking) you displease Jesus (aka you mortally sin) when you attend these Masses (when you have knowledge) that are illicit and schismatic.  This is what we need to be teaching as Catholics and not trying to tap-dance around this argument.

Eucharistic Miracles?  Supposed “Eucharistic miracles” is not a sufficient answer for Catholics to be accepting in order toattend these protestant masses?  I do not buy these supposed claims as a good number of you do not as well.  Keep in mind there are supposed "miracles" in the various heretical/schismatic sects as well.  Various saints warned that heretics could work false miracles via the aide of the devil and we were warned in these endtimes that because of the true Faith being extinguished there would "false prodigies" everywhere.  Just as I dont believe in "all the weeping Madonnas" around the world (in which Maitreya claims)  so do I not believe in these supposed eucharistic miracles.  Do I trust a Novus Ordo bishop's judgement on the matter? Absolutely not he cant even get the basics of Catholic doctrine down.  We must handle the Conciliar Church as we do the Greek/Russian Orthodox Church and they are heretical and schismatic. So what about the Conciliar Church?  Do they profess the Catholic Faith?  Any real traditionalist should know that the Conciliar Church is not holding the true Faith (objectively speaking) anymore.  Archbishop Lefebvre said the Conciliar Church was heretical and schismatic (material schism) and Father Hesse said the same.  So what has changed?  Nothing, therefore we keep this position and must resist anyone who says otherwise. I would argue there is more “Catholicity” in the Greek/Russian Church than the Novus Ordo therefore this ought be “a no brainer”.  Do not get hung up on the question of validity for it is much more than that.

Canon Lawyer: New Mass is a Schismatic Rite  

Argument:  Jesus is present in valid Masses therefore the Faith is present?  This is not at all the case.  Again, if the Russian/Greek Churches have valid Masses can we say they are keeping the Faith?  Of course not.  The question is not whether “Jesus is present”…the question is whether something is allowed and on the basis of the New Mass not being allowed (per infallible church teaching) you cannot go to it.  Father Hesse repeatedly covered this in his talks.  He also covered how we cannot approach doubtful Sacraments per canon law.  So why are a lot of “trads” getting caught up on the mass is valid and there are “Eucharistic miracles”?  This does not give you license to go to something which is intrinsically evil and not allowed by the Church.

Who says the New Mass?  I don’t know of any REAL traditionalist who stands behind the New Mass, that is, to say, they reject the Vatican II Revolution.  So who are the priests who say the New Mass?  They are priests who follow and teach the New Religion of Vatican II.  They are priests who teach heresy and are in material schism with the Church already.  Our Lord and Lady warned of this evil Mass back in the early 1900’s through approved mystic Marie Julie Jahenny.  It is the modernists who have an entirely new conception of Catholicism who are behind the New Mass.  The New Mass is the Conciliarists new mass.  It is Protestant.

Fr Hesse: Cardinal Stickler says new Mass is Protestant 

Grace from the New Mass itself?  There are many who maybe going to the New Mass ignorantly who, indeed, are not trying to be heretics but this does not mean they are getting grace from the New Mass itself.  Grace can be received through the Church itself and even Our Lady, therefore, we cannot argue that the New Mass itself is giving anyone grace.  In fact it was those of the "old guard" such as Fr. Martin who said otherwise.  Finally, we know per the Council of Trent (canon 7 session 13) that the New Mass is schismatic.  Pope Paul the 6th put himself outside the Church by making a “new order of rite” which Trent anathematized.  The New Mass is not a development of the same Latin Rite as so many false traditionalists say.  In fact if you want to know you are in a pseudo traditionalist group just see if they use these terms or not (Extraordinary/Ordinary).  No, the New Mass is an entirely new order of rite which pertains to the Conciliar Church or the cult of man as Paul 6th called it.  It is not a Catholic’s Mass nor I any Catholic obliged to accept it.  

Priest Who Translates the New Mass Publicly Repents  

Vatican II has: a new philosophy, new doctrines, new catechisms, a new theology, was a called Church of New Advent (not Catholic) and has a new mass.  The Conciliar Church is in material schism and does not hold the Faith.  People are being pitched the Novus ordo under the banner of Catholicism and it is not.  Therefore, we must not say “Novus ordo Catholic” because there is a difference between the two religions.  The New Mass belongs to the Concilairists not Catholics therefore do not buy into any lame attempt to suggest we ought be attending these Masses.  On top of that you ought not be attending an indult mass either because they are not keeping the Faith either.  We are Faith first peoples and unfortunately the vast majority are not keeping the Faith these days. Objectively speaking the protestant “faith” does not please Jesus nor does the Novus ordo “Faith” please Jesus therefore we must keep ourselves separate from these buildings who have alienated the Faith.

Father Hesse: The New Mass is Reflection of Modernist's New Faith  

Saint Cyprian, “The schismatic dares to set up an altar and to profane the Truth of the Divine Victim by means of false sacrifices”

St. Jerome, “God hates the Sacrifices of these heretics and pushes them away from Himself and whenever they come together in the Name of the Lord he abhors their stench and holds His nose.”

Fr. Capello (1962), “FR. FELIX M CAPPELLO, S. J.
[Tractatus Canonico-moralis de Sacramentis, (Turin:Marietti), 1962, I, p. 462.]
Priests who are separated from the Church, although they validly sacrifice in the name of Christ, nevertheless do not offer the sacrifice as ministers of the Church and in the person of the Church itself. For the priest is commissioned by the Church to pray to intercede, and to offer in its name, and in regard to this, the Church can take away from a separated priest the ability to sacrifice in its name

Bishop Richard Williamson said:
"There have been Eucharistic Miracles in the Novus Ordo Mass" [6:50]... Therefore, there are cases that even at the Novus Ordo Mass, one can attend it with the effect of building the faith instead of destroying" [8:58] If you watch and pray even there you can find god's grace" [10:00]. (Conference in New York, July 2015)

Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre said:
"It is all wasted because the holy Sacrifice of the Mass, desecrated as it is, no longer confers grace and no longer transmits it." (In his 1986 book: Open Letter to Confused Catholics Ch. III pg. 19.)​

There are more statements from Archbishop Lefebvre and Fr. Hesse which corroborate with this same line of thought:

Archbishop Lefebvre:
  • “The Church which affirms such errors is both schismatic and heretical. This Conciliar Church is therefore not Catholic.” (July 29, 1976, Reflections on the Suspension a divines)
  • “We believe we can affirm, purely by internal and external criticism of Vatican II, i.e. by analysing the texts and studying the Council’s ins and outs, that by turning its back on tradition and breaking with the Church of the past, it is a schismatic council.” (Le Figaro, August 4, 1976)
  • And we have the precise conviction that this new rite of Mass expresses a new faith, a faith which is not ours, a faith which is not the Catholic Faith. This New Mass is a symbol, is an expression, is an image of a new faith, of a Modernist faith..." (Sermon of Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre for the Ordination Mass on the Feast of SS. Peter and Paul, Ecône, Switzerland, 29 June 1976.)
  • "It is not a choice between two rites that could be good. This is a choice between a Catholic rite and a rite that is practically favoring Protestantism." (Archbishop Lefebvre, 1990)
Fr. Gregory Hesse also agrees the Newmass is schismatic.
"Based on what has been stated by Archbishop Lefebvre, namely that the Newmass is a "schismatic rite", we would like to quote Pope Leo XIII and Saint Thomas Aquinas to prove that even though a schismatic sacrament may be valid, it does not have the guarantee of the graces and fruits that normally would flow from them, and also that they are like an amputated member of body (Church):

"From this it follows also that they cannot promise themselves any of the graces and fruits of the perpetual sacrifice and of the sacraments which although they are sacrilegiously administered are none the less valid and serve in some measure to form an appearance of piety, which St Paul mentions ICorinthians chapter 13 and which St. Augustine speaks of at greater length." (Serm. LXXI, in Matth., 32)
Pope Leo XIII Eximia Leatitia, July 19, 1893, to the bishops of Poitiers

The form of the branch may still be visible, even apart from the wine, but the invisible life of the root can be preserved only in union with the stock. That is why the corporal sacraments, which some keep and use outside the unity of Christ, can preserve the appearance of piety. But the invisible and spiritual virtue of true piety cannot abide there anymore than feeling can remain in an amputated member." (
Sermon of St. Augustine on the Gospel of St. Matthew). So there's no grace that flows from their sacraments.

"And since the conservation of the Eucharist is a power which follows the power of Order, such persons as are separated from the Church by heresy, schism, or excommunication, can indeed consecrate the Eucharist, which on being consecrated by them contains Christ's true body and blood; but they act wrongly and sin by doing so; and in consequence they do not receive the fruit of the sacrifice, which is a spiritual sacrifice." St. Thomas Aquinas [IIIa q. 82 art. 7, c]

"The priest, in reciting the prayers of the Mass, speaks in the person of the church, in whose unity he remains; but in consecrating the sacrament he speaks in the person of Christ, whose place he holds by the power of his Orders. Consequently, a priest severed from the unity of the Church celebrates Mass, not having lost the power of Order, he consecrates Christ's true body and blood; but because he is severed from the unity of the Church, his prayers have no efficacy. St. Thomas Aquinas [IIIa q. 82 art. 7, ad 3um]​

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