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Monday, August 8, 2016

Recent Scam of Bishop Fellay June 29, 2016 Communique

Recent Scam of Bishop Fellay June 29, 2016 Communique

Menzingen gave a recent statement at the conclusion of their secret meeting in Econe with all of their sspx superiors holding an extraordinary general chapter they said they would invoke regarding their ongoing conciliar reconciliation:

Bishop Fellay:
"At the conclusion of the [2012] General Chapter of the Society of St. Pius X,...We have determined and approved the necessary conditions for an eventual canonical normalization. We have decided that, in that case, an extraordinary Chapter with deliberative vote will be convened beforehand." (Society of St. Pius X General Chapter Statement http://www.dici.org/en/news/society-of-st-pius-x-general-chapter-statement/ )​

That extraordinary chapter just happen under everyone's nose; without us "faithful" knowing of it. [And they can in clause hold another one at anytime.]

So what transpired? An agreement? A postponement? A denial? A triumph for tradition? All of the above?

Yes, made to pick your choosing. In all those terms lays the haven of ambiguity thwarting the distraction what we are not to dwell on. When one visits the array of websites, they all have a different interpretation of what bishop Fellay said. Interesting! As I read somewhere that when St. Peter spoke to the multitudes of people who had different languages, they all understood the SAME thing with one mind and one heart; which was from God. Not so it seems with Bishop Fellay and his neo-sspx.

So here is the hidden scam trying to pull the rug over our eyes.

The phrase that stands out the most is, quote:

"The Society of Saint Pius X...does not seek primarily a canonical recognition."​

That is an unbelievable statement in view of everything Bishop Fellay has said and done.

To understand, we have to look at the whole foundation and la raison d'être (reason to be) of Bishop Fellay's thinking, intention, and "need" to be under [conciliar] rome that gives us the context of what he really says and writes.

Need of Identity

Bishop Fellay and all the neo-sspx superiors SOLD us in these 4-years that they NEED the IDENTITY to be “canonically reconciled” or they will have a schismatic mentality and become sedevacantists:

Remember some of these statements...

· Bishop Fellay letter with Frs. Pfluger and Nely to the three bishops insinuating that those other fellow bishops were of a “sedevacantist” and “schismatic” mentality if they do not follow them. www.therecusant.com/menz-letter-to-3-bishops

· Bishop Fellay stated the same error in understanding the nature of the true Church: "The fact of going to Rome does not mean we agree with them. But it is the Church. And THIS IS THE TRUE CHURCH. In rejecting what is not good, one should not reject everything. THIS IS THE ONE, HOLY, CATHOLIC, APOSTOLIC."(Flavigny, September 2, 2012)

· Father Pfluger clearly stated this error in a interview: “As for us, we also suffer a DEFAULT, because of our canonical IRREGULARITY. It is not only the state of the post-conciliar Church which is imperfect, SO IS OURS.” And further on: “The obligation to work actively to overcome the crisis cannot be disputed. And this work BEGINS WITH US, wanting to overcome our canonical state ABNORMAL.”(Kirchliche Umschau, October 17, 2012) - http://www.dici.org/en/documents/interview-with-father-pfluger/

· Jan 2014, Fr. Pfluger conference: “if we separate from Rome we are sedevacantists” http://www.google.com/translate?u=http://nonpossumus-vcr.blogspot.com/2014/01/escandalosas-conferencias-del-p-ffluger_3443.html&langpair=es|en&en=es&en=UTF8

The reality for the neo-sspx to be recognized and be confirmed by them is the REAL pursuit of Bishop Fellay doing everything for conciliar assimilation here and here…as well as with formal declarations of REAL changes from the old-sspx to the new-sspx:

· 2012 Doctrinal Declaration: accepts 1983 code of canon law, legitimacy of new mass…

· 2012 sspx general chapter and scandalous 6-conditions for an identity over doctrine.

· June 2013, 25 year anniversary declaration for identity over doctrine. http://www.therecusant.com/27june2013-declaration

· May 13, 2016 Interview with the National Catholic Register. Bishop Fellay: “…“It will be quite a work, and it will take time to be able to bring the faithful to realize this new face in the history of the Church, this new reality,” Bishop Fellay conceded. But, he added, not moving ahead “because things are bad is by no way what God, Our Lord, is requesting from his apostles.”

· An endorsed sspx prior in Florida openly says in a sermon to his people that it is a "mortal sin" if we traditional catholics do not accept the pope's gesture to go into the conciliar church.

· The reasons of an Imminent Agreement: SSPX Internal Memo from Fr. Schmidberger http://cor-mariae.com/index.php?thr...sspx-internal-memo-from-fr-schmidberger.3823/

· Bishop Fellay gave a sermon on April 10, 2016 during the pilgrimage to Notre-Dame du Puy-en-Velay (France). Within it, he made known as a fact a series of "conspiracies" he tried to suppress over the years in startling terms. http://cor-mariae.com/index.php?threads/bishop-fellay-starting-to-speak-straight-starting.3835/

On and on and on…they state and "prove" to us that they are "outside the church", the conciliar church is the one true church, and they "need" to be reconciled or they are schismatics. Certainly it is contrary to the teachings of ABL; but that is their new path like the other betrayers of the Faith.

Fear and Excommunication

Moreover, we are told from Bishop Fellay that they are so entwined with the conciliarists in providing that needed identity in which he received the legality of canonical right to give the sacrament of confession within the "year of mercy" and then beyond here and here; Bishop Fellay had had received legality of a Diocesan right within the diocese of Argentina here, here, and here; they have permission for ordinations, etc, that if they do not heed rome's concessions, per Bishop Fellay, "the Society would be excommunicated".

So the stick is there to keep Bishop Fellay in line. Bishop Fellay's has shown that his gears are in total sync to attain their needed identity for a canonical regularization. It is just that he has a few "sluggards" in his ranks that are slow and giving him a hard time. So he said within his leaked letter to the Pope:

"I must admit to no longer knowing what to think. I had believed that you were disposed to leave till a later date the resolution of outstanding disagreements over certain points of the Council and liturgical reform, rather like when the Council of Florence, in order to achieve union, overlooked the question of the Greeks allowing divorce following adultery, and I committed myself in this perspective despite the fairly strong opposition in the ranks of the Society and at the price of substantial disruption. And I fully intend to continue to do my best to pursue this path to reach the necessary clarifications." (Letter of Bp. Fellay to Benedict XVI, June 2012)

The neo-sspx is a sunk ship.

Transcript of Fr. Pfeiffer's sermon.  
Superiors of the SSPX met to discuss documents on how to deal with Rome.

We do not know the full conclusion, but they did make a statement that was give to the public about the results of this meeting at the end of the Chapter. The status of where we are in the battlefield. The battle of course always remains the same. The battle of the faith and the a spreading of the Kingdom of Christ. on one side and the battle of spreading the Kingdom of Satan on the other.'

It is a battle between two cities - the city of the love of God and the city of the love of self. These two cities are waging war against one another. The Kingdom of the lies of the devil and the fruits of the Kingdom of Christ. As well, this is the end of time, and the end is another stage in the battle.

At the end of this meeting of the Superiors a little point was made stating that the purpose of the SSPX was the formation of priests which is needed for the restoration of the church. Then a statement is made at the end of the meeting as follows:

  1. At the conclusion of the meeting of the major superiors of the Society of Saint Pius X that was held in Switzerland, from June 25 to 28, 2016, the Superior General addressed the following communique:
The purpose of the Society of Saint Pius X is chiefly the formation of priests, the essential condition for the renewal of the Church and for the restoration of society. 1. In the great and painful confusion that currently reigns in the Church, the proclamation of Catholic doctrine requires the denunciation of errors that have made their way into it and are unfortunately encouraged by a large number of pastors, including the Pope himself.

2. The Society of Saint Pius X, in the present state of grave necessity which gives it the right and duty to administer spiritual aid to the souls that turn to it, does not seek primarily a canonical recognition, to which it has a right as a Catholic work. It has only one desire: faithfully to bring the light of the bi-millennial Tradition which shows the only route to follow in this age of darkness in which the cult of man replaces the worship of God, in society as in the Church.

3. The “restoration of all things in Christ” intended by Saint Pius X, following Saint Paul (cf. Ep.h 1:10), cannot happen without the support of a Pope who concretely favours the return to Sacred Tradition. While waiting for that blessed day, the Society of Saint Pius X intends to redouble its efforts to establish and to spread, with the means that Divine Providence gives to it, the social reign of Our Lord Jesus Christ. 4. The Society of Saint Pius X prays and does penance for the Pope, that he might have the strength to proclaim Catholic faith and morals in their entirety. In this way he will hasten the triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary that we earnestly desire as we approach the centennial of the apparitions in Fatima.
Bishop Bernard Fellay, Superior General of the Society of Saint Pius X
Ecône, June 29, 2016
The Feast of Saints Peter and

This statement was released a few days ago and has had many multiple reactions. As we look at the statement it also has many multiple interpretations that are repetitions of statements coming from our superiors for many years, especially the last four years...statements that can mean one thing and mean another. Instead of clarifying things they add confusion. They appeal to two sides to solve the more conservative side which is happy to disregard the other, whilst those with a liberal inclination is happy to disregard the conservative side. So what we see happening is the fulfilment of the prophecy made by Fr. Suelo back in 2012 when we had a priests meeting about the deal with Rome. Twelve to thirteen priests were present at the meeting held in the Philippines May 2013. At the end of the meeting each priest was asked to give his thoughts.

Fr. Suelo's response was that Rome was like a snake that, as the snake consumes its victim the latter goes inside the head of the snake yet the victim is still alive. The snake proceeds to swallow the victim by making saliva with which it slimes its prey which, in turn, becomes slimy.

In making the comparison the Superiors were saying, "I don't want to become slimy, therefore I am against this deal with Rome. If you work with them you will have to play their game."

When discussed, Father said that he meant if you are going to deal with a liar, you have to outsmart the devious man. You have to become a better liar than he so you become more devious than he so that in the end his slime becomes your slime. The slime is on both of you. So when people see the Society becoming slimy you simply get swallowed more quickly leaving no room to retreat. That was Father's simple view of it, and that is what is happening.

What is the cause of this problem?

The cause is the change of faith. These are the signs of the cause of the problem. They are symptoms. If you see a brown spot on your face it could mean you have cancer or some other kind of sickness. If you have pain in your left arm you may have a heart problem. These are symptoms. They are not the problem. Whilst I do not want the pain in my left arm I can live with it. But if it signifies I am having a heart attack then I go to the doctor to do something right away to deal with the cause itself.

The Statement coming from Menzingen is a symptom of a problem rather than the essential problem itself...it is the sign of the problem and the problem is that they have changed the faith.

We go to the first point in this great painful confusion in the church

Point 1 - "errors...have made their way into the church "

How do errors make their way into the church? We used to call them the errors of Vat. II the heresy of modernism, the errors of the wicked council that has entered into the church - now we say errors have entered as if we don't know whence they came. Also, we are given two possible interpretations.

One is that since we are traditional Catholics it means that the errors of the council which the church has promoted have entered the church. A conservative catholic will say that, no, its errors have entered because of wicked men who brought errors into the church by the abuse of the council. So the conservative liberal catholic can approve of this first thing; a traditional catholic can approve of it if he just interprets it in one of the two different ways. One way is the error of the council..even though it doesn't say errors of the council - one can assume errors of the council. Others would say errors have entered because of the post council. Others like Cardinal Burke and many bishops today say the errors are of the post Benedict era - that there were no errors of the church at the time of the holy and conservative Pope Benedict but now that Pope Francis has come in finding the sin of homosexuality.......so that people in the state of mortal sin are receiving holy communion.

In the good old days - the traditional days of Pope Benedict this was never tolerated. So a union of the Cardinal Burkites; a union of the regular Novus Ordoites; the union of the Indultarians and the union of the SSPX...all agree that errors have come into the church which are being promoted by the man at the top, by the Pope and by bishops. This way we're not condemning Vat. II - not condemning the precise error of modernism, not condemning the heresies of the last seven hundred years, particularly the last 100 years and especially pushed into the church by Council of Vat.II. So the statement can be interpreted a happy way by those who want to make a happy interpretation. The statement itself says we are denouncing the errors that have made their way into the church.

Each one has his own opinion as to how the errors made their way into the church.

Unfortunately these errors we've noted are by men at the top. Not only are the symptoms different between them and the SSPX. In the Encyclical Pascendi Item 7, we see that the men at the top are promoting the same heresies that are being indirectly referred to in this document. They are promoting modernism, they are promoting the synthesis of all heresies.[...] was a principle leader who was promoting these heresies and was so powerful that he was elected pope, and there were many others that were heads of seminaries; they were the heads of dioceses; they were in key positions inside the curia of Rome and they were promoting the heresies of modernism within the holy Roman Catholic church.

In 1907 St. Pope Pius X wrote an encyclical about it. He said these are the most pernicious times in the history of the world. Those within the church were promoting heresies...wicked men promoting evil, and they dance around so that when you try to nail them they try to escape. So he wrote the encyclical Pascendi....feeding the flock of Christ...feeding the sheep. I'm going to feed the sheep with what?....with the divine truth, and I will feed the sheep with clear answers. And it will prove to the Shepherds and the sheep that modernism disguises itself and takes on many sides so that you can't shoot the modernist, because he ducks down comes up with another...you shoot at that one he ducks down a hole and comes up with another.

St. Pius X lists seven holes. He lists seven heads of the modernists which is not a complete list but demonstrates that the modernist is one animal, one evil animal, one heresy that is promoting the destruction of Christendom and the destruction of all religion and ushering in an atheistic world ready for the Antichrist..one heresy - but it has many disguises.So rather than attacking the disguises and saying there are bad men promoting errors in general he makes a specific and clear denunciation of the heresy of modernism. And he clearly enunciates what modernism is...why it is such a great heresy, and then he goesthrough the eradication process. In the second part of the Encyclical he says, 'you see a modernist in the seminary throw him out. Make him take the anti-modernist oath before he gets ordained sub deacon, before he gets ordained deacon, before he becomes become a priest, before he gets consecrated Bishop. Make sure teachers take the anti- modernist oath as well, and make sure they teach the simple catechism which is the antidote to modernism and which is taught in all parishes...all parish schools where there is clear yes and no catholic doctrine against the heresy of modernism which in fact, once we pull off the disguises its a clear heresy.' The devil will always try to disguise his lies. To speak in this way in the statement of the SSPX a few days ago is to speak in such a way where they try to appeal to all conservatives. So that all conservatives come together. It is a mistake that is made by the anti abortion movement - we hate abortion, protestants hate abortion, atheists hate abortion..some people who are conservative, agnostics hate abortion and Catholics hate abortion. So we're going to get together with all those that hate abortion and we're going to fight against abortion and we're not going to pay attention to our differences we're not going to pay attention to what is difficult...to anything we disagree on...we're just going to fight abortion by trying to get them to vote abortion out and we're going to vote abortion out because we want the people to know the majority of American people are against abortion. This doesn't work. Gregory Sixteenth told us that if you try to put the devil and Christ, or Barabbas and Christ on the the stage and let the people choose, and let them vote, Barabbas will win every single time.

Christ will be crucified every single time therefore no catholic can ever allow the mixing of truth and error as if they are on the same page. This is the grave mistake of the first part of this statement. or one of the mistakes...that there are errors that come in. ...we don’t know how they came in. OH YES WE DO. There are errors, there are not errors in general because Cardinal Burke won't agree that there are errors about the family he will agree there are errors about marriage - but he will not agree that there are errors of the council . The errors regarding the family are the symptoms, like that little black spot on the cheek that signifies cancer. These things are not the problem they are the symptoms. If we want to get rid of these problems of homosexuality being in the church we have to get rid of the problem itself. We've got to bring back the catholic truth ...the social reign of Christ and so on.

2 .to faithfully to bring the light of the bi-millennial Tradition which shows the only route to follow in this age of darkness in which the cult of man replaces the worship of God, in society as in the Church.

Now this also can have two interpretations. Is it a living ongoing tradition which is the heresy of modernism? The heresy of modernism teaches that tradition is bi-millenial; that tradition is a growing thing over the last two thousand years and that it is a continuing hermeneutic as Pope Benedict says. That tradition develops and there are parts of tradition that we don't know about yet, and there are parts of tradition that are no longer relevant because that was the tradition of 1000 years ago and now tradition is wrong..it is a bi-millenial tradition that's growing and increasing.

Instead of saying what St. Paul said about tradition which is I have handed down exactly what I have received and what ABL put on his gravestone... it is not going to change after he dies. He died in tradition. It did not continue after him. Tradition did not begin with his birth in 1905. It ended in the death of the last apostle when St. John the apostle died. There is no new tradition that is handed down and even that which St. John handed down was only what Christ told him. He didn't hand down anything except what he had received.

Now we speak of bi-millenial tradition. Well you can understand it if you are a traditional catholic as the traditional view of tradition, but if you’re not a traditional catholic you can understand it according to the modern view of tradition. Those meanings are acceptable. So the bi-millenial tradition shows the route to follow in this age. That is exactly what Pope Benedict teaches. Tradition shows us the way. It is like a road that's going in the direction and that is continually under construction. We keep building the next part of the road. We don't know where the road is going to end up in the future but we're going to stay on the road, That's the modernist view of tradition. Whereas a Catholic understands that tradition is to carry on what Christ has taught, unchanged. In one's own life they hand down to their children and to the children's children to the third and fourth generations and all the way downpreaching all things whatsoever Christ has taught and nothing that he didn't teach. So you can call point 2 a Catholic interpretation and you can have a conservative modernist interpretation and we carefully avoid mentioning the errors of the council.

3. The “restoration of all things in Christ” intended by Saint Pius X, following Saint Paul (cf. Ep.h 1:10), cannot happen without the support of a Pope who concretely favours the return to Sacred Tradition. While waiting for that blessed day, the Society of Saint Pius X intends to redouble its efforts to establish and to spread, with the means that Divine Providence gives to it, the social reign of Our Lord Jesus Christ.

What are the means that he gives it? What does it mean by concrete favours? Here is an example of the slime Father Suello was speaking about. What does this mean.? To understand what it means we can just go to what Bishop Fellay says in his interview with National Catholic Register which was made on May l3th but only released less than a month ago. Multiple questions were asked of him when interviewed in Menzingen.

He is asked, "What are your main motives for coming into full communion? And before that the interviewer asks, 'how does this square with Archbishop Lefebvre about his idea of communion with Rome? saying that there couldn't be by any chance a reconciliation unless Rome repented of its errors...has that changed or is that still the case.?"

Response: "No, I think you have two levels there. One is reality in which we live. We expect the church to be pure, holy and we confess it to be so, but we very well know that we have many people in the church from the top to the bottom who are not living that way. This matches that there are people at the top who are not doing what they should be doing. There are sinners in the church.....that's not new, it's always been like this."

We admit it is true there have always been sinners in the church. There have always been Popes who've been sinners, Bishops who have been sinners, Priests that have been sinners and faithful have been sinners starting with St. Peter who was a sinner and Judas was a sinner, and continuing all the way down until our present day....so Bishop Fellay is saying that this is not such a new situation in one regard because there have been sinners in the past and there are sinners now. That's not new it's always been like this. You say, OK there are good Catholics, you have luke warm Catholics you have they are all members of the church so you have to give room to some unfortunate happenings in the church which we admit. because we see in the church not a human reality but a supernatural reality with the human element. So, the reasoning goes, we know there are unfortunate modernists amongst the bishops, unfortunate modernists even the Pope himself, and they are promoting bad things, but this is just the human element - its still the conciliar church is the true Catholic church. We continue to keep looking for the holiness in the church while criticising and attacking those elements opposed to the holiness and purity of doctrine which comes from our Lord. Archbishop Lefebvre always had this position and he was a Bishop of the Church. NOT CORRECT! But what are you main motives for coming into full communion? Is it partly because you have ordained bishops. NO! First (Bishop Fellay goes on) we have always repeatedly and constantly said we are not outside the church.

Now this is the key of the new sliming. We are not outside the church...and so we maintain that. We have all the elements that are necessary and understood in former times to be in communion with the church. I only say that with the council they have invented a new sense of the word communion..partial communion. (Fr. Pfeiffer interposes his narrative).......which is confusing again and again because the normal Catholic will understand the word communion in the old way which is either you are in or you are out. You are a Catholic period. Now they have introduced this 'not in full communion' and one does not know what it really is. So Bishop Fellay just claims the right to be labelled as Catholics.

So what is he primarily trying to do? We claim we have the right to be labelled as Catholics' because some people label us not as Catholics; We have the right to be labelled as Catholics. We have the right to be called Catholics. We want to be called Catholics, we don't want it to be said we're outside the church because we ARE Catholics because we recognise the authorities, and because we have recognised all these elements are necessary - that's the first point.

And so what is our purpose for coming into full communion? To be recognised as Catholics. He says this time and time again. Fr. Pfluger said in 2012 if we don't fix our canonical problems we are sedevacantists. We've shifted the battlefield from fighting from spreading the kingdom of Christ; from the conversion of Rome and that there is no salvation outside the Catholic Church. We all need to enter into the holy Roman Catholic church. There is no other way to eternal salvation and this world is in grave need of Christ right down to 2016 just as it was 2016 years ago and 6,000 years ago from the very beginning. It's been in need of Christ and so it is still in need of Christ. and so what has happened? As Catholics we are those who know the necessity of Christ for all souls. It says in the Athenasian Creed which we used to read every Sunday in the office of Prime during this time of the year: 'Let everyone know that unless he holds the whole and entire Catholic faith without blemish he cannot be saved.' This is the one necessary truth we must hold the whole Catholic faith without blemish or we cannot be saved and we want all men to be saved. We have the desire for every man to enter the kingdom of heaven and this desire moves the Church, this desire moves the Pope, moves the Bishops, moves the Priests moves the faithful. All are obliged with this desire it urges us ....we want all souls to come to heaven and as priests we have more of an obligation to desire this than you do as laity...although you must also desire the same thing and you must also push for the same thing. The bishops have more of an obligation than the priest and the Pope has the most obligation of all, but what happened? We changed! We want to be recognised as Catholics - that is what we want. If were not recognized as Catholics it hurts us.

Our lord Jesus Christ was not recognised as God on Good Friday. He was not ever recognized as God by Caiaphas and Ananias. It did not hurt him. He continued to make clear his divine claims which were true. When Caiaphas condemns him he said "you Caiaphas, you shall see the son of man coming in power and majesty. You shall see the clouds open. Today I am allowing you to crucify me but this is not the last day...on the last day you shall see the clouds opened. Caiaphas' body has rotted. His body is now in hell but when the world comes to an end, Caiaphas' body shall be reunited to his soul...his eyes will have twenty-twenty vision. and he with his eyes will look into the clouds of heaven and he will see the same Christ that he arranged the crucifixion of...coming in power and majesty to judge him, and Christ told him that 2000 years ago and he said it before he went to be crucified. It was one of the statements that he made that all men might know that he's God. He knew he was God and he was acting as God at every stage of the crucifixion . He is God who allowed himself to be crucified...so likewise at the present crisis of the church we must recognise that our church is divine - that it is being crucified and it is very weak at this time and we seem weak at this time, but God is still God, and even in the time of the crucifixion of the church we must say we are the only true Church outside of which there is no salvation. Grace does not come from the enemies of God. Grace does not come from the false churches, grace does not come from the false new mass. Grace does not come from outside of the truth of God. He died on the cross, not as an option, but as the only way, and so what's changed? This is an essential change, when the SSPX superiors tell us that the new society direction is...we want to be recognised. It doesn't matter to be recognized by men. I can be recognized by men today as our Lord was recognized. Did they love him so much on Palm Sunday but they changed their minds a few days later? The recognition of man is not worth very much and it doesn't last very long so one day we may be popular and the next day we will be unpopular. We're not here to be recognised by men, and this is a sin against God. It's a sin against the first commandment. Whom do you want to please...God or man? We want the right to be recognized. So we just claim that we have to be labelled as Catholics because we are - because we recognize the authorities and because we recognize all that is necessary - that's the first point!

Was it ever the first point for Archbishop Lefebvre? He told Cardinal Ratzinger you are working for the dechristianization of society. We are working for the Christianization of society therefore we cannot work together. He knew that Cardinal Ratzinger was not just out for himself, he was working for the dechristianization of society. That is he's a servant of the devil. A servant of God sat on one side of the table and a servant of the devil sat on the other side and they looked each other in the eyes, and Archbishop Lefebvre, the servant of God, said to the servant of the devil you are working for the dechristianization of society, we are working for the Christianization of society that means we are enemies. We are enemies until such time as you convert. He has not died. He is Cardinal Ratzinger, he is not pope Ratzinger, he is Cardinal Ratzinger. He is not Pope Emeritus. He is not the pope in a retirement home. He can still convert. He can still repent. Until now he continues to work in the direction of dechristianizing society, and we work for its Christianization. There is nothing in that here. Besides that, I do not seek canonical recognition as an absolute for here is a 'given'...a right to have it. We're not going to compromise to hurt the faith to get that, so we want this approval so long as we don't have to compromise, as long as we don't do a personal evil ourselves, we are going to accept it. Is that not a good thing? to accept union with Rome? to accept modernist Rome even though they are not going to convert at least if they don't convert we're recognised by them..at least we can tell people we're approved.

How is this canonical recognition happening? It seems to be the fulfilment of a prophecy of Fr. Chazal's back in 2012 where he says he believes the way the regularization is going to happen is by increments. We want to see a day on the l4th July 2093 or whatever day it is...2016 for the Society to become fully recognized by the church. The Pope signed a piece of paper for the Fraternity of St. Peter. It is not going to happen like that with us...it is going to happen incrementally. So, in 2007 the excommunications are lifted. You know, the Church doesn't lift an excommunication unless a person is coming back to the church. We don't lift the excommunication from Charles Manson and send him back to commit more murders. When you forgive someone for murder the condition is that you are not going to murder any more. You're going to make a vow before the king, before the president or judge that you are going to be a good citizen and not commit any more crimes. I appreciate your amnesty and your charity forgiving me my sins, and therefore I am not going to commit any more crimes. The Church in the past has never lifted an excommunication unless someone is regular..it's absurd...if you're not in the position of becoming regular, or fully approved then we are not going to lift your excommunication And if you lift the excommunication, then you are fully approved.

But they didn't do that. (What they did) was lift the excommunication first. So now we have the approval by Canon Law of our Confessions but not marriages. Do you know what a bishop does when he is ordaining a priest? He says, I give the pastor the faculties, or he says I refuse you faculties. He doesn't give the faculties for one marriage or for only one thing, he gives faculties or he takes away faculties. That is the normal practice of the church. Now we have a situation where we all given the faculties. I was included in this so I also received these faculties, so that when you go to Confession to any SSPX priest, Pope Francis gives permission and makes our Confessions valid. This means they were not valid before...which is a lie. In the case that we need his conciliar permission - which we don't - all we need is his conversion. Then when the conversion happens he goes back to the full truth and all the faculties will be given back as usual in the normal way. We already have the faculties. The Pope gives us normal faculties for Confessions but not for marriages.

On June 22nd 2016 the Bishop R......, Germany said that we are tolerating..he made a statement..that we are tolerating the ordinations. We accept the this year's ordinations. They used to be bad things - the ordinations. Now he officially tolerates them. Bishop Schneider visits our houses as a representative of Rome. The Bishop of Niagara Falls in Canada visits St. Catherine's and visits our chapel so as to pray together. Now the expulsion of the priests of the SSPX is run through the Roman Curia..so we're being gobbled up one slime at a time. In Argentina the SSPX is approved as an official diocesan organization only in the Society in Argentina, but not everywhere else. So what will happen is a slow receiving of this regularization bit by bit. Why is it being done? Bishop Fellay gives the same reason, which he has given many times. However, in this interview with the National Catholic Register he is asked if he has problems with the Council,

"Are you happy with these problems to just carry on if regularized or are you going to insist that they be changed or amended in some way?"

Bishop Fellay's response: "Rome is forcing discussions on these points to go on, so definitely yes, we will maintain the urgency to make corrections. I will say that, in part, they are starting to recognize that urgency."

"If there aren’t corrections, if you don't see any movement on that?"

Well, Bishop Fellay says, they will come. This interview is still available on DICI

"We'll be patient, they will come. We are not going to force the corrections."

"How confident are you that the faithful of the Society is behind you. For example, it is unlikely that they support Chapter 8 of Amoris Laetitia but nobody is behind it? Couldn't an issue like that make them more sceptical and reticent about coming into full communion...becoming regularized?"

" I think if you don’t have the whole picture you'd think that they were crazy to make an agreement now so it will be quite a work...and it will take time to be able to bring the faithful to realise this new phase in the history of the church ..this new reality. We are in the reality. We have to grasp it as precisely and accurately as possible in order to handle it correctly. To say that we don't move because things are bad is by no way what God, our Lord is requesting from his Apostles."

There is the essence of it there. So what about this regularization? Will the faithful follow you? and he says if you look......crazy....make an agreement now...it will take time to be able to bring the faithful to realize this new phase in the history of the church ..this new reality. We are in the reality.

The statement of a couple of days ago is a movement in getting the people to realize the necessity of this new phase. We want the majority of Catholics and tradition to come over and accept the deal with Rome.Wwe want them all to come. and they're not comfortable with it. We first took away the reason and we stopped shooting at the real enemy which is the Vat.II. modernism heresy. We took away the positive side which is we are to spread the kingship of Our Lord Jesus Christ and have to bring all souls to salvation because there's no way to get to heaven without Our Lord Jesus Christ in the Catholic church. We took that away. We killed the Apostolic spirit and what it says in the gospel today is what we can look at as well. By the fruits you shall know them.Men do not gather figs from thistles and so on. What are the fruits of the SSPX for the last l5 years..the last ten years? We see a lack of growth. In fact what we see since 2007 is that is the magic year it really became visible. So in 2007 we see people who went from Catholic tradition to Novus Ordo via the indult. Before 2007 we saw people going to Catholic tradition via the indult into the SSPX into the real tradition. In 2007 we gave thanks for the morto proprio and we became theologically essentially the same..with the indult. We become essentially the same.

We began to accept it as essentially the same. Then the shift went back the other way which was the purpose of the Ecclesia Dei to begin with. We see a lack of growth where we're not opening new missions we're not opening new priories. If we were opening new priories we would need more bishops. We're not opening new chapels the number of people in the SSPX has declined. The growth has gone down and yet we have more priests and more priests and more priests but not more people. We have a consolidation that is happening which would be a good thing if we continued to expand, but the expansion is gone. And then there is the morality of our people has gone down and down. The fire is going out and out. We see the fruits clearly in one direction which is towards modernism, towards the new world and away from Archbishop Lefebvre and away from the church. And then we have the statement of a few days ago to placate the consciences of some who want to be placated. but he makes it very clear, BF. makes it very clear, it will be quite a work.....

Notice at the beginning things are bad. Bishop Fellay says things are bad , the pope and the bishops are promoting bad things and what is the conclusion? but to say we don't move - that is to say we don't go inside a modernist church we don't listen to them. We don't follow them.

To say that we don't move because things are bad is by no way what God, our Lord is requesting from his Apostles. He's very emphatic we must go on - and we must not stop. When he says things are bad this placates the consciences of those who dont want to see the truth. He placates the consciences of some so he says things are bad so hes going back the same way as Archbishop Lefebvre. NO, he's not. And it is interesting to hear what the people in the Novus Ordo are saying right now. This statement changes nothing. It is just a continuation of the deal with Rome. Rome continues the same, the deal remains the same. A generous offer is put on the table, the Society said it is generous. It's another step and one reason for this slow process - its like the sixth time there has been rumours of union with Rome - losing count. So many times. People are getting tired of it and when it doesn't fully go through well you see we're still fighting for the truth say some. Yet the whole theology is changed. We still say the new mass is acceptable.

We put on the website a few months ago about miracles in Poland mimicking what BW had done the year before - so now we find there are miracles in the new mass - our faithful are discussing the miracles. They're discussing the goodness of the new church. I know they're not perfect. I know they're not holy but there is still good there. And what's happening? the faith is being weaned out bit by bit out of our souls. So we have to stand firm with the truth which has not changed let our yes's continue to be yes, let our no's continue to be no's. Keep this battle going for the faith and realize it is most dangerous as we find ourselves inside the head of the snake and say, I can still breathe. I am in the head of the snake but I am still alive and its getting easier to move inside of here. Why? Because they are putting more slime and remember the snake has to recreate new saliva every time because he can't produce so much at once so he has to have a new way to slime>a new way to slime>a new way to slime. Bishop Fellay said officially about Pope Francis he's a paradox. He says in that same interview that one day the Pope says something Catholic then another day he says exactly the opposite. We've been asking can you point out one thing that he said was Catholic? I'm sure it would make the news a lot of people in this world would drop their jaws in shock. But so far we're not aware of anything that he has said is Catholic, yet Bishop Fellay says, one day he says something liberal the next day he says something the opposite. All right please give us on example. If he says it every day one example is not sufficient you've got to give me at least ten examples because we've got hundreds of examples of his modernist statements. At least give me 50 examples of his Catholic statements which are contradictory so far, zero.zero are the examples..that is the total number. Then he says one way then says the other way and there are people who don't follow what Pope Francis says and people don't follow what the news is. They dont follow the text of the Observatore Romano and what the actual words of the Pope are..they just believe what BF says...one day he's Catholic then he's not Catholic -then he must be right. Well if its true he should be able to say it. When Archbishop Lefebvrel told us that Paul VI was being modernist, when he was doing wrong, he gave a quote from Paul VI. He gave an example of what Paul VI had done. When he said the new mass is evil he pointed out how it was like Luther's mass . He gave a talk on how Luther's mass was an evil mass and the new mass is similar to Luther's mass except for one difference - it is not as bad..it's worse. We know what Archbihsop Lefebvre is saying...we just quote his interview we quote the interview that is still publicly available. We quote what the documents are, we don't need to invent something. And the words mean what they say they stand up by themselves. So what happens? there's a change in faith in souls.

Now, a few days ago they make another statement that abortion is leading souls away from Christ. What do we have to do?..we have to rebuild the kingdom of Christ. We've got to do exactly what Catholics have done who stood for the faith for the last 2000 years. We have mass in a house. we have mass in a hotel, we have mass in rented places where we have to stay and so on. Why? in order to persevere in the faith. There is a first Holy communion happening today - a great privilege for the priest to be able to give out holy communion. The way to bring Christ to souls. What Christ? ..the Truth the whole truth. He is the Truth and the truth must enter the soul and never leave it. The Truth is one, the Truth is unblemished and we can't mix the truth with lies. We can't do that. We must stand firm in the Truth. We ask Our lady to protect the Truth inside of us. We cannot persevere in our faith without our lady and remember our Lord said that in our time there will be great confusion . The truth is always clear yet there will be confusion because of how it is being dealt with and the confusion will deceive possibly the elect . This is why we need Our Lady. In the final statement Bishop Fellay said to help bring back the wishes of Our Lady of Fatima. Bringing souls away from the central request of Our Lady. He is distracting them turning them away from the faith...very dangerous to souls. We must stand firm for the faith. We must not play games with faith while we are being slimed or we will be consumed by the beast.

Remember the essential problem is not these secondary things that are happening in the society - the abuses, the moral corruption - the weakness, the signs of trouble....these are symptoms. The essential problem is the new change in the faith and the solution is to go back to the clear faith without alteration of the faith of our ancestors.