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"And I beheld, and heard the voice of one eagle flying through the midst of heaven,
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[Apocalypse (Revelation) 8:13]

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Voices In The Air & Maitreya's Day Of Declaration

Voices In The Air & Maitreya's Day Of Declaration
By: Eric Gajewski
This card from the "Illuminati Card Game" depicts this Day of Declaration wherein Maitreya will be heard worldwide after the economic collapse.  Virtually all of the events predicted by this early 1990's game have to come to pass including 9-11.

I was talking about this topic the other day with a friend so I wanted to be sure to put it into article format.  As I have been mentioning we have entered the endgame wherein "not a whole lot" has to happen before this Day of Declaration by Maitreya.  For those new to this website Maitreya is the New Age Antichrist who will be embraced by the U.N, the puppet state of "Israel" and those who eventually take the mark and embrace the New Luciferian Religion under the False Prophet.  What is the major event that will signal the Maitreya onto the world scene?  Let us have a look...

 From the New Age:

Q. When will the meeting of Maitreya and American television happen?

A. It is impossible to predict exactly. It depends on when the Western (US and European) stock exchanges begin their total crash. This appears to be widely expected now by economists. My information is that it is now imminent. http://www.share-international.org/archives/M_emergence/faq_M_emergence.htm

The major event that will precede the Maitreya's arrival onto the world scene which has been titled by these Luciferians as the "Day of Declaration" is the USA economic collapse.  They have said this collapse is imminent and most recently stated it would occur before year's end.  However, we know their plans are ever evolving  and sometimes delayed but this does not mean that it will not hapen because it will.  I have warned you that we are shifting from diabolical disorientation to flat out "twilight zone" times.  Do not be deceived by the supposed "alien" disclosure wherein supposedly "good aliens" will be here to help humanity.  Unless you think good is Luceferian of course.  If people would hold onto Tradition and the Catholic Faith by keeping their eyes focused on the next life they truly wouldn't care about losing their life in this world. 

An excerpt from Sherry Shriner on this topic (not an endorsement)

On the Day of Declaration, Maitreya will present His credentials to all of humanity. On this day, "every eye shall see him."(Rv.1:7) Everyone will (simultaneously) hear his voice inwardly-- telepathically in their own language. At the same time, we will all deeply feel His omnipotent love and hundreds of thousands of spontaneous healings will take place throughout the world.
After the Day of Declaration several Masters of Wisdom will join Maitreya on the world stage. Each will have different functions depending upon His particular line of work. Some will teach, while others will be concerned more with world problems of a political & economic nature. Still others will inspire the new architecture, painting & music, while the attention of some will be directed to science & the inspiration of the new 'holistic' science, integrating science & religion. A Master (Mahatma) is simply a master over Himself & the forces of nature. None of them wish to be worshipped or idolized. Eventually you too will be able to do what they can do now. For the first time in countless millennia, They will be serving humanity openly in the world, rather than from behind the scenes as they do now.
Maitreya will teach humanity the Art of Self-Realization. The first steps are "honesty of mind, sincerity of spirit, and detachment. Any action performed with dishonesty of mind, an insincere spirit and attachment is destructive. For example, when you think one thing, say another, and do something which is different again, you are lost. Honesty of mind leads to honest speech and honest action. This harmony leads to peace and happiness." HE HAS SAID... "I have not come to create followers, each of you should continue to develop within your own religious tradition. A real disciple is one who will respect the traditions. Respect your own religions, your own ideologies, in brief, your own thoughtform, and you will experience the Master. Even when you see Me, do not run after Me. If you run after Me, you will lose Me. If you parade Me, you do not know who I am. I cannot be monopolized, I belong to everyone."
"Be what you are. Do not surrender your self-respect, your dignity, to others. Do not allow anyone to cast his shadow over you. A Master gives experiences, but does not cast his shadow. Do not follow one another. If you practice honesty of mind, sincerity of spirit and detachment, you will know your Self, you will know Me, you will know the Lord."
"Many await My Coming with trepidation, fearing the loss of all that they have amassed & gained. Fear not, My friends, for the loss will be the loss of separation only, of division & fear, of envy & hate. To clear these from the world, all must be remade. Know this, My friends, & be ready to share, to see your brother as yourself, to clasp him in your arms & call him friend. In this way, My brothers, you manifest God's Plan. Towards the completion of that Plan do I work & call you to My side. Work with Me, My friends; together we shall make all things new."
"My plan is to show you that the way out of your problems is to listen again to the true voice of God within your hearts, to share the produce of this most bountiful of worlds among your brothers and sisters everywhere."
"My Masters work also in their various centers and through them proceeds the plan, my work is to organize that plan in such a way that the least cleavage results. Much that is loved must go. Cling not the old forms. Much will depend upon man's ability to renounce these outworn structures and to create a new and simpler world."
My intention is to reveal Myself soon & by the shortest route. All else failing, I shall emerge into a world ready but unprepared, a world which knows not yet that I am among you. But far better would it be for Me to come before you as the Expected One, the One sent by God to lead you into your future glory. Many know this but many more by far are ignorant of the true happenings of the time. I do solemnly appeal to you, therefore, My dear friends, to make known the fact of My Presence among you & pave smooth My way.
"Remember this, forget not that I come to change all things. My coming brings peace. Likewise, my presence brings cleavage. My sword, that love which I am, will separate all men, will show the true from the false, will clear the way for the new light which I bring. May it be that you can withstand this change and accept my light."
Are you ready to gag yet?
Consider this "Day of Declaration"
The Planetary Pentecost
Further apologetics from those representing the New Age (not an endorsement of course)

    "Maitreya will be invited by the international media to speak directly to the entire world through the television networks linked together by satellites. On this Day of Declaration, we will see his face on the television screen wherever we have access. The biblical statement, 'All eyes will see him,' will be fulfilled, in the only way in which it can be fulfilled. We will see his face, but he will not speak. His thoughts, his ideas, his call to humanity for justice, sharing, right relationships and peace, will take place silently, telepathically. Each of us will hear him inwardly in our own language. In this way, he will re-enact on a worldwide scale the true happenings of Pentecost 2,000 years ago...In celebration of this event, Pentecost will become one of the major festivals of the New World Religion which, eventually, Maitreya will inaugurate." [Crème]

    "You have come home to me. The bread and wine hold within them the substance of my new body. The key for you now each day is to breathe deeply in a 'birthing experience' of the resurrected body. Then do the communion and experience my body transforming yours. Do this in preparation for the Planetary Birth which will be induced through this experience given to the new disciples of Christ who chose to work together for the Planetary Pentecost, when the Spirit of God is poured out upon all people. This is the purpose of your mission on Earth. All your projects will be reoriented, aligned and empowered as you accept this purpose and put it first. . . . finally."  [Hubbard]

    "For many years Bob Jones has received valuable revelations on [the Day of Atonement] outlining activities of the Holy Spirit for the seasons ahead. The season surrounding the upcoming Day of Pentecost will be a point of demarcation for those identified as this generation of youth. The interval between Atonement and the Day of Pentecost will be utilized for indoctrination and consecration for those things following the release that should take place during the season of heightened spiritual intensity surrounding Pentecost... [A] portion of the revelations also highlighted the season surrounding the upcoming feast of Pentecost as a pivotal time of transition for the church.
Again, we are admonished to allow the term between the Feast of Tabernacles and the season of Pentecost as preparation for those days that follow the 'shifting of gears' that will transpire around Pentecost." [Jones]
http://p074.ezboard.com/fav1611godswordfrm36.showMessage?topicID=55.topic <http://p074.ezboard.com/fav1611godswordfrm36.showMessage?topicID=55.topic>

DO NOT WATCH this worldwide television spectacle. This Maitreya has dangerous mind control and hypnotic powers and will enslave the minds of those who watch him on television. DO NOT WATCH IT. 
At a certain point in time my friends you will need to pull out all electrical plugs....

So do we not see this buildup of the Charismatic movement?  Vatican II was the pastoral implementation of the New Religion.  Maitreya will be highly charismatic and even speak in tongues Tradition states.  Vatican II was called the second Pentecost and a "new wind" entered the Church!  Yea, more like a wind from the bowels of the beast!  Are you connecting the dots yet? 

 Excerpt from the Episode Brain Invaders (Mind Control)
An interview with someone who was behind some of this technology Maitreya will use...

When the times comes....
Please do not believe that these voices are God they are man-made using very sophisticated technology

Right now we are hearing strange noises all over the world due these advanced technologies (at least in part) as a fine tuning for the grand finale!!

LaSalette & Voices in the Air  

Strange Sounds Being Heard Worldwide 2016... (Shocking Footage) 

  Q. Why when Maitreya comes on major television will He not use His own name?

A. For a number of reasons. One is that many people would not know who Maitreya is. He wishes to be introduced to the world as a man among men, but Who has ideas which, so far, most people have not thought about for the reconstruction of the world. In that way He does not make a division between Christians, Buddhists, Moslems and Hindus. If He was introduced as the Christ, say, then Christians would be divided. Some would say "Halleluja! The Christ is here!" Others would say "He is not the Christ, he is a fake, he is the antichrist." Or, if they liked His ideas, which many fundamental Christians, in my experience do not, even without seeing Him - they are convinced already that He must be antichrist, they do not like the idea of sharing, they do not seem to like justice and peace in the world - they will automatically reject Him.
Because He has not come down in a cloud into Jerusalem as they expect, they have a prejudice from the start. If He called Himself the Christ, there would be this huge division among Christians as to who He was. If He called Himself Maitreya then the Buddhists would be divided. (I know of dozens of people who call themselves Maitreya. They are no more Maitreya than you or I.) If He comes out as a man among men, people without prejudice can approach what He is saying and respond to it, yea or nay, without being influenced by the idea that He is the Christ, or Maitreya Buddha, or the Imam Mahdi, or the Messiah. These names get in the way of their spontaneous response to response to the ideas. We have to think the ideas are good ideas; we have to want sharing and justice and peace, and if He is advocating a way towards sharing and justice and peace we would be inclined to say 'Good thinking, I would like to talk more with that man, I would like to ask him a few questions.'

Q. Is it really necessary that Maitreya manifests Himself in a great event called the Declaration Day? 
A. That is His plan so He obviously thinks it is necessary. I believe that nothing less than such an event would bring Him - quickly and effectively - into the hearts and minds of a sufficient proportion of humanity.

Q. How long will there be between Maitreya's first TV appearance in America and the Day of Declaration?
A. That depends on us: it depends on the response of humanity, of the media of the world, which allows us to hear Him, and on the forces which are against this. Why do you think it has taken so long to get to this point? Because there are very powerful vested interests against this manifestation. They are not only what we call 'the forces of evil', but the forces of ingrained selfishness, greed, separatism and ignorance, both at the level of extreme power and also of the ordinary uneducated masses. I believe, from what I have been told by my Master, that it will be very quick. But when a Master says 'soon' he does not mean 'tomorrow', as we might think. 'Forthwith', which was the Master's latest statement about Maitreya's appearance, can mean 'anything up to a year', and 'soon' or 'very soon' could be anything up to a few years. The Masters are working in 2,000-year cycles - a few years is nothing to Them.

Q. On the Day of Declaration, when Maitreya speaks to the whole world telepathically while He is seen on satellite TV, will the majority of people be able to understand the meaning of what He is saying? 
A. He will talk about the history of humanity, the high source from which we come, the evolutionary process, the Law of Cause and Effect, the Law of Rebirth, the need for harmlessness, the needs of the world, outlining our major problems: the ecological imbalance (this will become the number one priority), the fate of the starving millions, which is His major concern and their solution through sharing and the creation, therefore, of justice and peace.
He will speak, heart-to-heart, simply. If you read the Messages from Maitreya which are published (Messages from Maitreya the Christ, Tara Press), I think you will understand every single word, and so it will be on the Day of Declaration. He will speak in the simplest terms, not about esotericism; He might mention, briefly, the Path of Initiation as the final phase of life on this planet but in simple terms. He will talk about a readjustment of our view of the nature of life, its meaning and purpose, why we are here, in terms which everyone can understand.
If He can speak in their own language to every individual He must experience every individual. For Him there is no separation, so that, inevitably, what He will say to each person will be brought down by their brain in their own language in words that they can understand. The more exalted the mind, probably, the more exalted will be the experience.

 Maitreyas Pseudo Immortality...
Only God's Intervention can kill from Scripture...

Q. Realistically speaking, if Maitreya does appear, there are going to be people who will want to get rid of him.

A. 'Realistically speaking' there will be many people who will want to get rid of Him. There are people who always want to get rid of anyone who is doing good for the world - like Martin Luther King, or President Kennedy; it always happens. Abraham Lincoln was assassinated because he had a vision of right relationships for humanity. They can try, but they will fail. How do you get rid of someone if you cannot even see Him, if He can disappear at will; Who is omniscient, omnipresent, Who has created a body and can recreate it a moment later?

Q: Will it not be that the political and economic powers will surely resist the emergence of Maitreya ? 
A. Maitreya, you will find, will be the mouthpiece for the countless millions of ordinary people in the world, and through them He will create a unified, educated, articulate world public opinion against which no institution or government can stand. Maitreya has said: 'Many will follow Me and see Me as their guide. Many will know Me not'. (Message No.10).
There are many fundamentalists - Christian and others - who see my information as a travesty of the truth, and who will reject Maitreya in the first place, but not for ever. It may be that Christians will accept the Master Jesus before they accept Maitreya, but it could well be that they will not even accept the Master Jesus. The name is right, but He does not have holes in His hands and feet any more. He is in the third body since that time, a totally perfected (ascended) Master, and people will realize that the presence of the Masters creates a new situation in the world.
On the Day of Declaration, Maitreya will do what no one has ever done in the entire history of the world: come into telepathic rapport with all of humanity simultaneously, making an appeal to restore peace and justice and inaugurate the era of love in the world. Most people will respond to that; the fundamentalists of all religions may not. The fundamentalists in the economic and political spheres may not - but they are gradually losing power.

Wait a second havent I heard that same era of love from the Vatican II Popes?... Now you are getting the picture! 

Our Lady of Lasalette
"Woe to the inhabitants of the earth. There will be bloody wars, and famines; plagues and contagious diseases; there will be frightful showers of animals; thunders which will demolish cities; earthquakes which will engulf countries; voices will be heard in the air; men will beat their heads against the walls; they will call on death, yet death will constitute their torment; blood will flow on all sides. Who could overcome, if God doesn't shorten the time of trial? At the blood, tears and prayers of the righteous, God will relent; pagan Rome will disappear; the fire of Heaven will fall and consume three cities; the whole universe will be struck with terror, and many will allow themselves to be seduced because they didn't adore the true Christ living in their midst. It is time; the sun is darkening; Faith alone will survive. 
"The time is at hand; the abyss is opening.(CERN opening gates of hell?) Here is the king of the kings of darkness. Here is the beast with its subjects, calling itself the savior of the world. In pride he will rise skyward to go up to Heaven; he will be stifled by the breath of St. Michael the Archangel. He will fall and the earth -which for three days will be in constant change- will open its fiery bosom; he will be plunged forever with all his followers into hell's eternal chasms. Then water and fire will purify the earth and consume all the works of men's pride, and everything will be renewed; God will be served and glorified."