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Wednesday, August 24, 2016

The False Mythos of Migration

The False Mythos of Migration

Baron Bodissey 

To this Hungarian op-ed writer, the political leaders of Western Europe are insane in their promotion of the mass immigration of Muslims into the continent.
Many thanks to CrossWare for translating this piece from the Hungarian daily Magyar Hírlap:

Ervin Nagy: The false mythos of migration
I am trying to understand the reasoning of migration-friendly politics.
It is difficult, because it looks like no matter which one I examine, all of them fall so far from reality that it is hard to process it with a sane mind. The intellectual point of view, quoting European values, exists in theory but it represents “another” Europe, one which based on a false illusion, which was abandoned long ago. The profit-centric argument are simply not working. The ones arguing with demographic problems do not even recognize it, but are only offering cultural suicide for the population of the continent.
When a loud but small group of European intellectuals states that the ideal of Western civilization is based on the human freedom of its citizens and values of democracy, it is only talk about half-truths. It is clear that European traditions are dual in nature. One side it is a Christian-based value system; on the other side it is based on a liberal ideology born in the Age of Enlightenment, embracing the individual. The two ideology are antagonistic to each other. The migrant-friendly intellectuals, despite of this collision, fondly use the Christian point of view in their arguments. They refer to the infinite freedom of an individual, they promote multiculturalism, and they are against any community and most of all nations. After that they insert into this liberal tradition hostile to Christianity the lie that we must accept all migrants because it is morally the right thing to do. But this train of thought gets derailed in multiple places. The most obvious one is that it is clear that most migrants are hostile towards these principles. Islam is simply not compatible with liberal values, so using them to force an integration is in reality impossible.

The profit-centric argument states that a cheap workforce will help maintain economic development, but we already know this is simply not true. Maybe it would have worked in the sixties, but last couple of years experience shows something very different. If we look only at the largest country that accepted migrants, Germany, this year’s statistics show only 54 migrant were hired by the 30 largest companies of the Frankfurt stock market. It is not a coincidence that Merkel called together the leaders of the largest multinational companies for a September meeting to lean on them to hire more migrants. She can try, but it looks to be a complete waste of effort.
The third reason pro-migrant politicians mention is solving the demographic problems. It is applicable to the whole of Europe that fewer and fewer children are being born and societies are aging. This will be a problem not in a hundred years, but in a couple of decades, so that will cause problems that need to be solved for a politician who is alive now. The solution proposed — that the immigrants will correct the demographic distortion — has some dangerous and unpredictable consequences, because people from Islamic cultures can’t and won’t integrate. It is hard to understand — why do they not invest the same energy and money to increase the inclination of European citizens to have babies, that is being used for the education of migrants, for their enlightenment or to put them to work and integrate them? To improve the conditions for having more children require a serious government effort. If that is not present, Europe will destroy itself.
The rulers of the EU and the leaders of some of the large nations have lost their healthy contact with reality. They are sitting in their ivory towers using old, failed principles from the Age of Enlightenment, with some long-stale economic theories and with some completely erroneous population politics to direct the poor continent, which deserves a much better fate.
The only questions are: When will the daydream collapse? When will the mythos depart and hurtle the pro-migrant-friendly politicians into reality?


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