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Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Why Didn’t Father Malachi Martin Reveal The Real 3rd Secret?

Why Didn’t Father Malachi Martin Reveal The Real 3rd Secret?
By: Eric Gajewski

This is a common question I get from those new to Tradition.  For those “in the know” it is quite clear that the 3rd secret was primarily a reference to the Vatican II apostasy/changes which ultimately is paving the road for the formal New Age Religion which will come to pass soon under the False Prophet (Master Jesus in esoteric circles).  Secondarily, the third secret also deals with the material chastisements coming as a result of Planet X’s near orbital pass between the Sun and earth.  Nevertheless, we ask the question still to this day…”Why didn’t he spill the beans before the whole world?”  I think it was mainly for two reasons and thus let us examine these two areas.

First He clearly stated he was under oath not to divulge the secret “as is”.  Thus, he very carefully answered questions and made a lot of implications during his whistleblowing interviews. Those who have all the pieces of the puzzle were then able to begin connecting the dots.  Vatican II was the “new bridge” by which is leading souls (objectively speaking) into the formal New Age Religion.  Even Blessed Anne Emmerick (who warned of Vatican II too) made that distinction between Vatican II NewChurch and the soon Apostate Church.  We have now the cult of man as Pope Paul the 6th which has been trying to unify all humanity under the Giant Luciferian Rainbow without discrimination, that is, except for real Catholics and other “fundamentalists” who will not embrace it.  It seemed pretty clear he wanted to hold to this oath as he was still an active priest.

 "Alien" disclosure coming soon as I have been warning!

The less you know the better?  I recall him stating this on several occasions in interviews.  He said it was better off that the majority didn’t know and I believe this was specifically for two reasons.  First on the theological side of things.  He was making the implication that if he stated verbatim the real third secret that MANY would leave practicing Religion altogether.  People would feel deceived.  I have actually seen this with my own eyes from people who know clearly now that Vatican II was a sham and was a part of the New World Order’s Plan to  "ready” the masses for the soon New Age Religion.  They left practicing Religion altogether which was exactly why, in part, Fr Martin, did not want to say it verbatim.  I think he was trying to keep those in the Novus Ordo, perhaps, in a state of invincible ignorance.  For who can doubt that the majority in the Novus Ordo truly have that intent to be Catholic yet objectively speaking they are not following the true Catholic Faith in the Conciliar Church.  Secondarily, it would cause a lot of fear to state to the world that millions (perhaps billions) would eventually die for one reason or another due to Planet X’s eventual near pass (which is close now).

We all have decisions to make.  I do not blame him for not stating the real third secret verbatim although it is 100 percent clear to me now as I am sure it is to most who follow this apostolate.  Perhaps a good number of souls were saved under the banner of invincible ignorance however what is soon to transpire in Rome will be bizarre by any man deemed of good will.  The New Age has its mark of the beast, that is, the counterfeit seal/baptism which ALL must take if they want to get chipped.   Also, soon, we can expect the “alien” disclosure which will come along with the economic collapse.  This will help to usher in New Age Antichrist Maitreya.  Bizarre is not really the word, frightening, to those awake, is more like it.  Hind sight is 20/20 they say and Father Martin had his reasons.  The real third secret was supposed to be revealed before Vatican II (before 1960) for obvious reasons so the faithful could react (resist) appropriately and yet it was not done.  The Vatican II popes were complicit in not obeying what Our Lady wished.  Oh brother this is not a light sinYet, I would argue people are so brainwashed and dopey these days (Pope Worship) that maybe it wouldnt have mattered (in revealing it) to begin with in the first place.  We will never know....

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Yes, we are in apostasy now but the Great Apostasy comes with the arrival of the False Prophet Yeshua Ben Joseph. He comes to formally unite all humanity (“Christians” included) who then points in the direction of the New Age Antichrist Maitreya who will seemingly have all the answers to the world’s problems.  In the end, if Catholics knew in advance of this real third secret (so guarded by the Masons, Marxists, Socialists now running the Vatican) could it have helped?  Or would his words been simply blown over by the mainstream press as we are today?  Can we can ask “Would it have helped or harmed souls”?  The truth is none of us will really know because it didn’t happen and thus we need no longer worry about it.  We must continually educate those still trapped in the Novus Ordo Religion of Vatican II so that they are not duped by the next stage of this endtime game.  What is equally sad, is that, given all the knowledge we have now, we are still labeled as “Prophets of Doom” by these heretics playing the game of pretend Catholic.  They are Great Pretenders in Rome; they are objectively speaking wolves.  Is it any wonder why Fr. Martin fled Rome and became a whistleblower abroad?  In a way we can say Fr. Martin never fully revealed the 3rd secret verbatim but in the end we truly know what it is already in it when we piece together all of his talks.

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