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[Apocalypse (Revelation) 8:13]

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Islamic Persecution: Bringing the Protestants Home?

Islamic Persecution: Bringing the Protestants Home?
By: Eric Gajewski
Where Mary is there also is Her Son and the Catholic Church...

I have been a witness to many converted souls to the Catholic Faith from Protestantism since my work first began.  In fact, I argue it has been easier to convert souls from denominational Protestantism than the Novus Ordo itself.  Yet, there are still many Protestants who (looking from the outside) equate Catholicism to what has been going on in Rome for over the past 50 years and sadly they are misled.  What has been going on in the Vatican for well over the past 50 years has not been Catholic and indeed we find ourselves in the Universal apostasy forewarned in Scripture and Tradition.  Having said all of this it is still ignorance which keeps some away and still pride for others but what could potentially bring Home some souls who are currently separated from the Body of Christ?  I would argue that the emerging Islamic threat and Persecution will drive Home many more heretics to the true Faith as I lay out this thesis via a short story.

A Mother was blessed to have a dozen sons all living under one roof.  As time progressed the children fought and fought so much so that some began to leave the original Home, this Fortress, which housed them all.  They all broke off into the varying parts of town which caused the Mother much grief for it has always been the Father’s Will that we all be united under one roof.  Unfortunately it was egos and pride which caused the division.  Thus, all that remained in the original Home were 3 sons with the other 9 going their own way and spread themselves throughout the town. 

One day the town was invaded by a rather aggressive force who sought to burn down every house in town.  Their ultimate goal was to reach and invade the Fortress.  During this persecution the scattered sons recalled those days of unity and how as "One House" they were seemingly unconquerable. This Fortress had Walls which could not be overcome.  However, they were spread out now and the sons saw how this invading force was seemingly too much to overcome (as isolated and disjointed as they were).  If only they would return to the Fortress they would be safe.  As time passed and more and more were slaughtered they began to realize how they should never had left in the first place and so in humility they returned.  They returned in the truest sense by both apologizing to each of the other siblings but also to their Mother who eagerly awaited for their arrival Home.  They recanted their erroring ways.  Thus, it was this through this adversity, a force from without, which drove them within, that is, safely into the dwelling of the Fortress.  

So too shall it be for a good number of Protestants.  As Islam begins to further persecute many Protestants will see the truth behind “being One” in Christ and returning Home to the only Fortress in town.  The Fortress also represents Christ and the Catholic Church.  It is not safe out and abroad.  For outside these Walls of Truth and Faith is the outer darkness.  Outside these Walls is death but within is grace and within is protection.  The evil that is Islam may very well drive Home those who also right now do evil by their strife and divisions.  For there is only one baptism, one Faith, one Church, one Fortress whose name is Catholic.  Yes, God can turn an evil into good and it seems through this vast persecution to come that a good number of Protestants will make that journey Home to the Fortress but heaven have mercy upon those who persist in their division causing and even persecution themselves.  It will not go well for them as God is not with them in their quest to bring down this Fortress which is Unconquerable (Matthew 16:18).  This same very example is applicable to those in schism as well.  As the New Luciferian Age formalizes we cannot and must not be fractured any longer.  The Church is One and therefore let us pray for heretics and schismatics to return to the true Faith that we might restore Holy Christendom!  There will be no collaboration with those outside these Walls for Truth can have nothing in common with error.  It is Catholic or it is nothing so what shall the Protestants do... work with Islam in attempt to destroy Holy Mother Church or repent and come back Home?  Be careful for we know who wins in the end, #Fatima…

Our Lady is the Fortress of the Soul...
Where Mary is there also is safety and order