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[Apocalypse (Revelation) 8:13]

Friday, October 7, 2016

Brother Nathanael Predicts Oct 8th Outbreak of WWIII?

Brother Nathanael Predicts Oct 8th Outbreak of WWIII?
Note: Not an endorsement for Trump. I believe he is in on the game too

I think many of us feel that a Trump presidency would bring an end to Jewish favoritism in American culture.
I should point out that we currently have 3 liberal Jewish Supreme Court members, and the last 3 Fed Reserve chairmen have been Jews, and Stanley Fisher is next in line, and yes, he is a Jew. The huge Jewish ran hedge fund by David Och (Och-Ziff) was fined $400 million for bribing African official to sell them Uranium. Now why would Jewish hedge funds be interested in gettin Uranium from Africa. Dirty bombs. Uranium can be traced to it’s source, so they source the uranium in foreign countries.
We also have the Sackler Brothers, who own Purdue Pharma, which makes Oxycontin. Oxycontin is the #1 driver behind the heroin epidemic, which the CIA is supplying from Afghanistan into Puerto Rico and Hawaii. Once in either state, and it’s passed US customs. The money is laundered on Wall Street.

Donald Trump may be many things, but he has never been accused of running drugs, the #1 Jewish trade in America. That’s why the Jews cannot afford to have a Trump presidency. Do people realize we just signed a deal to give Israel 20+ F-35′s? We spent over a $trillion devoloping it, just to give to the Jews to murder Muslims?
This must stop.

Like many Jewish families in America, the Reizes household has been deliberating in recent months what Donald Trump really thinks of them.
As they celebrate the Jewish New Year this weekend in their suburban Cleveland home, the topic of discussion will once again be anti-Semitism, and whether it’s surging in the United States thanks to the Trump campaign. Like others representing America’s aging Jewish Gen-X’ers and boomers, Joelle Reizes, 48, remembers experiencing some anti-Semitism as a girl—occasional sideways glances and untoward comments. But millennial Jews and their juniors are another matter. Joelle’s children—ages 19, 14, and 12—have grown up during an unprecedented era of prosperity and assimilation for Jews in America, one in which the struggles endured by an earlier generation is understood as something closer to historical lore than present fact.
“They’ve been protected,” says the Reizes’ mother, “to help them to not feel like being Jewish isn’t different.”

I don’t know how anyone could not feel different as a Jew, with all their rituals and odd requirements like Eruvs and Yamikans and Bat Mitzvah and the sucking of the babies penis by a Rabbi, which has cause venerial death in the babies, so it’s been hushed up greatly.

TCK does not believe WW3 is happening tomorrow...