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Saturday, August 20, 2016

TradCatKnight Radio, "Sloppy Sellout Salza & His Sensational Spin-doctoring"

TradCatKnight Radio, "Sloppy Sellout Salza & His Sensational Spin-doctoring"
Talk given 8-20-16    (aprx 1hr 5 mins)
 Salza claims TradCatKnight has adopted Protestant error but Salza in his rigorist fundamentalist mind fails to properly apply Church teaching according to the mind of the Church.  His position/teachings can not be supported by Church history.

Look for my talk with Fr. Kramer in about 7-10 days from now covering this compromiser and enemy of the Church (Salza)
In this talk I cover some of my email exchanges and phone conversations I have had with this Levebrian "wannabe".  I cover how John Salza is very much a Pseudo trad fundamentalist who misapplies Church Dogma and canon law. He is a money seeking (proof within) money first Judas who needs to be avoided.  He looks for and has even embraced Modernist endorsements!  Please pray for this prideful man and the rest of the pseudo trad camp who are more interested in selling out conferences and books than actually holding what Lefebvre taught.  The "insanity" lies in this man's narcissistic "fat head" as I will demonstrate in my dealings with him.  I cover his insane argument that one must wait for a formal pronouncement of heresy before ever "separating" from a priest or bishop!  Archbishop Lefebvre,  Fr. Hesse and St. Athanasius are not impressed!

Sidenote:  I took a poll late last night on my facebook page and not one person supports salzas take on separating ones self from a heretical priest or bishop!

My comments from my facebook page:
Salzas errors paves the way for Fellays "new position" and opens up the door of trying to work with/be recognized by these modernists...HE IS TO BE AVOIDED

Salza: "You got alot of viewers Eric you must make alot of money" LOL

"....that sums up salza and the pseudo trad camp for you"

If Salza would have actually listened to what I was telling him on the phone concerning my thesis for what will soon transpire rather than painting his toenails a "pretty pink"...then perhaps he wouldnt have stated I adopted a protestant error....pseudo theologian that he is 

Salza: "Fr. Kramer once well respected priest"
When was Salza EVER well respected OR even Relevant for that matter? Answer, never! And the rankings prove it...

"Trueorfalsepope? NOPE
trueorfalsedope YES

From his website: "Mr. Salza is also a widely acclaimed Catholic writer and speaker..."
Really? LOL by who his family? and other poisoned pseudo trads?

He lists EWTN! LOL when has Ewtn been catholic?

His websites haven't even passed the 1 million mark on alexa...goodness gracious what a narcissistic noob....

Further baboonery from his website...

'Mr. Siscoe is a widely published author. His articles have appeared in publications throughout America and Europe and he is a regular contributor to The Remnant and Catholic Family News, the two leading traditional Catholic publications in the U.S.A.

CFN and Remnant are two ailing pseudo trad groups who arent even in the top 125k on alexa....there is another lie...they are not the top two "catholic publications" by any stretch...even rorate caeli and churchmilitant rank higher than them.
We come in at number one with 27k rank

Folks, I cant make this stuff up as I have talked to him directly on the phone.  He was looking for Scott Hahn's endorsement he now even has Tim Staples as an endorsement.  This is the mind of pseudo trad.  This guy is desperate and scrambling in his attempted theological refutations of Fr. Kramer.  He is prideful and starving for attention.  

The Pseudo Trad Club, where money talks and theology/principle walks....
 So Buy that book now! $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

DJ  John "Spin-doctor" Salza, ....spin that wheel
And completely distort what was actually said...

TradCatKnight Radio, "Sloppy Sellout Salza & His Sensational Spin-doctoring"