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Thursday, August 4, 2016

The Capuchins of Morgon give ultimatum to Bishop Fellay.

The Capuchins of Morgon give ultimatum to Bishop Fellay

Cor Mariae 

Fr. Chazal just dropped nuclear bomb in an email (published with permission to Cor Mariae):
The Capuchins of Morgon wrote a 200 page treatise Which They sent to Bishop Fellay and all SSPX superiors (before the June meeting of superiors), declaring They will reject any accord with unconverted Rome, and, Moreover, That if Bishop Fellay Continues to refuse to ordain Their candidates, They will avail of Bishop Faure Themselves.

I Did not Know That Bishop Fellay was still Refusing to ordain Morgon's candidates. In fact, I thought a couple years back, They made a tour of the USA With the SSPX (ie, The SSPX was showing off new pet ITS).

NEVERTHELESS, what if Fr. Chazal below Follows's account.

Meanwhile, I continue to try to secure a copy of Morgon's treatise.

"Dear [....],
The treatise is big, I saw it on the desk of a SSPX confrere, and it is Against the canonical agreement.
Perhaps, but it is just a guess, Fr Joseph had a hand in it, but it is endorsed by Fr Antoine.
Bishop Fellay received it in His Chapter of Martigny and closed His Eyes.
For my part, I wrote to them That the deal is Already effective at the canonical level, in a secret symbiotic way.
But it remains the thesis of the treaty, (quite huge, 100 pages, small print, two columns), is our position, and looks to be Aimed at that Fr Celier's secret treaty of Archbishoplefebvrology, That poisoned the minds of so many superiors some years back.
Moreover, Fr Stehlin is unilaterally taking over the Militia Immaculatae, Which was run by the Capuchins (a move reminiscent of the menzingerial moves Against Avrille).
Then, Morgon has issued the ultimatum That if Their candidates continue to be barred from the priesthood, Bishop Morgon will call Faure, Whom They trust.
And there are plenty of other incidents, and the third order is very friendly to the Resistance.
My own Brother, Brother Nicholas, says I totally AGREES With our position.
Unfortunately, I Could not find the time to visit him.
It will all be done the Capuchin way, I trust.
Suaviter ac fortiter.
You can publish if you want esta.
In Jesu et Maria,
Francois Chazal + "



Modernist Rome approves of neo-SSPX ordinations

On 8th July 2016, DICI reported on the ordination of one Rev. Daniel Sabur to the priesthood by Bishop de Galarreta in the church of St. Nicolas du Chardonnet, Paris, which took place six days earlier. 

In a post on the French district website "La Porte Latine", one can read the text of the sermon on that occasion. Towards the end of his sermon, Bishop de Galarreta says the following:

"So the Babylonian Patriarchy, which is Chaldean, says that we are schismatics. And the Ordinary in France for the Oriental Churches says that we are illegal. And yet the Pope himself says that the Society, that we, are Catholics. So are we Catholics or are we schismatics? I have with me the letter given by His Excellency Bishop Fellay where the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith tells us, the Bishop says, that we can proceed with the ordinations without asking the permission of the local bishops; it is sufficient to give them the names of the ordinands, something which we will do of course, at the right opprtunity. So we're neither schismatic nor illegal."
With the possible exception of Pope Francis himself, nobody better represents the conciliar church than the "Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith", unworthy successor of what used to be the Holy Office. They are at the heart of the modernist, conciliar project. These are the very people who have been destroying the Church these past fifty years and who have been causing countless millions to lose the Faith. They also represent the people who illegally supressed the SSPX a mere four-and-a-half years after it was founded and "suspended" Archbishop Lefebvre the following year  - essentially for the crime of ordaining "renegade" priests in the Traditional Rite at Econe. Now these same people are (apparrently) quite happy for SSPX ordinations to go ahead, and will even go as far as committing their approval to paper. 
But don't worry - as we've been told so often, nothing has changed, the SSPX is the same as it always was, it still continues exactly the same fight as Archbshop Lefebvre, Bishop Fellay & co haven't changed their position one bit since the days of Archbishop Lefebvre, don't listen to the rumours and scaremongering from those who say they that a sell-out to modernist Rome has been gradually accomplished, there's no truth in that at all, where's your evidence, etc...