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Sunday, August 21, 2016

Plain, Open and Definitively Astonishing Apostasy of Rome

Plain, Open and Definitively Astonishing  Apostasy of Rome
Maurizio d’Orlando
Warning: Sensitive Material
666= Sign of Man
Pope Paul 6th called Vatican II the "cult of man". 
Are you getting it now?

Let me give just the latest example of the plain, open and definitively astonishing
apostasy of Rome. 

 More examples of this satanic/occultic hand sign: 

That is the editorial leading article of the Avvenire the daily newspaper of the Italian
            It states, almost word for word, that for anyone who believes – Christians, Muslims and
Jews alike – God is one, great, almighty merciful. The differences, if anything, are about
the ego. (In Italian: Infatti, per chiunque creda – cristiano o islamico o ebreo – Dio è uno, grande,
onnipotente, misericordioso. Le differenze semmai sono a riguardo dell’io.)
            In other words for the Bishops’ newspaper there is no difference between Christianity,
Islam and Hebraism.
            The Most Holy Trinity is hereby denied and an unprecedented level of apostasy is preached
from the most important media channel of the Italian bishops.
            Here is the astonished comment of Antonio Socci, who uses the words of the Vatican II
Council to reaffirm the Trinitarian Dogma, something not even same the protestant heresies
disputed. See Socci’s comment here, sorry only in Italian, titled:
MA IL “DIO” DI “AVVENIRE” E DEI CIELLINI OGGI E’ ALLAH ? Is it Allah today the God of Avvenire.
           Also, just take another example of simply today, by chance.
            See from today’s Il Giornale, an Italian mainstream daily the following chronicle.
            At the meeting of Comunione e Liberazione, an Italian main Catholic organization, a statue
of the Madonna (the blessed Virgin Mary in Italian) is obscured by a veil not to offend the worshippers
of other religions. 

Could there be any more open and clear apostasy? Maybe yes, but this is already enough in one
simple day taken at random.

            Our Lady of Fatima pray for us.
In Christo Rege per Mariam Reginam
Maurizio d’Orlando