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Monday, August 8, 2016

SURVEY SAYS? Pseudo Traditionalism In Serious Decline!

SURVEY SAYS?  Pseudo Traditionalism In Serious Decline!
By: Eric Gajewski 
Survey Says....Pseudo Traditionalism!   .....EHHHHHHHH.....No thank you.....

I want to thank all those who have prayed for and financially supported TradCatKnight.  Through your continued prayers, efforts and financial contributions you have helped to make this website the number one traditional catholic website in the world.  I keep an eye on the latest alexa rankings weekly to see how this website is doing in relation to other sites in order to identify the trends.  The one glaring trend from this past 3 months or so is that the pseudo traditionalist camp is SERIOUSLY losing followers.  Let us take a look at some of these websites as I will visually represent how they are losing ground and losing ground rather fast.

It is clear people (in general) are getting tired of the vague and erroneous arguments of these pseudo traditionalists.  They see the double mindedness and incompetency of Bishop Fellay.  They see Rorate is "tired" and doesnt really address the pertinent issues.  They see the Remnant and realize the whole charade of them supposedly standing behind Archbishop Lefebvre is in reality all a puppet show.  They see Michael Voris and ChurchMilitant TV as they continue to follow the New Religion yet still seek to label the Resistance as "outside the Church" and their other "buffoneries" and they simply leave.  

In general people are tired of all of these seemingly "traditional sites" regurgitating the same sales pitch and it grows old.  The great news is many are continuing to find us from these websites.  Once they get here a good number stay for good and leave their former pseudo traditionalist ways.  I cannot tell you how many this week alone sent messages and were thankful for this site and stated they couldn't follow the nonsense anymore found in these groups.  From those who just flat out accept the Council to those still tap-dancing with the Council still claiming their not compromising...the statistics prove people have had enough.  Those who attack this website (under the guise I am being "prideful") when I present objective statistics simply have their egos bruised.  Their websites and work have been around 5+ years and they are in decline and they do not like our success and thus this is a good sign.  The truth is they are flat out mad with some of them even losing sleep over this reality.  People are tired of this category (pseudo traditionalism) which are often filled with money first driven apologists who seek to find some sort of relevancy by trying to target this apostolate.

The numbers are there to prove my claim.  Let us take a look.  Again, I base this report on eye balling the data from the last 3 months or so.   These statistics are compiled by an outside company called Alexa which so many pseudo traditionalists use and have taken pride in before but really cannot anymore.  Stats have been rounded downward for all websites for simplicity sake.  Are there other factors not mentioned which may have some degree of relevance such as people turning away from usage of the computers? Yes, but the statistics would certainly not be this drastic all the way "across the board" with this group.

TradCatKnight comes in as the #1 traditional catholic website with a world rank of 29k (29,000).  We have gone from about 35k to 29k the last few months.  We are even "on the heels" of EWTN in alot of categories...

What about Rorate Caeli still clinging to the Council and still trying to make it seem as those Rejecting the diabolical Vatican II Council as "outside the Church".  Bishop Williamson's recent ordinations were deemed illicit by these theological clowns.
Over the past 3 months they have dropped from about 80k to 103k.  This is a significant drop for only 3 months or so....

What about John Vennari and Catholic Family News?  Yes, the same John Vennari
that I had to pull aside on facebook and give an earful to who is one of Fellays cheerleaders
in the pseudo trad ecumenical movement which Lefebvre himself condemned. 
After I was trying to point this out to him in one of his facebook groups he (like the always do) deleted my comments.
Needless to say he was blocked from my facebook and is another fraudalent "lefebvre follower". I had seen his website floating in the mid 300's some months back now he comes in a much dropped 470k rank.  People are simply not that interested anymore.

The Official SSPX page has been as high as 220's in recent months and now they find themselves at 247k rank.  I think it is say to safe that many have had enough of the games of Fellay and are heading for the exit.

What about our buddies over at the pseudo trad publication the Remnant?  Who claim they know and stand behind Archbishop Lefebvre
and even Father Hesse's teachings (delusional)!  They have plummeted from a 130k rank
to 147k now.  Yet another bad sign for the pseudo trads overall considering how long they have been in the business so to speak.

Father Z is another clueless pseudo traditionalist whose website had been floating in the low 70's over the past few months but now has bottomed out at 82k.  Maybe if he spent more time on analyzing this crisis instead of the pagan Olympics he wouldnt be free falling as well.

What about notorius Novus Ordite heretic Michael Voris and ChurchMilitant?  He too has surprisingly has fallen significantly over the past months going from a high 40's rank to now 60k.  Sidenote: As your number gets lower it gets harder to achieve a lower rank due to the significant separation of overall website traffic. 

What about Louie Verricchio another Fellay cheerleader who still sadly claims the Resistance was disobedient to Fellays new "accept Vatican II in light of Tradition" and operation suicide (put ourselves under Modernist Rome) mission.
He had been seen in the mid 400's the last few months now has drastically dropped to 510k.

Lastly, a more recent impotent attacker of this website (Fellay cheerleader) is John Salza.  I wish I could honestly say that there was a drop off here but he was and remains irrelevant. Both johnsalza.com and trueorfalsepope.com have such poor numbers (1.2 million and 3.1 million respectively) that I am embarrassed to have to say them.  He is not nearly as important as he thinks he is.  Only in his fundamentalist world next to Bishop Fellay does he think he has "refuted" someone.  This goober in a recent email exchange was looking for endorsements from known modernists and wanted to know how much money I made.  He even told me how "I could" argue against him...so now he was debating me and himself apparently, LOL! typical lawyer #fail

Check for your self.  Check any website for that matter. 
Scroll down to the "browse top sites" box and enter websites.

This is just a small sample of the overall trend of this failing camp.  The objective numbers are there folks!  These are not my numbers.  People have had enough of the pseudo traditionalists and they are searching in the very least for answers elsewhere.

Yes, Archbishop Lefebvre and Father Hesse's REAL position is still alive and being maintained at TradCatKnight and certainly not in the previously mentioned compromised and/or heretical groups.  It seems many are picking up on the theological stench (in light of this apostasy) from these groups and bailing.  I appreciate any publicity boys.  I do not think you are smart enough to figure the game out yet.

Crusade On! #theeagle