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"And I beheld, and heard the voice of one eagle flying through the midst of heaven,
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[Apocalypse (Revelation) 8:13]

Sunday, August 7, 2016

The Faith Taken For Granted

The Faith Taken For Granted
By: Eric Gajewski
Wandering worldly eyes have led churchmen astray
Many should be asking these days how we have arrived at this point in the Church crisis.  Like anything in like, we often, take for granted those things in which we profess we love, only later, to fully understand just how important these things were to us in the first place.  We can apply this equally to this crisis in the Church.  Since the early 1900's as man became more modernized his eyes began to slowly wander off the Prince of heaven and began to stay glued upon the world of the prince here below.  Modern man wants God for a one hour slot on Sunday at best.  Very simply put...we took Christ, His Faith, the Mass and Sacraments for granted and now we find ourselves in a quandary that only Christ Himself can now fix through the aide of the intercession of His Mother.

Go home tonight and start "going through the motions" with your spouse and those you claim to love and see the response given?  We say we love others on the surface but what do our actions say?  The same applies even more-so to our Beloved and then some!  How often do you perform works of mercy?  How often do you take out of your business to simply give a prayer of thanks?  How often do we contemplate just how good we have it in comparison to some others in the world?  "Going through the motions" is merely a  surface symptom for something that has gone wrong within.  Where your heart is there also is your treasure says our Beloved.  And what has been modern man's profession of Faith for well over 50+ years now?  A Faith which is in man, which is in the world and ultimately will succumb to a new "messiah".   

When we truly do not love we become lax and tepid and this exactly describes the origins of the Crisis we are currently faced with.  Do your self a favor and write this down on paper to remind you if need be.  Be thankful for everything you get and make that proclamation public.  Tell this to your wife and kids but even more so to Jesus publicly and do not be ashamed for He is our Everything.  Sadly, it is only now, that, so many, are beginning to have the scales removed from their eyes to see what they have been missing all along.  Furthermore, this fight runs much deeper than "finding a latin mass" for if the priest is following Vatican II (as a whole) he is assuredly following the modern world and its direction.  Thus priests following this diabolical Council ought be avoided so that yo do not displease God. 

Wandering eyes.  When a man is in a dating relationship, that is, just getting to know his girlfriend, what happens if his eyes wanders visibly upon another woman?  Worse yet, what happens, when he says something publicly in front of his girlfriend which embarrasses her?  Thus, pause to reflect, when we glory in the world and keep our eyes fixated here and openly profess this with our mouth which proceeds from an ill heart!  An enemy of Jesus Christ is indeed a friend of this world and those seeking refuge or comfort in this world are easily taken over by strange and new doctrines.  This is the origins of the Vatican II crisis.  Worldly wandering eyes which lead to itchy ears seeking to hear something novel.  We have become lax and do not love.  We have now arrived at such a deprave point wherein we have Francis calling for sports as a measure of unity rather than the Faith and yet so many do not see this.

The solution is fundamentally simple.  A return to the Passion and thus a return to His Sacred Heart.   True Resistance in our rejection of the Vatican II Revolution overall and a return to the basics in Tradition.  this, of course, excludes, the modernist fairy tale of "hermeneutics of continuity" which would imply  embrace error and heresy under the banner of false obedience.  So many seem to be enjoying themselves in this world all the while stabbing our Lord in His back all so that they can fit it.  Remember, my friends there are private eyes watching you from above watching your every move and taking notes.  Modernist twist the words and love itself as this modern song indicates but God will not be mocked much longer....Private yet Divine Eyes are watching you O' worldly soul.

Daryl Hall & John Oates - Private Eyes